Tina touched the weight bar and a tingle ran through her fingers, up her arms and down her spine right to her pussy.

‘God I love coming to the gym!’ she thought as her lips parted and her eyes closed as she savored the feeling for just a moment before lifting the bar off it’s perch and starting her reps.

She could hardly believe there was a time she that she hated exercise, when she would have rather have sat on the couch and “vegged” out in front of the TV.

She’d actually canceled her cable subscription last month, after all she hadn’t turned the damned thing on in almost 6 months before that!

Tina set the bar back down and let out a deep breath as she turned slightly to check herself out in the mirror.  She smiled and turned around, looking over her shoulder so she could get a view of her ass.

“Damn Tina, you’re ass is really coming along.” Tom, the gym owner, said as she looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror, he was checking out her ass as well.

“Thanks Tom!” she said as she turned around, set her hands on the bar, the familiar tingle returning as she stood up on her tippy toes and shoved her ass out as far as she could so Tom could get a proper look at it.

She felt his hands squeeze both of her ass cheeks, she closed her eyes once more as she bit her lower lip and moaned.

His hand rose for her ass for just a second before coming down and slapping it, sending pleasure reverberating through her body as her mouth opened and she gasped, “Oh fuck Tom that feels good!”

“Well Tina, I see your body is almost done, how’s that mind of yours coming along?”

“My… my mind?” she stuttered slightly, not sure what he was asking her but between the tingle still coursing through her from the bar and Tom’s hands still firmly on her ass, she was having a hard time thinking at all.

“Yes, I know you’ve come a long way, after all if I had been standing her slapping *slap* you’re *slap* ass *slap* when you first started you’d have been calling the cops on me.”

“Oh god! Don’t stop, keep slapping my fucking ass Tom!” the waves of pleasure cased her pussy to twitch each time his hand landed on her ass and she leaned over, setting her chin on the bar as well.

His hand slide down her ass, between her legs until his fingers found her soaping wet pussy.

“But now your pussy is so wet I think we’re going to have to do something about it.”

“Mmmmm…… yes Tom… play with my wet pussy…” she replied, her head rolling to the side as he cheek came to rest on the bar.  She hardly noticed Tom’s thumbs hooking over her shorts and pulling them down.

A moment later she felt something hard and long slide up against her pussy lips.

“Ahhhhh…. fucking yes…. mmmmmmm…” she said, rocking herself back and causing it to slide over her swollen pussy lips.

“So Tina are you ready for me to fuck you?”

“Yes Tom!  I’m so fucking ready!”

“What will you do to get me to fuck you?”

“Anything Tom!  Anything!” she cried out, her need overwhelming everything else.

“Will you call me Sir?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Will you quit your job and come work for me at the gym?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Will you be my personal little gym fuck bunny, eager to work out your body on my dick any time, any place?”

“Fuck yes Sir!  I’ll be your fuck bunny, any time, any where!” she cried out as she felt his dick slide in to her pussy and she dropped from her tippy toes to push it in deeper.

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Fuck your gym bunnies tight little pussy Sir!”

Tina rocked her hips back and forth as Tom hammered her pussy until she felt him start to cum and her own orgasm burst forth.

Tina held on to the bar for dear life as her orgasm subsided and she saw herself in the mirror, her flushed face glowing with happiness as Tom stood behind her.

“Thank you Sir.” she said as she looked at his reflection, his smile spread across his face as he pulled up his shorts.

“Enough lolly gagging Tina, pull up your pants and get to your next workout! *slap*” he said as his hand landed on her bare ass and her head popped up, her hands diving for her shorts.

“Yes Sir!  You won’t be disappointed with your new gym bunny, I promise!” she cried as she hurried over to the next machine and started her set, Tom’s cum still dripping from her pussy.