Ellie snapped the selfie and sent it off with a giggle before getting up from her knees.  A moment later her phone binged as the reply came in.

“Looking good babe!” and a shiver ran through her as she tapped out a series of emoji letting Tom know how much she appreciated the compliment.

Another bing from her phone and she glanced at the next message, “Hurry up to the pool, I want to see your cute ass ASAP!”

She quickly slipped on her heels and wiggled her way out of her condo, heading up to the roof top pool where Tom was waiting for her.

The elevator couldn’t move fast enough she was so eager to see Tom, though she had to admit that hadn’t always been the case.

In fact up until a few weeks ago, heading up to the pool to meet Tom in a skimpy swimsuit would have been the last thing that she would have wanted to do.

But for some reason that had changed a few weeks ago.  She’d been in one of the common areas browsing through Instagram when all of a sudden her phone had stopped working.  She’d sworn under her breath and that’s when Tom had asked if there was something wrong.

She’d met him before of course, and he’d hit on her before as well, but she also knew he was some kind of tech geek and so instead of just brushing him off again, she’d complained about her phone to him instead.

As she’d hoped, he’d offered to take a look and a few minutes later he handed her phone back to her, fully functional and she gave an honest smile and thanked him before heading back to her unit to avoid spending any more time with him before he hit on her once more.

It was only a couple of days later that she’d realized that he’d added his contact details to her phone as well.  She’d frowned at the audacity of it, but she had to say that her phone was working better than ever and she was spending more and more time on it.

Her frown had curled upwards and she’d sent him a text, “Thanks again for the help with my phone!” she’d sent, along with a kissy emoji at the end.

He’d sent back a simple “any time” as a response and her lips parted as her smile grew.

A few days after that she’d texted him again… and again.. and again… until they were chatting more than she was with her boyfriend.

Another frown had come to her face as she though of her boyfriend, she’d become quite disillusioned with him over the last few days.  Young, strong, handsome, he just wasn’t her type at all if she was honest.  She was only dating him because that’s what her friends expected of her.

No, she was really more interested in someone a bit older, more brainy than brawny and who really cared about looks anyway?  They faded away quickly enough.

She’d looked at her text messages and seen Tom’s at the top of her list and she’d realized what had been simmering in the back of her mind for days.  Tom was the one she should be dating, not some pretty boy she didn’t even care about.

She’d dumped him that night and texted Tom all about it before she went to bed where she had yet another amazingly sexy dream about Tom.

Those had been happening more and more often, usually ending with her waking up to a screaming orgasm in a soaking wet bed.

She’d “bumped” in to Tom the next day in one of the common areas.  And by “bumped in to” she’d really meant tracked him down and laid in wait until he emerged from the pool area.

She’d shamelessly flirted with him, touching his arm, twirling her hair, stroking his chest, pushing her brests out towards him, everything she could do to make sure he knew she was interested.

And it had worked, he’d asked her out to dinner that night and she’d almost screamed like a school girl but had managed to contain herself only barely.

Dinner had gone well, she’d continued flirting with him at every possible chance she had and when the returned to the condo tower, he’d invited her up to his place for a night cap.  She hadn’t know he had the penthouse condo, but as soon as she found out she was so jealous, she so wanted to live in a penthouse one day.

He’d poured them two glasses of wine and they’d settled down on his sofa, chatting as she nearly mauled him between sips of wine.  Before she knew it her hands had unzipped his pants and her lips had been wrapped around his shaft.

It had been the most amazing date she’d ever been on, she’d orgasmed three times as she gave him a blow job on his sofa and by the time she managed to pull herself together and head back to her own condo, she knew he was going to be the one.

Of course she couldn’t go all the way on the first date, even if he was everything she wanted.  That wouldn’t be lady like and so as her heart raced and her fingers kneaded her pussy she drifted off to sleep thinking of what it would feel like once Tom was inside of her.

The next few dates had progressed rapidly; on the second date she’d stripped down in front of him and knelt between his legs as she sucked him, on the third date she’d let him explore her body with his hands and lips, she’d even gone so far as to give him a boob job before finishing him off with a blow job.

By the fourth date she couldn’t contain herself any further, she’d rode him hard right there on the sofa, her boobs bouncing up and down as she straddled him, his shaft deep inside of her and waves of pleasure followed by orgasm after orgasm ravaged her body.

After that night, she’d basically moved in with Tom, only going down to her own unit once in a while to grab something she hadn’t yet moved to his penthouse unit.

That was the case today, her swim wear was still in her unit and she’d gone to get changed, sending Tom a selfie to make sure he approved of her choice.

The elevator doors opened and she walked in to the foyer just before the pool area, the bright sun streaming in as she opened the door and stepped out on to the deck.  Tom was the only one there, it was after all the middle of the week and most people were at work, few came up to the pool even on weekends.

Ellie smiled broadly and let out a little giggle as she shimmied over to Tom, sitting down on his lap and leaning over to kiss him on the mouth, her tongue probing in to his and visa versa.

“Hey, didn’t I say I wanted to see your ass?” he said with a smirk on his face and she giggled again as she stood up, turned around and bent over at the waist as she spread her legs slightly apart.

“Damn Ellie, that’s one fine ass.” he said as his strong hands squeezed each side of it and she let out a moan.

“God Tom, squeeze my ass harder!  It feels ssssooooooo goooooood!” she replied, pushing back in to his hands slightly.

She felt one hand lift from her ass and transfer to the gap between her legs, gently stroking the wet spot on her otherwise spotless white swim suit.

She gasped and moaned, squealed and grunted as his finger ever so gently slide across her sensitive pussy lips.

“You know Ellie, I might have overdone it just a bit with the program…” he said, but Ellie was lost in the waves of pleasure combined with thoughts of Tom fucking her right there where anyone might see it.  It was too much for her to take an a small orgasm came over her.

“Did you just cum again Ellie?” he asked in a sweet little voice, but she paid no attention as instead he’d also pushed his finger between the folds of her pussy and brushed up against her clit, sending another, much large, orgasm through her.

“Well I guess who’s to say if I over did it or not?  I don’t hear you complaining at all, right Ellie?”

All she felt was his hand take hold of hers and guide her on to his lap, her fingers working the swim trunks he wore down and her own to the side so she could slide him in to her.

His hands reached up and undid the knot holding the top of her suit together and her breasts popped free as she bounced on his lap.  She felt him take her breasts in his hands, his fingers getting hold of her nipples as he squeezed them both.

All she managed to get out were a series of guttural moans as she road him, he played with her, and her orgasms continue to crest.

By the time he came inside of her and she collapsed on top of him, her breath ragged, her body shaking, she was completely spent.

“Damn Ellie, you are one amazing fuck doll!  I can’t wait to show you off to the guys…” Tom said and a smile came to Ellie’s lips.

She was an amazing fuck doll and she couldn’t wait to be shown off to Tom’s friends either.