Jenna and Trisha turned to Alex as he walked in to the kitchen, their simmering gazes intensified as he walked between them and grabbed the champaign bottle and poured himself a glass.

“So girls, what are we celebrating tonight?” he asked as he took a swig from the flute glass.

A shiver ran down Jenna’s spine and buried itself in her pussy as the word “girls” floated through the air.  A month ago she would have slapped him for calling her a girl.  She was a woman, not some teenage flousy!

But that had been when he’d first moved in, both Trisha and her had had misgivings about taking on a male roommate, but when their last one had up and left in the middle of the night, they didn’t have time to be choosy with the rent coming due so quickly.

And besides which, he was a known quantity as he’d been dating their last roommate before she’d up and disappeared.

It had turned out alright though, Alex was always a gentleman and soon enough Jenna had to admit she was starting to feel a certain attraction to him.

She’d confessed this to Trisha one night and that had turned out to be a big mistake.  Trisha was having the same feelings as well.  They’d argued for a while, both insisting the other back off, neither giving in to the other.

That had gone on for almost a week until they both came up with a plan.  Why not let Alex decide which one of them he wanted to date?

But of course they couldn’t just ask him, no, that would be too easy.  Instead, it was going to be a competition, which one of them could get him to ask them out first without actaully telling him what they were up to.

At first they had both started to drop little hints, a touch here, a flick of the hair there.  Nothing too obvious, but like most men, they had gone right over Alex’s head.

Jenna knew she had to be more obvious and she’d started to dress up any time Alex was around.  Trisha had caught on soon enough and one upped her to include makeup.

For the last several days the two of them had been trapsing around the apartment in their best club wear and with full make up on as well.

Jenna smiled and ran a finger down Alex’s left arm as he stood between them, “Well Alex, Trisha and I have a little wager going and we’re going to find out who wins tonight.” she said, giving Alex the best smile she could.

“That’s right and I just know I’m going to win.” Trisha said, leaning in to Alex’s right arm, pushing her brests to each side of it as she placed a finger on his chin and turned his head towards her.

“Oh don’t be so sure…” Jenna said as she stood up and ran her hand down Alex’s abdomen before finding his buldging pants and caressing it.

“Oh Alex knows who’s going to win Jenna… isn’t that right?” Trisha replied and pushed her lips on to Alex’s mouth, Jenna was sure her tongue was as deep inside of his as she could get it.

To her delight she felt Alex’s hand grab her ass and she let out a little coo.

“Well girls, I don’t think this is something we can settle in the kitchen, let’s head to my room instead.”

“Oh god yes Alex!  That sounds like a great idea!” Jenna said hastily he squeezed her ass.

“Yes!  Definitely!” Trisha squealed as Jenna noticed Alex’s other hand was firmly in place on her ass as well.

Soon the three of them were on his bed naked, Jenna had his dick in her mouth, Trisha had his balls.  Then Jenna had his balls and Trisha had his dick.

Then Jenna had his dick in her pussy as she had Trisha’s pussy on her lips and Alex was sucking on Trisha’s tit.  Only for a minute later to have Alex sucking on her tit as Trisha had him in her pussy and Jenna on her lips.

And so it went, anything Jenna received, Trisha received as well.

Finally, Alex pulled them from the bed and had them knee in front of him, cheek to cheek as they both worked his shaft.  His cum sprayed forth over both of their faces and they both cired out in bliss as orgasms crested for both of them.

It was only moments later that she felt Trisha’s tongue lick the side of her face, still dazed from the orgasm, she turned to Trisha with a confused look on her face as Trisha continued to lick the cum from her face.

“Trisha…” she got out in a half stoned voice.

“Awe… don’t be sad…” Trisha said, placing a passionite kiss on Jenna’s lips, “I mean I got all his yummy cum so I win, but that doesn’t mean I won’t share him once in a while.”

Jenna knew Trisha was right, her momentary lapse had cost her the entire game.

“Tell you what, every time you lick my pussy and I have an orgasm, I’ll let Alex fuck you.  How does that sound?”

Jenna’s face lit up in joy, “Oh thank you Mistress!” she cried out, the words flowing like the most natural thing in the world as she shuffled around and placed her forehead to the carpet at Trisha’s knees.

Jenna felt Trisha’s hand stroke her hair, “That’s a good girl Jenna.” Trisha said as a wave of pleasure washed over Jenna.

Alex looked down at his two roommates, when he’d moved in they had looked upon his with distane, only taking him in due to their own precarious circumstances.

Of course, he’d engineered those circumstances himself when he’d been dating their ex-roommate.  Well dating really wasn’t the right word for it, the subsonic resonance induction system at his place had been rewriting her mind since the first time she’d come over and by the time he’d told her to move out, she’d done so eagerly.

She was back at his apartment right now in fact, she have a few more hours to go before she went to work at the strip club.

Jenna and Trisha would be a great lesbian show at the club in a couple of more weeks when they’re minds had been completely rewritten, but until then he was quite happy to take advantage of their new status of roommates with benefits.