Lana’s eyes fluttered open as she felt a pressure squeezing in on her all over, but most prominently around her waist.  A groggy moan escaped her lips as she recognized the after effects of a powerful sedative and tried to shake it off.

‘Shit, not again…’ she thought to herself as her vision cleared and she could see metal bars in front of her face and then what looked like an empty warehouse beyond them.  She tried to recall what had happened but her memory was blank, the last think she could remember was going to bed the night before.

It wasn’t her first time being drugged and caged, it was a hazard of the job after all, but her head was pounding harder than usual as she took stock.  She had obviously been re-dressed at some point, the skin tight black latex outfit with the tight corset and towering heels were not her usual style.

She let out a little sigh, she was going to have to get another costume, and damn those things were expensive!

She managed to settle her spinning head and focused on the bars.  They weren’t all that thick so she should be able to bend them easily enough with her enhanced strength.

She managed to get her hands moved in to position within the tight confines of the cage and gripped the bars, but there was something wrong… they did not bend.

Her powers should have been easily able to twist the thin metal of the cage in to a pretzel, but no matter how hard she tried, they refused to budge.  Whatever had happened must have temporarily suppressed her powers.

Fortunately, as she strugged, she noticed the latch on the cage door was only partially closed and with a quick twist of her body, she pushed her shoulder in to it and it released.

She nearly lost her balance in the process though and only just managed to stop herself from tumbling out of the cage and dropping the foot or two to the hard concrete floor.  Steading herself with the cage, she gently took the step down, the heels clicking aginst the cement as she did so.

She tried to take in a deep breath, but the corset limited her ability to do so.  Her fingers searched for a release, but there did not seem to be one.  As she truned around, trying to get a look at the back of the corset, the second cage came in to view.

She could see the woman from behind only, much like her own cage, it was suspended off the ground and a women dressed in a black latex outfit was inside.

Unlike her, this woman’s hands were encased in a sleeve, held firmly behind her.  Lana step forward, the sound of her heels sending a sharp echo through the room once more and she winced.  She couldn’t very well sneak around with all that sound so she bent over, taking in as deep as breath as she could, the corset forcing her to bend at the waist.

Reaching down to the shoes, she found them secured to her feet much like the corset, with no obvious way to remove them.  And just like the bars of the cage, they resisted her enhanced strength as well.  Standing back up straight, she resigned herself to having to make do and slowly, one foot at a time, moved towards the second cage.

She finally managed to get all the way over and stand in front of the cage, getting a good look at the woman inside.  She recognized her immediately, Lori was a famous reported at the network TV station.  Seeing Lori jogged her memory, she’d gotten up the next day and headed out on patrol, meeting Lori several hours later to discuss a story she was working on.

Then… nothing once more.

Lana giggled the cage a bit, “Lori… Lori…” Lana said, but the reporters eyes remained opened and transfixed straight ahead.

Lana popped the latch on the cage and took Lori by the waist, setting her on the floor easily.  Her forehead wrinkled as she realized her super strength was in full effect when she lifted Lori, but when she tried to bend the thin bars once more, nothing happened.

She didn’t have time to consider it further though as the door just to her left opened and in walked Doctor Clockwork.

“What have you done to Lori?” Lana said with force in her voice.

Doctor Clockwork smiled and chuckled, “Why nothing much, at least nothing she is complaining about…” he said off handedly.

She was about to pounce on him when she felt a hand settle on her shoulder.  Lana turned to see Lori’s smiling face just in front of hers and then to Lana’s surprise, their lips meet as Lori placed a passionate kiss on to her.

Lana’s mind reeled, what was Lori doing?  How had she gotten out of her restraints?  Why wasn’t she stopping her?  Why was her tongue probing Lori’s mouth?  Why was her pussy suddenly so wet?

Lori broke the kiss and before Lana could recover, leaned in and whispered in to her ear, “Lana is the big hand, Lori is the little hand on Doctor Clockwork’s timepiece.”

The words echoed through Lana’s mind as her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, “Lana is the big hand, Lori is the little hand on Doctor Clockworks timepiece.” Lana’s voice echoed through the room as she turned to the side and stood beside Lori.

“Please Doctor Clockwork, what time is it?” their two voices said in unison.

Doctor Clockwork’s grin widened as he spoke, “Why it’s blowjob time of course.”

Lana and Lori stepped forward in time with each other, dropped to their knees in syncronisity and worked their tongues and lips over Doctor Clockwork’s exposed shaft with perfect timing.

Doctor Clockwork watch the two captive women pleasuring him on their knees, not for the first time, nor the even the tenth time and let out a slight chuckle.

He did so enjoy letting Lana think she was escaping and every once in a while, like today, she even began to realize something was out of place.  His commands so embedded in her mind that she never fully realized that her strength was fully intact, just that she was not allowed to use it in any way to escape.

Of course the look on her face as Lori placed the kiss on her lips was almost as enjoyable, but the icing on the cake was the sound of her voice as she once more sunk in to blissful compliance.

That never got old, no matter how many times he made use of their bodies, it was their minds that enjoyed fucking the most.