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The presentation flipped to the next slide and on it was a gorgeous blond sitting on a hotel room bed.  Her face passingly resembled Jessica’s, but the brunette knew the truth.

“Now Jessica, correct me if I’m wrong, but your actually a natural blonde aren’t you?” Richard asked.

Jessica was flabbergasted, but managed to nod her head in response.

“I thought so, you see Jessi here is a natural blonde too, though she’s had some work done, she’s still mostly natural.  Jessi is an outgoing person by nature, very friendly and easy to get along with.  Her beauty and attitude lead her in to modeling at a young age and as soon as she graduated she headed for Hollywood.”

Jessica looked at the woman and could understand why, she herself had thought she might become a star when she was younger, but she’d been disillusioned of that idea in high school when she’d been dumped by her boyfriend for a cheerleader and dyed her hair brown ever since.

“Of course Jessi quickly found out that in Hollywood it wasn’t as easy to impress people as it had been in her small city in the mid-west.  Acting was so much different than modeling, but she worked hard, honing her skill to become whatever the part required.”

Jessica frowned, she could sympathise having had to word hard to present the stern visage she needed to manage the large staff she did.

“Of course, even then there was just so much competition for parts that she still didn’t manage to make a living.  But she did find that her acting skill came in handy when she started to work at strip clubs.  Men loved the way that she picked up on every little clue they gave off as she molded herself in to their perfect fantasy.”

Jessica wanted to interrupt Richard, she didn’t see how this was relevant, but before she could he continued on.

“This fed in to Jessi’s natural desire to be the center of attention, which always turned her on, so when one of her regulars offered to take her to a hotel room she eagerly agreed.”

Jessica frowned, how was this whore a useful profile for FemCorp?  Suddenly she felt her head start to spin as Richard continued.

“Of course Jessi is a walking fashion mannequin, the perfect target demo for FemCorp.  She has hundreds of outfits to please each and every one of her clients requests.  Everything from this traditional little red dress…” Richard said pointing to the slide, “to fetish and bondage outfits.  Jessi is a true chameleon, changing her outfit and herself on a whim to ensure her client’s total satisfaction.”

Jessi blinked and looked up at Richard as he pulled an envelope from his pocket, “Oh, by the way, here.  I think you’ll find this interesting.” he said and tossed the envelope over to her.  She opened it and inside were several hundred dollar bills, along with a note that read ‘The Renascence Hotel, Room 817, 8pm.’

A small shutter ran through her body as she looked up at her client and smiled.  She took him in, his strong face, experienced hands and clearly dominating nature and studied every minute movement he made.

It didn’t take her long to know what role she would play for him, the eager young intern wanting her mentor to teach her how to be a woman for him.

She reached up and undid the bun that her hair was in and then looked down at her watch.  She still had lots of time to get to the salon and get her hair done along with some shopping to find just the right dress to wear.

“Now then, let’s move on to Nika…”