Tabitha finished the last words of the spell and lowered the book in front of her as she watched the air shimmer a few feet in front of her.  Suddenly the walls rippled with a terrible screeching noise and a thin wedge of light cut through the air forming a portal through which the demon stepped.

She dropped to her knees and bowed her head in respect, “Welcome Lord Hzafel.” she intoned solemnly, “I am your servant Tabitha.”

“Servant you say?  Yet you bind me to this spot with such a… mundane… spell.” he replied, looking at the symbols she had drawn on the floor.

“I am sorry my Lord, but I am familiar with your… proclivities… if not suitably restrained.”

The demon’s grin widdened, his sharp teeth showing through his thin lips, “Pretty and smart, I begin to like you servant.  Now tell me why you have summoned me to this foul plain.”

Tabitha’s own smile widened as she raised her head to make eye contact with the demon, a shiver of pure dread running down her spine as she did so.

“I wish to expand my power my lord.” she stated simply.

The demon rose an eyebrow, his gaze peering deep in to her.

“I see you have protected yourself as well,” he said, motioning to the amulet around her neck, “though I can still see inside of your mind my servant.”

“My apologies again my Lord… but your proclivities…”

“Yes, yes… very well, but I’m afraid you have wasted both of our time summoning me.”

“But… my Lord… surely you can…” her eyes widened with the realization of what he was saying.

“You have done well for yourself, practiced the dark arts, captured a male for your pleasure, reduced your enemies to dust and risen to the top of your order.  But there is no more power I can give this vessel.” the demon said, waving a hand up and down her naked body.

“This vessel?”

“Yes, the body you inhabit now cannot hold any more power, it would simply burn up if I tried to pour any more power in to it.”

“Then perhaps another vessel?”

“Yes, perhaps, but there is no guarantee that it would succeed, you may find yourself… less.. or more… than what you are now.”

Her thirst for power was insatiable, she knew the demon spoke the truth about her current vessel, she had surmised as much herself after reading the arcane volumes she had collected from all four corners of the world.  Lord Hzafel, ruler of the demon underworld was her only chance.

“What must I do my Lord?” she asked.

The demon’s claw pointed towards the amulet around her neck, “Remove it and release me.” he replied.

She raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Not before a deal is made or you may simply tear me limb from limb as soon as I do.”

“But of course, the deal is simple.  I shall give you a new vessel in the hopes of expanding your power, in exchange I have need of the services of your husband.”

Tabitha’s eyebrow raised even higher, “My husband?  That sniveling weasel?  What could my Lord have need of him for?”

“True, he is a cowardly feck of a human, but he will soon be in a position to tilt the balance one way or the other.  I wish to ensure it tilts in my favour.”

She scrunched her forehead for a moment to think of what her husband could possible be in a position to alter, but nothing came to mind.

“Agreed.” she said and took a step forward, erasing one of the symbols on the floor and breaking the barrier that contained the demon before tossing the book to the side and removing her amulet.

The demon’s chuckle filled the room as the air around her swirled, lifting her slightly off the ground as the demon’s claw rose with her body.

That’s when she heard the most unexpected sound in her life, as the door to the basement opened and footsteps fell on the stairs to reveal her husband in his suit and tie.

“What… what is the meaning of this?” Tabitha asked, her face full of shock.

Jason smiled as he step to the side of the demon, “Well my dear, it would seem you have tried to barter with something you didn’t own.”

Tabitha realized with dread that Jason had already made a deal with Lord Hzafel somehow, “But… but how?”

“I might be a, how did you put it… oh yes, a sniveling weasel, but I can read.  And you take very detailed notes, it was a simple matter of summoning my Lord last night.  And now my Lord, to complete our deal.”

“I am a demon of my word, she will be yours.” the demon intoned and Tabitha felt his magic invade her body.

“No!” she cried out, trying with all her power to resist, but the demon’s magic was too strong and she felt her body start to twist and reshape under the onslot of his will.

Her breasts ballooned outward, going from her normal D cups to E to F to at least G’s, the two small rings through her now much larger nipples seemed out of proportion now.

She gasped as her waist started to constrict, making her already generous hips seem even wider by comparison.

Then she noticed her hair, already long and beautiful, start to lighten, turning blonde and then platinum.

Finally she felt Lord Hzafel enter her mind and she let out one last scream from between her even more plump lips before the darkness engulfed her.

Tabbi wrapped her plump pink lips around Jason’s cock and sucked it deep in to her mouth, letting out a little moan as they rode in his limo towards the governors mansion.  Or as Jason liked to call it these days, home sweet home.

Tabbi had been so happy when he’d decided to run for office, standing beside her husband in her flower print dress, her long blonde hair framing her beautiful smiling face.

She’d been asked so many questions about her role in his life and she’d gushed at the chance to tell them all about how happy she was to be a homemaker for him.  How she had dinner ready when he arrived home, how she cleaned the house all by herself, how it was her place to make sure all of his needs were taken care of.

Sure there were the rumors about her breasts, how they must be fake, but no one could ever find any evidence of her going to a plastic surgeon let alone being admitted to a hospital for surgery.

But Jason had run on a wholesome, family centric platform and as hard as his opponents had tried, they could find nothing to shatter the reality that Tabbi was exactly what she appeared to be.

A happy little home maker with the body of a porn star.

If they only knew how Jason used her like one too, well then they’d really have a story.