Liz turned the pendent over in her hand and half frowned at Jim, his smiling face beaming at her, “Thank you Jim…” she stuttered out not knowing what else to say.

She groomed some of her blonde hair over her ear, her diamond stud earing was understated but those who knew recognized it’s quality.  She held the pendent up to her neck, her floral print blouse buttoned all the way over her small breasts.

“Its… lovely…” she said tailing off.

“Go ahead, try it on!” Jim said excitedly, his own style had grown darker and darker over the last few months.  He had been spending more time staying up late and sleeping in than when they had first been married and she refused to keep his hours.

Of course he could afford to do so if he liked, his trust fund made it so he didn’t have to work unless he wanted to and he’d been “antiquing” as he put it lately and she could only guess that was where he’d found the pendant.  It wasn’t her style, to say the least, but he always made an effort, even if they had fallen flat lately.

It had gotten worse over the last few months, he was wearing more black, to the point of excluding any colour from his wardrobe had even dyed the small amount of grey out of his hair.  She was to the point where she had even gone to see a divorce lawyer just the other day.

She decided to humour him and undid the clasp, wrapping the soft silk around her neck and securing it.  As soon a she did a sudden tingle shot through her body as the pendant started to glow an eerie black aura all around it.

“Jim…what?!” she managed to get out as her fingers shot to the clasp and fumbled with it, desperately trying to take it off.  Each time her fingers touched the clasp, another shock was sent through her body until she felt something start to change.

She looked down her body and watched two mounds start to push her blouse outward as the flowers started to fade from view.  At the same time she could feel her waist being constricted, her lips burn with heat as her the colour of her hair darkened moment by moment.

“Jim… please.. help…” she cried as her blouse separated, allowing the pendant to rest against her bare skin and exposing the two large mounts that now sat upon her chest.

The warmth from the pendant sent a wave of pleasure through her and a low moan escaped her lips as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

She could feel the changes continue, the pleasure washing over her until finally it subsided and she opened her eyes.

The look on Jim’s face told her everything she needed to know, he was happy with her and that sent a shiver down her spin until it nestled in her pussy.

He wrap an arm around her constrained waist and pulled her in, kissing her puffy lips and probing her mouth with his tongue.  She returned the favour and moaned as she pushed her breasts in to his chest.

Before she knew what was happening, he had spun her around in front of a mirror and she saw her new reflection for the first time.  Her dark hair, the large hoop earrings, the corset around her waist, her bright red lips, she was transformed, but her eyes were glued to the pendant.

Jim stood behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist and nuzzling her neck as his free hand reached up and touched the pendant, “What do you think Elizabeth?”

Elizabeth… she had hated her given name since before she could remember, but now, coming from Jim’s it sent waves of pleasure through her body.

He continued to rub the pendant and she let out a gasp, “I love it Jim!” she managed to get out between moans.

“Call me Master when we’re alone Elizabeth.” he said and she smiled.

“Yes Master.”

“From now on your going to love staying up all night with me, doing whatever I want to do, go wherever I want to go.  Isn’t’ that right Elizabeth?”

“Yes Master, whatever you want.” she replied, pushing her ass back in to his crotch.

“I have some new friends I want to introduce you to, you might call them goths I guess, but you’re going to fit right in now.  So much easier than a divorce and I get a whole new wife out of it as well.” he said, moving his hand up from the pendant and turning her head to the side so he could kiss her again.

His hand slide down her corset and under her skirt, his fingers finding her pussy and moaned as they kissed.

Elizabeth could hardly grasp what he was saying, she would never divorce her Master, she lived to be his perfect goth wife and she couldn’t be happier for it.