Kelly sat on the carpet, leaning back against the couch, her hand right in front of her pussy but unable to touch it.  She flung her head back and let out a cry of frustration, her naked body in need of pleasuring but her hands unable to provide the stimulation she so desperately wanted.

The desperation turned to humiliation and then to shame as she once more tried to pleasure herself and her fingers refused to perform for her.  She’d been sitting here for almost an hour, since the text message had come in, and she new he would be getting close.

She heard the front door open and she threw a icy cold glare over towards the entrance to the living room as she heard the door close once more.  She caught sight of him just as he rounded the corner and her lips opened to throw an insult at him, but instead they simply remained parted as her tongue stayed perfectly still.

He smiled as he took a step towards her and she tried to stand up, but her ass remained firmly planted on the carpet.

“Oh, I do love that look in your eyes Kelly.  I never grow tired of it.” he said as he reached down an brushed the side of her face, sending a wave of pleasure through her.

She tilted her head upwards, her glare dropping several more degrees as she tried in vain to do something… anything but sit there and let him continue to touch her.

His thumb ran across her lips and she let out a moan, her body wanted to wrap her lips around it and suckle it.  But she didn’t, not because she had any control, but because he hadn’t told her too yet.

It only caused her more humiliation, which in turned caused the need she felt in her pussy to increase even more.

He pushed his thumb between her lips only slightly, “Be a good girl Kelly and show me what that pretty little mouth of yours is for.”

It was all she needed to hear as she slide all the way down his thumb, wrapping her tongue around it as waves of pleasure coursed through her.  Her nipples hardened, her belly twitched and her pussy moistened even more if that was possible.

Then, suddenly, it was gone.  Her lips formed the words before her mind even recognized what had happened, “No!  Please…”

When her mind caught up the shame was far worse when she realized she had meant it, her body knew the pleasure he could bring and her mind had come to need it just as much.

He reached down and grabbed her right breast firmly, squeezing it and then taking her hard nipple between his thumb and finger.  Giving it a twist and sending another wave of pleasure through her, her moan echoed through the room as she leaned back and thrust her chest out towards him.

Moments later she felt his hands on her hips, guiding her up and over the back of the couch.  Spreading her legs she felt his hard shaft push up against her pussy and she pushed back on to him.

Her eyes widened as a gasp escaped her lips.  She could see out across the city scape from her condo as he pushed deep in to her, but she could also she her reflection in the glass.  Her eyes no longer icy, but full of heat and passion as her body was used.

His control over her was complete, her body was no longer hers, her pleasure was no longer hers.  Her mind was all she had left but it was trapped with no release other than the release he gave her.

She didn’t know how he had done it, that first meeting at the coffee shop, she’d never seen him before.  She’d laughed him off when he’d simply announced to her that she would be no longer able to pleasure herself.  That she would find no pleasure except that which he gave her.

She’d almost called the cops, but had left the shop quickly and put it out of her mind.  Until that night when her boyfriend had come over.  Sex had always been good with him, but suddenly it was if he was a teenager, fumbling around, trying to find what pleased her.

She’d ended the night without release and when he’d left later that night, she had tried her trusty vibrator, only to find it less than satisfying.

It was then that his words had come back to her, but she’d shrugged it off as a coincidence and gone to sleep.  A week later, she knew there was more too it.  She’d had a huge fight with her boyfriend after yet another failed attempt to bring her to orgasm and she’d kicked him out.  The frustration of being unable to pleasure herself had become unbearable and she’d gone out to hook up with a one night stand to try and find release.

It hadn’t helped, nor the second one, or the third one.  She’d finally given in and returned to the coffee shop, trying to find him, but he wasn’t there.  She waited almost all day until he finally arrived, she’d walked right up to him and dragged him to a booth, demanding he undo whatever he’d done.

He’d only smiled, reached out and touched her hand before she could pull it away, the jolt of pleasure that raced up her arm caught her off guard.

He’d stood up and walked away, telling her to return the next day, with a better attitude.

Her hand had gone to her pussy right there in the booth as the afterglow of his touch took her closer to orgasm than she’d been in weeks.  But her fingers refused to co-operate and she left several minutes later, determined to leave and never return.

Her resolve had crumbled and she’d found herself in the booth the next day when he entered.  He’d picked up his order and sat across from her, her icy glare in her eyes.

“Oh, I knew you’d be one of those, tell me your name.” he said with a smile and she’d told him.

“Well Kelly, I can see you are still fighting it, so tomorrow come back wearing something more… appropriate.” he’d said and walked away.

She’d looked down at her t-shirt and jeans and blushed furiously at what he wanted.

She’d tried to fight it all night, her vibrator buzzing has fast as it could against her clit as she tried to find release, but the next morning, she’d relented.  Finding a short skirt and a tight top, she’d gone once more to the coffee shop.

This time he’d sat down next to her and brushed up against her, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her.  Before she’d know it his fingers were under her skirt, brushing up aginst her quickly moistening panties.

“Oh Kelly, I thought we understood each other.” he’d said, gently tapping his fingers against her pussy, her body almost in seizures as he did so.

“Unlock your phone and give it to me.” her fingers clutched her phone as she focused herself on unlocking it until he took it from her.

He sat there typing on her phone as she rubbed up against him, the pleasure satiating her just a bit as she saw him entering a contact.

A shiver ran through her as he entered his name, “My Owner”, and then his phone number.

He tossed the phone back on the table and left her once more, she’d stared at it for several minutes, unwilling to pick it up as if by doing so she would somehow make it true.

Finally she left, clutching her phone to her breast as she hurried back to her condo.  Now unable to even used her own vibrator, she was reduced to furiously humping a pillow between her legs, her phone sitting in front of her with his contact details open.

The next day she arrived at the coffee shop early, her short skirt barely covering her bare pussy and her top only coming down over her breasts.  She’d waited just a little while before she pulled out her phone and texted him, “I’m here.”

He’d responded back a little while later, “Ok”, but nothing else.  She waited for hours until he arrived and took the seat next to her.  Her legs had spread as if of their own volition and her face had blushed furiously.

He paid no attention to her as he sipped his coffee until he was nearly half way done, then his fingers invaded her pussy and she gasped, her hand reaching down to push his fingers in deeper.

He pulled his fingers out and raised them to her lips, “Suck”, he’d commanded and her body had obeyed.  His fingers in her pussy and been the most pleasurable experience of her life, but now, sucking her own juices from his fingers with the entire coffee show to see, dwarfed it by several orders of magnitude.

And then he’d left, leaving her once more desperate for release but unsatisfied.  The rest of the week had been the same, she’d spend the day at the coffee shop, he’d show up whenever he was ready and play with her for a while before leaving.

By the end of the week he’d started texting her what to wear, how to act, what to say and she’d followed along, desperate but humiliated each and every time.

Then, today, the text had been different.  Instead of the coffee shop, he had told her to get naked and sit in her living room on the floor.  She’d done so as soon as the text had arrived and now holding on to her couch as he entered her from behind, she looked out over the city, the coffee shop just down the street filling her vision as her body was awash in pleasure.

He grabbed her pony tail and broke her light of sight with the shop as he pulled her head upright, “Who am I?” he asked.

“My Owner!” she cried out as he slammed in to her once more, her face twisted in shame as she tried to fight it, her eyes once more sending daggers towards him.

“What are you?”

“Your sex doll!” her face was crimson as held her pony tail tightly.

“What are you used for?”

“Your pleasure!  I exist to for your pleasure!” she responded as the humiliation of admitting it to him welled up inside of her.

“Good doll.” he said simply and her first orgasm in weeks crested as she felt his seed enter her.

She collapsed on to the back of the couch as he let go of her pony tail and continued to slide in and out of her pussy, more orgasms followed but her eyes were no longer filled with anything, they were glassy with ecstasy as her lips were curled in to a smile, her fight momentarily gone as the pleasure filled her.

He pulled out and his own grin widened, she would be a fun one, her will strong, he would have the pleasure of breaking her over and over again until there was no fight left in her.

Then he would send her on her way and find his next plaything, but he knew that would be some time off and she would provide him more entertainment than most did.