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The presentation flipped to the next slide and on it was a blonde secretary in a scandalously short skirt having just dropped a pad of paper.  Claudia frowned even harder than she had for the rest of the presentation but didn’t say anything as requested.  But Richard would be getting a piece of her mind when he finished, that was for sure.

“Now Audi here is a profile of a working woman that FemCorp currently doesn’t cater to.” Richard said and Claudia couldn’t but let out a little chuckle.

Of course FemCorp didn’t cater to the bimbo on the screen, she was clearly incompetent at her job and only got by on her looks!

“Audi, yes our research shows her parents named her after a car company, was the most popular girl in high school.  She bounced and giggled her way to high grades as she flirted with her teachers.  Both male and female by the way, Audi goes both ways as it were, which made college a lot of fun, even if she wasn’t very successful at it.”

Claudia had known a few girls like that in college, even as she had kept her nose to the grindstone, they would be out partying to all hours of the night and then would be shocked when they failed their exams.

“On the verge of flunking out of college in executive business school, she changed her major to clerical studies and soon found herself fitting right in.  Though her first work semester was where she really shone, the young blonde still wasn’t too terrible good at her job, but found her flirtatious ways played much better on middle managers than college professors.”

She had fired several of these types over the years, she had no patience for incompetent help.

“Though it was a little different in the working world, she soon found out that her bosses expected more than flirtation from her and she soon found herself on her knees under their desks if she wanted to keep her job.  By the time she had graduated, she had a full education, both from the college and from the real world.”

Claudia rubbed the back of her neck, a sudden headache coming over her.

“Of course Audi still wanted to be successful in her career and so she quickly found a low level position in a big company and went to work, so to speak.  She sought out secretary and assistant positions with more and more senior managers.  The farther up the ladder she climbed the harder it was to complete with other like her that wanted he same thing.  She realized the best way to keep progressing was to mold herself in to the perfect blonde bimbo secretary.  She started out simple, working out at the gym, eating right, going to the salon.  But the farther she went up, the more she needed and so she sought out the help of a plastic surgeon.  It didn’t take long for her to reach to the very top of the executive ladder as secretary to the CEO of FemCorp.”

Audi squinted her eyes and looked over at Richard, he had been the CEO of FemCorp at one point hadn’t he?

“Of course each time Audi moved up to the next rung, she found her self getting more and more turned on.  By the time she reach the CEO, she was barely able to control her urge to jump him at every opportunity she got.  Though it tuned out better than she expected, when one day he’d simply grabbed her, bent her over his desk and fucked her over lunch.  After that she’d become his full time fuck bunny, finding every excuse she could to dress up and show off her fake plastic body to him, hoping each time he’d ravish her again.”

Audi whimpered slightly as Richard walked over to her and stroked the side of her face.  She leaned in to his hand and looked up in to his powerful face.

“Of course, when he ‘left’ the company, she was lost without him.  For a while she imagined she was the CEO, running the company, doing important things, but that was just a fantasy.  She was just a horny little secretary without a boss and she hadn’t cum in the months since he’d left.  When he made his triumphant return to the company she couldn’t contain her joy and dropped to her knees and sucked his cock right there in front of everyone in the boardroom.”

Audi’s face lite up and her lips parted as she slide from her chair and her knees hit the floor.  Her fingers quickly undid his pants and her lips wrapped around his shaft, taking him deep in to her mouth as she looked up in to his face.

Oh god, he was smiling down at her and her pussy was on fire!

It had been so long since she’d come, she knew she couldn’t without him now and as she took his load in to her her own orgasm crested.

She was so happy to once more be at her boss’s feet and be of use to him again.

Richard looked down at his rival and flicked a drop of cum from the tip of his dick on to her face and gave out a small chuckle.  To think, just a few months ago she’d stabbed him in the back and driven in from his own company.

He looked around the table at the other women and smiled, they were just as responsible as Claudia for his downfall, but they were no longer any threat to him either.

At first, when he’d been fired, he’d been quite depressed, not knowing what to do with the money he’d earned from the company, but a fortunate run in with an ex-employee had turned it all around.

The program he’d developed was incredibly effective, if highly illegal and he needed money to escape the country after having been caught using it on his girlfriend.

Richard had been only too happy to take it off his hands and ensure his safe passage to a non-extradition island where he could live out the rest of his days in comfort.

After that, it was just a matter of getting to enough of the board with it to force them to bring in a brand consultant.  He knew who they would pick after all and he didn’t even have to use it on any of the partners at Miller/Davidson, they jumped at his experience in the industry to lead the FemCorp project.  Of course his two associates he brought with him today were another story all together, those two were now firmly under his control and eager to ensure his success.

They were the ones that conducted the interviews and installed the software on each of the women’s computers.  By the time he was ready with his presentation, they were all primed and ready to take on their new roles at FemCorp.

‘Speaking of which…’ he thought to himself as he nodded to his assistants and they pulled several stacks of paper from their briefcases, setting them down in front of each of the ladies on the table even as Audi managed to retake her seat.

“Now then ladies, you have some paperwork to sign.” he said, waiving his hand towards the stack in front of them.

Nika raised her hand shyly, “Yes Nika?” Richard asked.

“Nika not understand… Nika husband…” she said in her broken english.

“Oh don’t worry about that Nika, he want you to sign these, he told me himself.”

“But… what are they?” Audi asked.

“Your new employment contracts of course.” Richard responded.

“It’s a job?” Jessi said confused as to why she would want on.

“Think of it as a new role your going to take on.”

“A role?  Like in a video?  Will there be music?” Debz asked.

“Oh they’ll be music, that’s for sure.  Your four are going to be the new faces of FemCorp.  Each of you will be staring in a brand new line of clothing designed just for you!”

‘Or should I say you’re designed for the clothing?’ he thought to himself as each of the women took a pen in hand and started signing the documents.

They were more than just modeling contracts of course.  They included resignation papers, power of attorney, name changes, the works.

But the most important one was the offer letter that Claudia was signing, making him the once and current CEO of FemCorp.

He let out a small chuckled once more, at first when he’d heard of the name change he’d been furious, but once he had the programing in hand he’d changed his mind.

After all, what better name for his company now that it’s primary product was going to be perfect programmed female sex dolls?