Abby’s mind fluttered almost as much as her heart did as she sat on the bench and watched him approach, he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen!

She felt her nipples harden through the thin pink fabric of her top and she was sure if she looked down she would have seen a moist spot form on the front of her thong as well, but she could take her eyes off of him.

She’d been coming to this park for years, it had some of her favorite jogging trails and she often stopped at the bench after her run to relax.  She’d seen him in the park before, usually just hanging around one of the picnic benches.  He wasn’t a jogger, in fact she was pretty sure he had never run more than a few steps between the kitchen and the living room in his life.

His heavy set frame, balding head and pale skin clearly told her that he spent most of his time indoors, not out.

She’d never paid much attention to him until a few weeks ago, she’d been sitting on the bench in her track suit, cooling down from her run when a tickle in the back of her head made her turn around and look at him.

Her first thought at the time had been that he might have put on a few more pounds, but that tickle remained.  She shook her head and walked back to her car not giving it another thought as she drove home.

But each day, as she cooled down, she found herself looking over in his direction, the tickle growing more and more pronounced as her mind drifted in to day dreams about what he might look like naked.

It had been a weird thought at first, but slowly it grew more and more prominent in her mind.  Soon, just seeing him naked wasn’t enough, she needed to be naked as well.  Then she needed to be kneeling before him, sucking him, pleasuring him, obeying him.

It was just last week when she’d been having her latest fantasy about him when she suddenly realized her hand had slipped beneath her track pants and was furiously rubbing her clit right there in the middle of the park.  She blushed furiously as her fingers finished their job and she came.

Luckily no one else was ever in the park at this time of day and she hurried back to her car and raced home.

It was just yesterday, as she laid back on the bench, one hand in her pants, one beneath her shirt, furiously masturbating to his image in her mind, that she knew what she had to do.

She’d gotten up early, done her makeup, found the perfect top and thong to put on and headed to the park, taking a seat on the bench well before he had arrived.

She didn’t have to wait to long and now, as he took each step towards her, her pussy moistened even more.

He stop above her, looking down and reached out a hand out to caress her face, “And what’s your name?” he spoke, his voice like an angel, almost sending her over the edge.

“Abby!” she almost cried out, pushing her tits forward.

His hand caressed her face and moved down to her breasts, pushing her top to the side as he firmly gripped one.

Abby let out a moan of pure ecstasy as he fondled her body.

“I knew you were hiding a killer body under those baggy sweets.” he said, the compliment bringing and immediate wave of pleasure to her.

“Ok, hang on a sec…” he said, taking his hand away from her and a crash of disappointment rolled over her.

He leaned down and grabbed something from the metal leg of he bench, it came away with a clunk and he held the small metal box in one hand.

“Don’t want to leave this behind.” he said as he held out his other hand.

Abby placed her hand in his and a shiver of pleasure ran up her arm and she let out a little giggle.

“You know, this was going to change the world.  Reform career criminals, end addiction, hell even solve obesity.  But no one wanted to beleive free will could be manipulated so easily, said I was a crank, a fraud, a simpleton.  Well Abby, you may be my first live trial, but I have a list of others that will be changing their tune real soon.” he said as they walked towards the parking lot.

Abby just smiled, the pleasure throbbing throughout her body overrode her rational mind and she let him go on and on about all the slights he thought he had taken in his life.  All that mattered to her was he was touching her, leading her, taking her.

She hoped that he’d soon do so much more to her.