“They can’t be serious can they?” Casey asked her agent as he held up the glossy promotional photo.  The two women in it were wearing uniforms that looked like they were spray painted on with ridiculous heels as they posed with guns and the helicopter.

“I told you you wouldn’t like it Casey…” her agent Max responded, he was right, she didn’t like it but she was getting desperate.

It had been nearly a decade since her “big break” with Helicopter Heroins, a cheesy cop show that burst in to popularity at just the right time but had quickly faded.  She and Jenna had stared in for two whole seasons before it had been pulled off the air for low ratings.  She’d played Helena, the slightly dimwitted but cheerful helicopter pilot to Jenna’s more straight laced spotter Heather.  Each week they’d foiled some stupid scheme that could only be solved with the helicopter and the impeccable timing of the two of them.

Since then she hadn’t been able to get any real work that didn’t somehow involve the show and this was just the latest example of it.

She let out a sigh, it wasn’t Max’s fault after all, but she couldn’t last much longer on the residuals from the show and even the convention appearances were getting fewer and farther between.

“Just hear me out before you say no Casey.  It’s a real offer, backed by a studio and all.”

She nodded as her shoulders slumped, is this what it had come down to?

“It’s… well… it’s a relaunch of the franchises… kind of.  You know they’ve been doing it with other properties over the last few years as well… kind of a comedic spin on the show.”

She knew what he meant of course, a series of bad revivals from past decades had come out.  They treaded on the nostalgia of the fans for a few cheep laughs and even fewer dollars.  But they did make money and maybe she could spin it the right way to come out looking like a real actress instead of the blonde bimbo role she was most closely associated with.

“And Jenna?” Casey asked, obviously it wouldn’t do if only half the crime fighting duo showed up and she could only imagine Jenna’s reaction to the offer.

Not that Jenna had been any more successful than she had been after the show, just that Jenna had dropped it like a hot potato as soon as it was done.  She never attended the cons or did interviews, in fact Casey hadn’t even talked to her in over a year.

“She’s already signed on to it, same deal as what your offered.  The first movie guaranteed and options for two more if it’s a hit.”

Casey rasied an eyebrow, they really were serious if they were including options.

“Ok, ok… setup the meeting and I’ll hear them out.” she said as she stood up and turned to leave.

“You got it Casey.” Max said and picked up his phone just as she closed the door behind her.

Casey was escorted in to the room by the butler, yes a real life butler, but he and the sprawling mansion she had been brought too, had lost her attention as soon as the doors had opened.

The room large, even cavernous and was filled with Helicopter Heroine memorabilia.  More than she’d ever seen before, more than she suspected had ever existed to be honest, but even that paled in comparison to Jenna, standing beside the man seated at the table.

Jenna was decked out in full Helicopter Heroine gear.  The tight blue top, the tailored black pants, the shined to perfection heels and her long blonde hair covered in the traditional police hat.

And she looked good, in fact, maybe even better than when they had done the show.  She had obviously had some work done, she was clearly several cup sizes larger now and her hour glass figure was even more pronounced by how tightly the pants hugged her constricted waist.

“Hi Casey!” Jenna called out as she tottered her way around the table and gave Casey a big hug, followed by two “fake” kisses, one on each cheek.

“It’s so good to see you after all this time!” Jenna continued, a smile never leaving her lips and a sparkle in her eyes that Casey had never seen before except when she was shooting a scene.

“You… to.” Casey managed to respond just as the man arrived beside Jenna.

“I’m Roger Humphreys, a please to finally meet you Ms. Daniels.  May I call you Casey?” he said, extending his hand.

Casey shook it, “Of course as long as I can call you Roger.”

“I absolutely insist on it Casey.” he said with a warm smile.

“Casey, you have to see some of the sets Rogers already built for the movie… you’re just going to die when you see them!” Jenna gushed as she hooked her arm through Rogers and leaned in close to him.

“Oh come now Jenna, don’t get ahead of us quite yet, this is just a preliminary meeting.  Casey hasn’t agreed to anything yet.” Rogers said calmingly to Jenna and she settled down a bit.

“But… I’m sure she will.  Right Casey?” Jenna said, looking forlorned towards Casey.

“Well, maybe.  I’m certainly intrigued.” Casey responded as the three of them moved over to the table and took a seat.

Casey had to admit she was impressed, the script was quite good actually, picking up 10 years after the show ended and continuing Helena and Heather’s adventure like they had been at it all this time.

She wasn’t as impressed with the plot device for the villain, he was brainwashing young pilots from the police academy and using them as a way to escape after committing his robberies.  She’d seen much worse though and the photo of the two scantily clad “officers” Max had shown her in his office actually did fit in with the story given the villains MO.

In the end though, it came down to money.  She needed it and Roger was offering it.  Any misgivings she might have had about the villain was put aside and she signed the contract, sending copies to Max to put on file.

Jenna had almost toppled her as she flung her arms around Casey to congratulate her, and to Casey’s surprise, this time the kiss was full on the lips.

“Come on Casey, you’ve got to see these sets!” Jenna exclaimed and nearly dragged Casey by the hand back out through the door she had entered, blowing past the butler and out the back where she could see the roof line of a large building just behind the garden.

Moments later they were in a large sound stage, sets dotted throughout it that she recognized from the script.  Even their old helicopter was there.

“Wow, Roger really went all out Jenna.  I mean he didn’t even have us both signed yet!”

“Yea, I know right?  He’s really committed to the show, he was our biggest fan.  He even wrote the script himself!” Jenna replied as her eyes widened and her smile impossibly widened even more.

Jenna walked her through several sets; the squad room, the training academy, their apartment that they shared.  The fan’s had had a field day with that one, fan theories, or more like fantasies, of the two characters being lesbian lovers were still very popular to this day.  The truth of it was more mundane though, two sets would have cost twice as much, and so the two characters had become roommates for purely financial reasons.

Finally they arrived at the villains lair, where Rogers was waiting for them.

“So, what do you think Casey?” Roger asked, spreading his arms to highlight the sets.

“Very impressive Roger, this must have cost a fortune to setup.”

“Not as much as you might think actually.  Most of the sets are from the original show.  I picked them up for the cost of carting them away when the show wrapped.  And well, the rest, let’s just say I can afford it.” Roger smiled and stepped towards the centerpiece of the villains lair, the brain washing chair.

“Come over here, I’m really quite proud of this, I made it myself.” Roger said, waving towards the chair, it was as you might expect such a prop to be.  It had wires running from a helmet and straps to hold the victim in the chair.

“You made it yourself?” she asked as she inspected it closer, the workmanship was quite good on it.

“Yes, go ahead and take a seat.  I have to admit I didn’t do it all myself of course, there were a few tradesmen I hired on to help out…” he said humbly and Casey too a seat in the chair.

It was quite comfortable, the soft leather was well padded and she reclined in to it.  Her arms and feet didn’t quite sit properly with the restraints and so she slipped her hands through them and managed to get her feet seated as well.

Roger motioned to the helmet and she nodded, why not after all?

He lowered it over her head and suddenly a display came alive, on it was playing an old episode of the show and a smile crossed Casey’s lips.  She had always liked working on the show and was proud of it in a nostalgic kind of way.

Then, without warning, she felt the wrist restraints tighten down on her, along with the ankle restraints.

“Hey!” she cried and struggled in vain against the tight bonds.  She sat upright but was pushed back down against the chair as another restraint was wrapped around her neck.

“What the hell!  Jenna, get me out of this thing!” Casey called to her friend.

“Sorry Casey, but Roger says it’s for the best!” she responded in a happy voice that sent a chill down Casey’s spine.

The video on the screen suddenly changed in to a montage of her Helena’s scenes as a fuzzy feeling filled her mind and her entire body relaxed.

Casey posed with Jenna at her feet as Jenna clung to her leg  and Casey held her gun out in front of her.  The flash of the camera filled the studio as Roger took another photo.

Signing the contract had been the best thing Casey had ever done!  It was so exciting to be getting ready to shoot the new movie and she couldn’t wait.

Of course with her new obligations she’d moved in to Rogers mansion with Jenna and Roger, but that was amazing as well.  It gave Casey all kinds of time to catch up with Jenna during their workouts together.

Jenna had even given Casey the number to her plastic surgeon and she and an appointment with him later that week.

Of course they couldn’t start shooting until Casey was in tip top shape and so it would have to wait until after her surgery, but that didn’t diminish the excitement she felt every day.

Some of that excitement might also have been from her rekindled relationship with Jenna, the two of them had been close on the set of the original show, but this was different.  Time had deepened their feelings for each other and after just a few days at Rogers mansion they’d found themselves in bed together, eagerly eating out each other’s pussies.

Of course it had been selfish of them not to invite Roger in to their now shared bed when they were both living under the same roof, but Jenna had remedied that quickly enough and the three of them now were sleeping in the master bedroom together.

Casey felt Jenna reach up and stroke her pussy through the skin tight pants she was wearing and moaned aloud as the flash went off once more.

“Jenna please!  Not until we’re finished!” Roger called out.

“Sorry Roger!  I just couldn’t help it!” Jenna called back and giggled a bit as he hand dropped back to the floor.

Casey knew it wouldn’t be long before the three of them were on the floor, after all Roger so enjoyed fucking them in their costumes.  In fact the only thing he enjoyed more was fucking them in their costumes in the sets on the sound stage.

A giggle escaped her own lips at the thought of being bent over the brain washing machine, Rogers dick in her pussy, Jenna’s pussy in front of her face as she licked it.

She knew Roger had been working on the script again, he seemed to each time they fucked, which was all the time really.

It was just a few days after she signed her contract that Roger had come to her with a stack of scripts, she’d been surprised to read the title page on the one on top, “Helicopter Heroins – Double H Private Investigations – Season 3 Episode 1”.

Season two had ended on a cliff hanger, after being framed by the villain of the week, it had ended with Helena and Heather getting kicked off the force.

Season three opened on too a new location, a three story building with a large sign on it, “Double H Private Investigations”, along with the helicopter parked on the roof.  A quick recap in the script let the audience know that after clearing their names, Helena and Heather had sued the city and won a big settlement.  Instead of going back to work for the force, they’d bought a building, added a landing pad and opened their own private investigation firm.

It wasn’t until a few episode later the secret of their new building was revealed.  It had been hard to find one that the city would allow a helicopter pad to be installed and so they’d had to settle for the only one they could find for sale that was close to the airport.  Unfortunately it already had a tenant on the first two floors, the Landing Strip was a strip club with an airport theme.

As it had turned out though, having spent almost all of their settlement on the building and renovations, running a helicopter was far more expensive than profitable for a PI firm.  The third season had ended on another cliff hanger with the bank threatening to foreclose on them and their client, crying over her missing sister that they had been unable to find throughout the episode.

Season four had opened to Helena and Heather dancing on the stage of the Landing Strip, the two blondes rubbing their bodies together as the music played to a packed crowd.

It had turned out that the Landing Strip had been the answer to both of their problems.  The missing sister had run away from an abusive husband and was working at the club under a new name and after going undercover to find her Helena and Heather realized they could make up for their under performing PI business by working at the club when they didn’t have a case.

After reading all of the scripts, Casey had completely agreed with Roger that the movie script needed to be completely rewritten.  She was looking forward to shooting a scene with Jenna on the strip club set, her pussy got wet each time the idea of being naked on stage with her entered her mind, the two of them exploring each other’s bodies for the crowd and finally licking each other’s pussies in a glorious 69 position as they both came.

It would never make the cut in the final release of course, but then again Roger had started talking about doing an R rated version or maybe even an X rated one… Casey bit her lower lip as the thought of all of Helena and Heather’s fans masturbating to the two of them making out caused a shiver of pleasure to run through her as her fingers found her moistening pussy.

Casey’s eyes popped open as Roger’s lips made contact with hers and she returned his probing tongue and moaned, both from Rogers embrace, but also from the feel of Heather… no Jenna’s she mentally corrected herself, lips making contact with Casey’s pussy.

The photo shoot devolved in to an orgy, like always, and Casey couldn’t wait for Roger to finish the script and find out what new adventures awaited Helena.