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Jennifer stood naked in front of the machine, having long since removed her costume for more practical street clothing, she now had no choice but to be naked, except for her shoes which would be protected beneath the small glass wall, for the next step.

“So your sure this is going to work Doctor?” she asked once more.

“You’ve seen my research, you’ve done the math yourself, am I sure it going to work?  Of course not, but it’s your best chance to get back to full strength.” he replied sympathetically.

She’d been fidgeting for 10 minutes in front of the machine, trying to avoid it but knowing there was no other choice.

Finally she step in to the machine over the low glass wall and holding on to the metal tube just behind her.

“Alright Doctor, any time.” she said with more confidence than she felt.

Suddenly energy danced over her body as lightening bolts of cosmic energy lept from several points of her body.  She could feel the cosmic energy flowing through her, she felt stronger than she had in ages as the power coursed through her body.

She was so focused on the feeling that she didn’t even notice Dr. Martian stand up from behind his control panel and walk over to the prototype machine they had built a few days ago.

He stripped off his lab coat, and stepped in to it naked just like she had.

Suddenly she felt the cosmic energy slip from her fingers and race down the pipe behind her, draining her of nearly all of her power.  She looked over to see the sparks jumping from the pipe as the moved down and course in to Doctor Martian.

“Wh… what’s going… on…” she managed to stammer out, trying to catch her breath.

Doctor Martian simply smiled and turned his hand towards the pipe and a bolt of cosmic energy arced along it and hit her right in the chest.

“I have to thank you Bolt, you’ve advanced my research by decades.  Far enough in fact that I now fully understand your power and have siphened it off to myself.  But don’t worry, I’m not looking to be a villian or anything.  Though I’m not going to be a hero either, so what does that make me?” he said but she was having a hard time focusing as the energy continued to slam in to her chest.

“You know, I have to admit I’m very disappointed in you Bolt, with all this power all you do is go around smashing things with energy beams.  This cosmic power can do so much more…”