Kimmy smiled as her boss walked in to the office, she turned to the side slightly so he could get a better look at her cleavage and put her leg forward so he could see it from under her desk.

“Hiya Boss!  Like, I’ve got messages for you…” she said, extending the few peices of paper in her hands and batted her eyelashes at his as she thrust her tits out.

“Thanks Kimmy.” George said as he took the notes from her and a little tickle of pleasure ran up Kimmy’s arm as his fingers made contact with her own.

“No problem Boss!  Anytime!” she called after him as he entered his office and closed the door behind him.

A frown crossed her face as she slumped in her chair, why couldn’t she get him to notice her?

Wasn’t she showing enough cleavage?  Maybe her skirt was too long?  Were here heels night high enough?

She let out a huff of frustration as her pussy started to buzz and she bit her glossy lower lip and cross her legs, trying to fight back the need between her legs.

“Darn it!” she cried under her breath and picked up her purse before heading to the bathroom.  There she closed the door on the stall, pulled out her trusty dildo and slide it between her legs.  A few minutes later a tiny little orgasm crested and she let out a huge sigh of relief.

She’d had her favorite dildo for what seemed like forever, it had brought her so many amazing orgasms over the years that now its ineffectiveness seemed so out of place.

But she knew what was wrong, what she really needed, and that was George.

His image formed in her mind and she let out a little moan, she just had to have him between her legs and she was going to do anything to make it happen.

Right then and there she decided to go shopping that night, to find something better to wear to the office and then maybe George might notice her.

She returned to her desk and started to work on his calendar and e-mail once more when a meeting invite from the CEO’s office popped up, “Discuss Anderson account”, was its title and she let out a sigh of relief that she no longer had to deal with that account.

In fact, she no longer had to deal with any accounts since she accepted her new job as George’s Executive Assistant last month.

Before that she had been an account rep, just like George.  Well, not just like him, after all she had been the top account rep at the company for the last 3 years!  George had been number 2 all that time, and now looking back at it, she couldn’t blame him for being upset about it.

She felt so much shame now for how she had treated him, belittling him in front of the other sales reps and even trying to get him fired by starting rumors about him that the CEO was sure to hear.

But one thing George was always good at was seeing opportunities that no one else did and that’s why she always kept a close eye on him.  That’s how she’d found out about the Anderson account, he’d been wooing them for months before she swooped in and stole them right out from under his nose.

She’d gone right to the top, going around George’s contact in the company and landing them as a client.  Of course she’d had to see what this miracle software could do and she’d found a copy of it in George’s office when she’d been rifling through his papers.

She’d installed it at home, but found it hard to understand.  It gave her a headache, but after a week or so of trying each night, she decided it was better to land the account now and worry about the details later.

It was a few weeks after they’d signed the contract and she had still been trying to figure out the software when it had happened the first time.  For some reason she’d been hornier than usual, each night masturbating with her dildo until she came after working on the software for a few hours.  That night she had been furiously working the dildo between her legs when her orgasm came, but it wasn’t as good as usual and for some reason George’s name had crossed her mind.

That first night she’d written it off as just a weird one off occurrence, but the next several night the same thing had happened.  The next day, when she’d gone to the office, she’d seen George and for the first time she’d felt something other than disdain.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but soon it became more and more apparent to her that George wasn’t the second rate loser she had always said he was.  After a few more weeks, still spending each night on the software, she realized he was to be respected, even admired in some ways.

It wasn’t long before a mixture of her waining ability to pleasure herself and a growing admiration for George brought her to realize that he might be a solution to her night time problem.

Of course she couldn’t just walk up to him and ask him back to her place.  No she’d treated him so badly that she knew that would never work and that’s when a plan popped in to her head.

She needed to get his attention, make him ask her.

At first she had just changed her style a bit, trying to catch his eye with slightly tighter outfits and some more time at the salon and gym.

But she quickly realized that wasn’t going to do it.  What she had noticed over the last 3 years was that George never hit on any of the managers, executives or clients.  He only hit on the assistants and other secretarial staff.

She had been so upset upon the realization that she’d headed home early and worked on the Anderson software, now her favorite past time, before rubbing out a little orgasm and going to sleep.

Her dreams were full of her being behind a desk in front of George’s office, working as his EA, doing all of the chores he had assigned her.

She woke up the next morning to the most powerful orgasm she had had in weeks and went straight to her computer to write up her resignation letter.

The CEO had been quite surprised, but even more so when she requested a job as George’s EA.  The position had been open for some time, none of the EA’s wanted to put up with his leering, and George had not accepted any of the older or male EA’s that were assigned to him.

But, with little other choice but to loose his top earning sales rep to another company, the CEO agreed.

George had agreed as well and the next day she was seated in front of his office, eagerly doing everything he asked of her.

To her disappointment though, he paid little attention to her other than to assign her tasks.  Though the one benefit was that she was able to observe him almost all the time and she quickly found out why she wasn’t able to capture his attention.

After watching him flirt with several of the other girls in the office, she found he only went for the ditzes.  Those that batted their eyelashes and giggled at his every advance.  None of them were smart enough to take him up on his advances, but it gave her all the information she needed.

She changed the way she talked, the way she walked, the way she sat, everything she could do to get his attention as she sat there just outside of his office.

The next day she came in to work after hitting the mall to find her new outfit.  Her skirt barely covered her ass, she could see her nipples poking out from under her tight white top and she’d added another two inches to her heels.

She was standing beside her desk when George walked in, her tits pushed out, her hands claspsed behind her back, her head slightly titled down.

“Good morning Boss!  Like is there *anything* I can do for you?” she said, her voice chipper as her lips formed a wide smile and she swayed her upper body from side to side.

He stepped forward and reached down beside her to a small stack of notes, but instead his hand landed on her ass cheek and he squeezed it.

“Mmmmmmm… Yes Boss, like squeeze my ass hard!” she let out in a soft voice as her head titled back.

He released it and landed a slap on it, “Get that cute ass of yours in my office Kimmy.” he said.

“*giggle* Like right away Boss!” she nearly squealed as she turned and wiggled her way in to his office.  

She’d finally gotten him to pay attention to her, she wasn’t going to mess it up, no matter what!

She heard the door close behind her and then George’s hand land on her ass once more.

“So Kimmy, exactly what will you do for me?”

“Oh my god Boss!  Like *anything* you want!  I’m totally at your disposal!”

“Hmmm… yes I think disposal is the right word, after all I think we’ve completely disposed of the old Kimmy haven’t we?”

“Totally Boss!  Kimmy is so sorry she ever treated you badly!”

“Well that’s ok, you can make it up to me now.” George said, grabbing her hips and twisting her around and then pushing her face first on to his desk.

Kimmy’s pussy was twitching with anticipation, George was finally going to fuck her!  She’d finally gotten his attention!

He kicked her feet apart and pulled her tiny little skirt up over her hips, exposing her bare pussy to him.

“Oh Boss, fuck Kimmy’s pussy!” she said as she wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder as he droped his pants to the ground.

The sight of his dick made her even wetter, “Oh my god Boss, your dick is, like, beautiful!” she cried out as he pushed it up against her pussy lips.

Taking hold of her hips he plunged in to her and she cried out as the pleasure washed over her.

Her first, second and third orgasms came as he worked in and out of her, “Yes Boss!  Fuck Kimmy!  Fuck Kimmy’s pussy good!”

She felt him cum inside of her and one last massive orgasm crested as she collapsed on to his desk, drool running down her cheek and on to it.

George looked down at the spend body of Kimmy and flicked a few drops of cum from his tip on to her ass.  Just a few months ago she had been nothing but a pain in his ass.

But that was before he’d found the Anderson account.  He knew she’d try and steel it away from him and so he’d planted the file and software in his office for her to find.  And she’d taken the bait hook line and sinker.

Of course the Anderson account wasn’t what it seemed, instead it was a secret government operation, a front for the latest brainwashing tech.  She hadn’t know that and he’d only found out through an old military chum that was now deep in the intelligence community.

They had both served overseas together and George had saved his life more than once, so when George had been telling his sob story to him over drinks one night, he’d offered a solution.

Of course his CEO wasn’t a fool and the meeting he had later today with him wasn’t, per say, about the Anderson account as much as about taking care of his mistress that was threating to go to his wife.

But now, looking down at Kimmy’s bare ass, his cum dripping from her pussy, it seemed like a small price to pay.