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Doug turned the monitor slightly so Jill to see it, a full screen image of her sister holding on to a pole, dressed in barely anything as she danced on stage was displayed.

“Karen!” Jill said with surprise at seeing her sister in such a display shocked her.

“Yes, she was quite popular at the club.”

“Wait… was?” Jill managed to get out.

“Yes, she started working her a little after Amy, though she first walked through our doors as a guest one night.  I seem to recall her stumbling in here with a half a dozen other women who all seemed quite taken with the idea of hanging out at a female strip club.  I seem to recall Karen saying how empowering it was to turn the tables on the old boy’s club or something like that.”

Jill could picture it now, Karen leading the charge in to the club and stirring up trouble, it was just like her sister.

“But… but… she’d never work here.”

“You know, lots of people say that, some of them change their minds after they spend some time here though.  Your sister was quite taken with the place, stayed around after her friends had moved on and I seem to recall we even had a little chat about how much she wanted to come back and spend some more time at the club.”

Jill found it hard to believe Karen would ever come back here on her own, but then again Jill had, might not her sister?

“I recall talking to her a few more times, about how much she enjoyed the shows.  How sexy they were and how if she was honest with herself, they turned her on.  It wasn’t long before she joined in on one of our amateur nights and I’d recognize the look in her eyes from a block away.  She came right up to me afterwards and asked if she could work a shift the next day.”

Jill had talked to her sister a few more times after that night on the town, but each time Karen had seemed more and more remote until a few weeks later Jill had called her only to find her phone out of service.

When she’d gone to the university, they’d said she’d dropped out earlier that week.  Her part time job had also received her resignation that same day and Jill was left with nothing until she had seen an add for the club a few weeks ago that featured her in it.

“Like many of the girls that work her, Karen quickly learned the ropes and built up a steady clientele of regulars.  She was making more money here a night then she ever would have in a week as a ‘graphic designer’, was it?”

Jill frowned, Karen had loved graphic design, she wasn’t focused on money!

“I was sad to see her go quite frankly.”

“What?  Go?  Where?” Jill blurted out.

“Oh, she ‘retired’ a few weeks ago.  One of her regulars, very rich from what I understand, proposed to her and you could hear her squeal in glee even over the DJ throughout the club.  The other girls had a big retirement/engagement party for her.”

Jill shook her head for what seemed like the hundredth time in disbelief.  Karen had gotten engaged to some creepy sugardaddy she meet at the strip club she was working in?  Impossible!

“She moved in with him right away, I think I have their address here somewhere.” Doug said as he typed away at the computer.

“But I think you’ll find your sister is far happier as a trophy wife than she was ever going to be as a graphic designer.” Doug said and Jill let out a little huff.

“You’re taking Political Science, if I recall correctly?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I am.” she responded with her arms cross across her chest.

“Well, don’t be surprised when you talk to your sister that you find yourself agreeing with the choices she’s made.  I mean, it’s so much easier to dance on stage than take the political stage.  I mean, once she starts tell you how much easier it is too just look pretty and smile, in comparison to studying all those thick boring books, I’m sure you’re realize you’ve always know that was the case.

I mean, take a look at that photo, the two of you dressed up, showing off your bodies.  Don’t tell me you weren’t out looking to get some free drinks that night.”

Jill frowned, he was right of course, free drinks were a part of their nights out.

“The more Karen tells you about how great her life is now that she’s a trophy wife, the more sense it’s going to make to you.  Your sister had the right idea all along, drop out of school, get a job at the club, shake her ass and tits for the men, find herself a nice older sugardaddy to take care of her.  I’m sure it won’t be long before your back her, taking your sister place up on that stage.”

Jill suddenly felt like a 20 ton weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she blinked several times before standing up, “If you have that address… I really have to go.”

“Of course, here.” Doug replied, grabbing a sheet of paper from the printer and handing it to her.

Jill turned and left in a hurry, the address was across town and she needed to talk to her sister right away.

Doug watched Jill’s ass sway from side to side as she left his office and he smiled.  Karen had been a big draw at the club while she worked there and he had been sorry to see her go.

But sometimes it was just easier to buy what he needed instead of taking a risk with a public figure.  In this case arranging for a nice trophy wife ensured the continued cooperation of the local constabulary.

Of course that wasn’t the case with the city council, he’d been doing this long enough to ensure that he paid a visit to any up and coming politician before they came in to the public eye.  Sure that meant there were lots of failed prospects, but it also meant he didn’t have to worry about a sudden change in policy after they’d already announced one.

Amy had been destined to fail before she even filed her complaint, it was just the cherry on top that she’d actually had the gaul to confront him at his one club.

Of course when Karen left, it did leave a pretty big hole in his line up, fortunately she had mentioned her sister to him several times and he knew placing the ad in the university paper with Karen’s face front and center would bring Jill right too him.

Jill would make a fine replacement for Karen in a few weeks, once she’d followed in her sisters footsteps of course and dropped out of school.

Hopefully there weren’t any other bribes needed, at least for a little while, it was always such a pain breaking in new dancers.

He shrugged his shoulders and locked his computers, walking from behind his desk and heading out to the club floor where two out of state Senators were enjoying the company of several of his dancers.

He glanced over to Amy sitting in her favorite seat, the expansion of the club had gone well last year, but Amy’s drive and passion had, well, inspired was the wrong word, but got him to thinking about the bigger picture.  And he’d need more than two Senators for his next expansion, but they were a start.