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“You know she’s almost unrecognizable from when she first started here almost a year ago.” Doug said and something in the back of Jill’s mind nagged her about that time frame.

“I’d just put in the paperwork to expand the club in to the building next door, when Gucci went to the city council to file a formal complaint about the plan.  Well, at the time she was going by Amy, Amy Wong of course.”

Jill’s mouth fell open as it clicked in to place, Amy Wong a one woman wrecking crew when it came to adult businesses of any type.  She’d graduated university, taken the bar, and gotten right to work suing any adult business she could find grounds too.

She’d remembered the nightly news covering the city council meeting that she’d barged in on to complain about the plans, but she hadn’t heard anything after that.

“Amy was a real firebrand, that was for sure, but she didn’t really count on my hidden talent.”

“Hidden talent?” Jill asked, feeling something was wrong but fascinated by Doug’s calm demeanor as he continued with the story.

“Yes, I wouldn’t call it mind-control per say, but it’s something close to it.  You see I couldn’t just rewrite Amy’s mind and have her suddenly change everything about her, but I can inject new idea’s if you will.  And then set up situations where those new idea’s take hold.  In Amy’s case I did go a little farther than I usually do, but she was an exception more than the rule.”

Jill didn’t quite understand what he was saying, she shook her head to try and clear her mind but he continued on.

“You see, before she went to the council, she dropped by here, in fact she sat right there, where you are as we discussed her complaint.”

“Now Ms. Wong, you know I’m a legal business like any other in the city and I have every right to apply for the permit.” Doug said.

Amy scowled at him, “Not like *any* other business though, really are you?  You peddle smut and degrade women, taking advantage of them for profit!  I’m going to get all the property owners around you together and get this permit denied!”

“Everyone that works here does so because they want to Ms. Wong, they can leave at any time.  They stay because they enjoy their work and make good money at it, period.  As for the permit, it’s completly within code, the city has no reason to deny it.”

Amy frowned harder and huffed at the club owner, feeling herself flush in frustration, the man was annoyingly calm and pleasant to a fault as far as she could tell.

“You know Amy, you don’t mind if I call you Amy do you.” he said and she opened her mouth to tell him that she certainly did when she realized he hadn’t asked it as a question.

“You see Amy, I think deep down you dislike ‘adult business’, not because of what they represent, but because you have a deep seeded suspicion that you’d actually enjoy working in one if you were honest with yourself.”

Amy fumed and was about to lay in to him when he continued his delusional speech.

“You know that if I expand that I’ll be hiring more dancers and you just won’t be able to help yourself.  You’ll be compelled to apply and have to face up to that little voice in the back of your mind that you’ve always pushed down that whispers in your deepest dreams, how much easier it would be to have never gone to university.  Never passed the bar.  Never pursued all those cases.”

Amy shook her head, there wasn’t any little voice in the back of her mind was there?

“In fact, I’m sure that if I get my expansion through, you’ll be back, right her in my office, begging me to hire you.  That little voice will just become so loud in your own mind, telling you how you never became an attorney, never graduated university, never attended high school, arrived here when you were a teenage, fresh off the boat, barely speaking any english, taking whatever menial jobs you could until you finally found the one job you were good at, stripping.”

Amy wanted to should at the top of her lungs no, but her head was spinning as he continued to speak.

“You’ll quit your job, alienate your friends, move from your condo in to a nice little one bedroom apartment close by, dress up in a tight little outfit and wiggle you way down the street to the club.  There will be nothing you won’t do to work here, nothing you want agree to to get the job.”

Amy tried to push the words from her mind, but found it hard to do so until suddenly the room seemed to brighten and she quickly stood up, “I… I… have to go.” she blurted out and rushed from his office.

A week later when the city council passed the construction permit in a unanimous vote, Amy’s heart sunk and a little voice in the back of her mind grew just a little louder.

Two months after that she was standing in Doug’s office once more, this time her demeanor was completely different.  Gone was the confident, aggressive Amy Wong.

Instead she held her head low, crossed her hands in front of her as she passively waits for him to speak.

“Well Amy, nice to see you again.  You’re looking much more… relaxed.” Doug said and Amy blushed at the euphemism, what he meant was sluttier and he was right.

The last time she’d been in his office she’d been wearing a stylish two piece power pants suit with sensible shoes.  Today she was tightly wrapped in a white crop top and pink skirt, showing off her midrif and legs.  Her shoes where anything but sensible today, with several inches of platform on top of several more of heel, they pushed her ass out, lifting the skirt from her legs.

“Yes sir.  Thank you sir.” she spoke softly.

“So what can I do for you today Amy?” he asked and she screwed up her courage.

“I… I wanted.. to ask for… a job.” she managed to get out, the embarrassment almost too much to bear.

She watched the corners of Doug’s mouth curl upwards in to a wolfish grin, “I see, well, I’m not really looking for any new employee’s at the moment…”

She fumed beneath breath, she knew full well he was opening the new expansion to the club next week and would be needing new dancers.

“Please… please… I need to work here…” she stammered out as she clenched her fists.

“Hmmm… well, as I said, I don’t need any new employee’s, but maybe there’s some other arrangement we can come to.”

Amy shook in a mix of anger and fear, “What kind of… arrangement?”

“Well, I am looking to purchase some new decorations for the club, perhaps you would like to become my property?”

Amy’s head jerked up and her mouth hung open as she stared in to Doug’s face, “You… you.. can’t be serious?” she stagged out as her legs threatened to collapse from beneath her.

“Oh most serious Amy.  If you become my property… I’ll let you work here.  That’s the only way you’ll ever dance in my club.”

The words hit her like a ton of bricks as her mind raced to understand it, she was desperate to work in the club, but…

“Of course you could just turn around and leave Amy.  You’re free to go any time you want.”

Amy’s legs finally did give out and she crumpled to the floor, “Please… I just… I just want to work here…” she managed to get out as she looked up in to his face as he sat behind his desk.

“Here, let me make it easy for you Amy, just repeat after me.  I, Amy Wong, do hereby declare myself the property of Doug Garnett and accept the status of decoration.”

Amy fought the need to repeat the words as hard as she could, but the voice that had growing louder and louder in her head for weeks was screaming at her.

“I… Amy Wong… do hereby declare… declare myself property of… Doug… Doug Garnett… and accept the status of… of… decoration!” Amy finally managed to get out as an orgasm came over her.

“Very good Amy, now crawl over her and give me a blowjob.  Then you can get changed and head down on to the floor.  Why don’t you use the stage name of Gucci Ho when you work.”

Amy nodded dumbly as she crawled over to Doug’s feet, a smile across her lips and the only thought was how lucky she was to finally have a job at the club.

“As you see she’s really taken her new… status… to heart.  She’s quite popular in the club as well, especially after her last round of surgery.  She has several regulars that used to do business with her, they tell me they much prefer how she runs off her mouth now compared to before.”

“But… but… my sister…”

“Oh, my apologies Jill, here I’ve been rambling on about Amy and your hear about your sister.  Ah, here’s her file…”