Danica looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend and rolled her eyes, “Chuck, why are you carrying that thing?”

“It’s not a thing, it’s Captain America’s shield!” he said, almost whining as he did so.

For the life of her she couldn’t understand why a grown man would still be playing with such childish toys.  But other than that one minor foible, Chuck was a great boyfriend.  Stable, caring and always there for her no matter what.

If she was honest, sometimes, in the deepest recesses of her mind, she had to admit he was perhaps a little too timid.  He could stand to be a little more assertive, especially in bed.

“Ok, it’s a shield, still, why are you carrying it out to the car?”

“Tom wanted to borrow it.” he replied simply and opened the trunk, placing it carefully inside.

She rolled her eyes again, Tom was Chuck’s best friend and the two of them shared the same passion.  They were on their way over to Tom’s place for dinner with him and her best friend Jennifer.

Jennifer and her had met in college and formed a strong friendship there, even though Danica soon realized that Jennifer was a classic gold digger.

When Danica had started dating Chuck it hadn’t taken long for Jennifer to ‘latch on’ to his rich best friend.  She’d never been able to pin down exactly how Tom had come by his money, Tom always seemed to change the subject.

Forty five minutes later they pulled up to Tom’s impresssive house and saw Jennifer waving from the front door to them.  Danica waved back and smiled, she didn’t see Jennifer nearly as much as she would have liked since she’d moved in with Tom.

Chuck grabbed the shield from the trunk and they headed in, Tom was excited to see both Chuck and the shield.  She thought she heard the two of them talking about how it was an actual movie prop, but she didn’t really care.  Instead, she and Jennifer headed in to the living room as Chuck and Tom went to the games room.

“Thanks for bringing it Chuck, I can’t wait for later to get in costume and use it.”

Chuck shook his head and let out a sigh, he knew what he was going to use it for and was jealous.

He’d brought the idea up a few times with Danica, but she’d shot it down right away.  He could only assume that when Tom had brought up the subject of a little bedroom role playing, Jennifer had been far more receptive to the idea.

“Jennifer has an amazing Black Widow costume… what’s wrong Chuck?” Tom asked as Chuck realized a frown had creep across his face.

“It’s nothing Tom, nothing at all.  It’s just your lucky to have found someone that shares your interests, that’s all.” he said only half heartedly.

“Haha, oh she didn’t share them to start with, at least not really.  Oh, she agreed to play along, but she wasn’t really in to it.  Perhaps I can help out with Danica?”

Chuck new what Jennifer was after in her relationship with Tom, at least as Tom had said, at first.  But likewise he’d seen the change in Jennifer even if Danica hadn’t seemed to notice.

Jennifer wasn’t just playing along to get Tom’s money any longer, she was devoted to him.

“I’m sure you noticed the change Chuck, Jennifer was a cold hearted, gold digging bitch when it came to relationships, but now she couldn’t care less about money.”

“Yea… but how…”

Tom held up his phone and wiggled it from side to side, “You know I was in advertising before we met right?  Well my company developed a very effective marketing tool for smart phones.  So effective that in fact it could make the subject want anything we were advertising.”

Chuck couldn’t believe what Tom was saying, but a few things dropped in to place as he spoke.

“It was a small team that was working on it and as soon as I realized they’d made the break through I applied it on them.  Making sure they were loyal only to me and willing to keep it a secret.  After that, a little bit of tweaking of the software and I went to several government agencies and offered it to them as a service.”

Chuck looked down at his one phone suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, I keep a firm hold of the tech, it only gets used as I see fit.  But as the old saying goes, power corrupts and I’m no exception.  As fun as Jennifer was to role-play with, the look of disgust in her eyes was unmistakable.  And so after a few days of having the app on her phone, her outlook start to shift.”

“Why are you…”

“Telling you this?  Well, we’ve been friends a long time and I hate to see that look in your eyes.  The one that wants something but knows he’ll never get it.  And I can just aways blank your mind and leave you a vegetable if you don’t take my offer of course…”


“Settle down, I’m just kidding Chuck, I know your going to say yes.  After all, we’re more alike than different and I would say yes if I was in your position.”

Chuck thought about it for a moment before nodding in agreement, he loved Danica, he wouldn’t have to change much, just make her a little more interested in comics…

Danica looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend and rolled her eyes, “Chuck, why are you carrying that thing?”

“It’s not a thing, it’s Batman’s cowl!” he said, almost whining as he did so.

“I know that, but your supposed to be wearing it, not carrying it!” she responded, the sun glistening off of her Wonder Woman outfit.

“Yea, but it’s a little hard to see out of and I didn’t want to get in to an accident on the way to Tom’s.”

She smiled and held out her hand, taking his in to hers and leading him towards the car.

Her pussy was moist just thinking about the dinner party at Tom’s.  They’d been going more and more often lately and she just loved seeing her best friend all dressed up in the awesome Black Widow outfit she had.  And Tom cut a pretty nice silhouette as Captain America as well.

The first time she’d donned the costume Chuck had bought her, she’d been so nervous walking around in it that she’d actually put on a trench coat when they had left the apartment to go to Tom’s.

Now though, it gave her a shiver of pleasure each time she put it on and even more so when she walked outside in it.

She pulled Chuck in close to her and planted a kiss on his lips before they got in the car and drove off.

Of course the four of them would spend several hours talking about superhero’s, both she and Jennifer just had so much to learn and she couldn’t believe how interesting it all was.

But of course what she was really looking forward to was the sleep over, after all it made little sense to drive all the way back to the apartment that late at night and Tom had a great spare room, all done up in super hero memorabilia.

The four of them would retire to it later on, Chuck and Tom would tie Jennifer and her up and then spend hours fucking them in, and out, of their costumes.

As they drove down the highway and images from their past sleep overs filled her head, her hand naturally wandered down to the front of her star spangled hot pants and little rubbed her pussy through the silky material.

“God Chuck, I love being your Wonder Woman… this outfit makes me sooo horny!”

“I know, I know.  Here let me help…” Chuck replied and pressed a button on the back of his glove.

The vibrator in her pussy came to life and she cried out in pleasure, “ Oh god Chuck!”

“The names Batman…” Chuck growled at her.

“Yes.. Batman.. Yes!” Danica cried out as the buzzing stopped for a moment and then picked back up.

She wiggled in the seat of the car all the way to Tom’s place as Chuck turned the vibrator on and off.

She could hardly believe that at one time she had thought he was too timid in the bedroom, he’d taken control of every aspect of her sex life over the last couple of months.  To the point that now, the only time she was allowed to orgasm was when he gave her permission.  And she knew that wouldn’t be until much later that night and he’d be playing with the vibrator all night long.