Kristen gave a little smirk as she stood by the pool, watching Dave come out of the house and approach her, “So, you still think I’m ‘under your control’?” she asked, using a wobbly voice for the last part.

“Well, I don’t know, what do you think?”

“Hphfff… as if!” she scoffed at him and adjusted her long blonde hair resting on the top of her latex covered breasts.

Dave had always had a crush on her, ever since they’d started working together at the company, but she wasn’t interested in him, he was too small of fish for her to spend any time on.

No she had bigger plans, there was a VP that had just gotten divorced that she was pretty sure she could get her hooks in to and get out of the dead end programming job she had now.

But Dave had come to her with a problem a few months ago, he’d been working on a side project and was having trouble with the code.  He’d asked her to take a look and she’d been flattered enough to agree to it.  After all Dave was the smartest programmer she knew, if he couldn’t figure it out and had asked her to help, he must really have respected her skills.

She’d taken the code home and loaded it up on her computer, but as smart as Dave was, his programming was a tangled mess of spaghetti code.  She’d finally decided the best way to troubleshoot it was to compile it and run it, just to see what happened.

She spend the next few nights working on it, it seemed to run, but the output was a garbled mess of flashing squares.  She’d been trying to figure out some kind of pattern to it, but all she got was a headache.

It had been two weeks before she finally gave up and asked him what it was supposed to be and after she had confirmed she’d run it and been trying to decipher the output for the last few weeks, he admitted it was supposed to make her his to control.

She’d laughed out loud, fortunately no one else in the office paid any attention, before she’d walked away, as if that was possible.  Dave was obviously messing with her, wanting her to figure out the real purpose of the program and so she went back to studying it.

It was another few weeks before she talked to Dave again, but she didn’t mention the program and neither did he.  Instead they had a short conversation about her hair of all things.  She usually kept her long brown hair in a pony tail, but Dave had said it would look better down and lighter.  She’d brushed him off and went back to work, but a few days later she found herself getting ready for work and brushing her hair out.

She had to admit, it really did look better down, but not because Dave had said so.  No, it was just that she’d had it up for so long that the change was just what she needed to snag that VP.

Of course, along those same lines, when she visited the salon that weekend she realized she might need a bit more than just letting her hair down to snag him and so she asked the stylist to lighten her hair, just to a nice golden blonde.

When she’d arrived at work on Monday morning, Dave’s smile was from ear to ear.

“Don’t get any ideas Dave, just because I made a few changes.”

“Ok, no problem, but come over here and let’s talk some more.”

“Well, ok.”

Dave had done most of the talking, telling her all about stupid things that made no sense.  She’d never go platinum blonde, no matter what some guy thought.  And latex?  Who on earth thought that was a material to make clothing out of?

She’d brushed him off after about an hour and headed back to her desk to do her work, over the next few weeks though she did decide to make a few more changes.

She’d really been enjoying her blonde locks, so going even blonder was only natural.

After finding some strange ads in her browser and clicking on one of them that lead to a latex fetish site, she had to admit it was kind of hot.  And so what if she ordered a few things, she could treat herself, couldn’t she?

And so what if she had started going in to work early, when only she and Dave were there?  Bringing him coffee was only polite when she was dropping by the coffee shop anyway, wasn’t it?

Though she had to admit the morning blowjob as he sipped on said coffee had been a bit of a surprise one morning.  She’d carelessly spilled his coffee on him and he’d had to quickly strip out of his pants, his dick swinging freely as she let out a little gasp and reached out to touch it.

A shiver of pleasure had run up her fingers and she’d dropped to her knees, sucking him in to her mouth deeply.  The taste of his cum as it ran down her throat was heavenly and she orgasmed herself.

Of course she wasn’t going to deny herself that kind of pleasure so now she sucked Dave of each morning so she could get her own orgasm before getting to work.

And then, just yesterday, before they left the office for the weekend, Dave and pulled her aside and invited her to his place for some pool time.

She’d rolled her eyes, “As if Dave…”, she said and walked out of the office, swaying her hips as she knew he would be watching her leave.

The next morning she woke up and stretched out, her latex panties and bra now being her nightly sleep wear.  Standing up and looking out the window, she looked out over the city as the sun shone down and she could feel the heat coming off the window.

“Wow, it would be a great day to hang out by the pool!” she said aloud to no one in particular and headed for the bathroom.

An hour later she was driving over to Dave’s, she’d found the perfect suit to wear by the pool and she could wait to see surprised look on Dave’s face when she showed up despite turning down his offer.

He’d answered the door and let her in, closing it once more as they walked towards the pool, “God Kristen, I can’t believe how well the program worked.”

“Pfft, yea right, wait until you see my suit.” she’d replied and walked to the bathroom to change.

When she’d come out Dave was sitting by the pool and so she’d walked over to him, but her smirk on her face and asked the obvious question before adjusting her hair.

Dave just smiled for a moment before saying anything else, “Kristen, your so hot and horny that you can’t wait to fuck me.”

“Oh just stop it Dave.” she replied, though she had to admit the latex body suit did have her pussy well lubricated and she had been having problems lately masturbating, her orgasms just not quite as good as they once had been.  A good hard dick in her pussy would certainly be a welcome change.

She smiled wickedly and walked over to his sun coat, straddling him before pulling his swim trunks down, freeing his hard shaft.

“Look, I have needs to, this doesn’t mean anything.” she said as she unzipped the access to her pussy before settling down on his dick.

“I’m just so hot and horny, I just have to fuck you!” she cried out as she settled all the way down on to him and wiggled her hips back and forth several times.

Dave reached up and squeezed her latex covered breasts and she moaned, throwing her head back and her long blonde hair flying.

She couldn’t believe the pleasure coursing through her body, why had she turned Dave down so many times?

“Fuck Dave, that feels soooooo goooooodddddd!” she cried out as she swung her head back and pushed her hands down on to his chest.

“Of course it does Kristen, after all have total control over you and I’ve remade you to need me inside of you.”

She let out a laugh, followed by a moan and then a gasp as she rocked her hips harder.  It was silly of course, he didn’t have control over her, but right now with him deep inside of her, his hands squeezing her tits, her body coursing with pleasure, it certainly felt like it.

And really, did it make a difference?  She felt her orgasm cresting and realized that it didn’t, the pleasure was real, his dick was real and she really needed him inside of her.

She collapsed on top of him, her latex cover body shivering with the pleasure of the afterglow and she whispered in to his ear without consciously realizing she was doing so, “Command me master, I am yours.” and another orgasm washed over her.