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The presentation flipped to the next slide and on it was a doll like asian woman coming out of a bedroom.  Like the previous slides where Monica could see the similarities to her friends, this one reminded her of herself in some small way.

“Now Nika here is something a little different from Debz and Jessi.  Unlike them, Nika has come here from her homeland and is still very new to the culture and people around her.”

Monica had known women like Nika, though she herself was a third generation here, growing up she had still felt the stigma of looking different than her classmates.

“Nika came here on a student visa, but with her limited command of English she quickly found school too difficult and dropped out.  She was so ashamed of her failure that she couldn’t go home and instead overstayed her visa and is now living here as an illegal.”

“But what…” Monica started to say but Richard cut her off.“

“Please Monica, leave your questions to the end and then I’ll be happy to answer them.” he childed her.

“Of course with no education, limited skills and no way to get a job, Nika quickly found herself way over her head.  Fortunately Nika found a solution when she met her future husband.  He wasn’t charming or handsome per say, but he was kind and offered to let her stay at his place while she figured out something more permanent.”

Monica couldn’t understand where this was going, the dumb girl clearly didn’t have any money to spend on clothing, how could this be a new market for FemCorp?

“Of course she was very grateful to him for helping her and one night after they’d been, ‘Netfix and chilling’ with a bottle of alcohol she’d ended up giving him a blowjob.  She hadn’t meant to but it had just happened and she wanted to put it behind her and move on.  But after that he had started calling her his girlfriend and expected more and more from her.”

Monica knew the type of guy Richard was talking about, pay a little attention to them and suddenly they felt like you belonged to them.

“Before she knew it he’d put a ring on her finger and he’d walked her down the aisle.  By then it was too late, he was her husband and she knew that he must be respected and obeyed just like she had been taught since she was a little girl.”

Monica rubbed her temples as a sudden dizziness came over her.

“Of course her new husband was very demanding, but generous at the same time.  He expected her to stay home and take care of the house, but also bought her sexy clothes and paid for her trips to the salon.”

Nika shook her head and looked around, not seeing her husband she cross her hands in her lap and lowered her head as Richard continued.

“It didn’t take long for Nika to learn her place and accept it.  She was his to dress up and use in any way he saw fit and she smiled and thank him for each time no matter how degrading or humiliating it turned out to be.  Soon, just the thought of being degraded or humiliated turned her on and she grew to want it, desire it, need it.”

Nika stole a glace to the side of her, she didn’t understand much or what was being said and that brought shame to her, which in turn brought a familiar heat to her pussy.  Where was her husband?  Why wasn’t he here to fuck her?

“Of course Nika’s husband is our target market in this case, his desire to dress up his little asian doll is sexy things is an untapped opportunity for FemCorp to get in to.” Richard said as she managed to raise her eyes just enough to glimps the slide on the screen.

She had just such an outfit at home and the girl on the screen look quite a bit like her, it send another wave of humiliation through her as the man and the other women in the room stared at the screen and she imaged it to be her.

She wanted to play with her pussy so badly, but she knew she wasn’t permitted to unless her husband was present and so she bit her lower lip and tried to focus on him.

“Now then, just one more profile to go through, Audi…”