I watched Tanya smile and brushed her hair back from her face where the wind had blown it.  She had every right to smile, the beach was perfect, the resort more than she could have hopped for and she’d gotten quite a deal on it.

I knew this of course because I owned the resort and the island it resided on, so finding her here on the beach wasn’t a surprise.

“Hi! I’m Tonya.” she said, her sunny personality matching the strong rays of the sun beating down on us.

“Hello, call me Tobias.  How are you enjoying the resort?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes as she answered, “I can’t believe it, it’s amazing!”

“Thanks, I try and provide the best experience for all my guests.” I replied, honing in on her mind and watching it work.

“Wow, you’re the owner?  That’s amazing!” she replied and I watch her mind from two paths, the first was how nervous she should be around someone who clearly was rich and powerful, the second was that she was turned on by such a man.

I pushed her towards the second and watched her eyes narrow just a bit as more ideas formed in her head.

“So let me guess, your here to get away from your stressful job for a bit.” I said, watching her mind race towards all the problems she was having at work.

“Well, yeah, but I lots of people come here for that.” she said and I pushed her down a path she hadn’t been on before.

She was quite capable of handling the problems, her knowledge and skills made her a very good at her job, but my push took her down a different path, one where doubt and stress gnawed at her every day, where all she wanted to do was get away from work.

“I mean being the manager can be really hard right?  All those people depending you, needing you, demanding your time.  And… well I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I’m sure your tired of all those sexist remarks about your body too.”

She winced as I pushed her farther down the path I wanted her to go, her thoughts quickly turned to the leers and stares she received at the office.  Little jokes that she’d brushed off in the past suddenly grew in importance.  Could she take them to HR?  Would anyone care?  She’d just have to accept them and move on no matter how much it hurt.

I continued to push her farther as her thoughts swirled around.

Taking the managers job had been so stressful, especially with all the rumors that she’d gotten it by giving the boss a blowjob.  People always just saw her beauty, not her brains.  Would it be so bad to take a different job?  One where she wasn’t so responsible?  One where no one would question how she got it because her beauty was part of it?

“You know Tanya, many people have second thoughts about becoming management, I myself had the same doubts before I took over this resort.”

“You… you did?”

“Of course I didn’t have your problems, I mean no one thought I’d given the previous owner a blowjob or anything, but still maybe I can share my experience with you.”

“Oh yes please… I’d love to hear it.”

“Well, I find that the hotter you are, the less likely you are to be happy being management.”

I watched her thoughts form, a little push here, a little push there took her right to where I wanted her.

She was hot, she’d always known it, never really tried to hide it.  And she was unhappy in her job, all the stress and work.

“You know, I think I have the perfect job for you Tanya.  I have another resort on the other side of the island and it needs a new receptionist.  Someone who can sit by the front doors, look hot and provide great service to the guests.”

Her mind was like putty now, so little resistance as I worked it over.

It sounded like a great job!  She could sit!  She was hot!  She could provide great service!

“How… how… do I apply?” she stagged out as her mind started to settle in to the pattern I wanted.

“Well, fist off, show me what you would do when a guest asked you for a blow job because he thought you were a hot little piece of ass?”

I watched only one path form in her mind as she dropped to her knees in front of me and undid my swim trunks with her fingers.  They fell to the sand just as her lips wrapped around my shaft and she drove it in to her throat.

Minutes later my cum covered her breasts as she looked up at me in her post orgasmic bliss.

“Well Tonya, that was quite some customer service you provided, you’ve got the job.” I said as her eyes sparkled.

“Oh thank you Sir, I won’t disappoint you!  I’ll provide the best customer service I can to all of the guests!”

“I know you will.” I replied, reaching down and taking her hand and bringing her to her feet.  We walked down the beach towards my private villa, my arm wrapped around her waist, my hand on her ass and my cum on her breasts and the only thought in her mind was how to be the best receptionist she could be and service all of the guests.

I smiled as we walked up the steps from the beach, perhaps I’d keep her for a few days, after all the old receptionist was being promoted to VIP service hostess, she could wait a few days to start her new job while I made sure Tanya was fully prepared for all of her guests requests.