Jessi folded her arms across her chest and swung her hip out, “Look are you ready or not?” she asked sternly.

“Just about… just about honey…” I replied and fiddled with the controls once more as I watched her lips start to puff up slightly, “Ok, perfect!”

Jessi and I had a happy marrige, though she had always been upright, to say the least, about her body and sex in general.  Which was the complete opposite to me, not that I was a perfect specimen or anything, just that I accept what I looked like and how much I enjoyed sex… lots of sex… lots of kinky sex!

I had resigned myself to the fact that Jessi was never going to join me in liking sex, even basic missionary sex, as much but after a few disastrous attempts to introduce a few minor kinks in to the bedroom, I stopped trying.

That was at least until this little thing dropped in to my hands at work.  It was some super classified piece of tech from the government that they wanted me to reverse engineering, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that it wasn’t anything made by humans.

When I’d confronted them about it, they’d “read” me in to the project.  Apparently they’d recovered a crashed ship, no not Roswell, that really was just a weather balloon.

The ship was trashed, but there were a few smaller items that seemed to be intact, including whatever this thing was.

As the government was to do, they’d packed up most of it in long term storage until someone had finally gotten to it.  In this case, it was me.

I’d studied the thing for months, trying to figure out what it was, what it did, but it was an accident one day that gave me my breakthrough.

I’d been trying to pry the thing open, once more, when the pry bar slipped from my hand and gouged a chunk of skin from my other hand.  It wasn’t life threatening or anything, but a drop of blood hit the device and it suddenly came to life.

It took a few more weeks to figure out that it was a medical device of some kind and a few more months to realize it was basically a complete hospital in the palm of your hand.

But it was so much more than that, you could literately do just about anything with it, from altering DNA, to regrowing lost limbs, to physiological changes.

That’s when the idea had hit me, Jessi.

It wasn’t my proudest moment of course and I put it out of my mind immediately, or tried at least as it stayed at the back of my mind, nagging me, gnawing at me, until I’d finally snuck the device home.

It had taken a few days until I could find a sample of her blood to activate the device with, but a discarded tampon solved the problem and after that, well… power corrupts doesn’t it.

At first it was just losing her up a bit, maybe try a different position or even have sex more than once a month!

But it wasn’t long until it was more, blow jobs, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, soon we were having sex nightly.

The first time I’d brought in a pair of handcuffs she’d hesitate and I’d relented, at least for a bit until I used the device the next day.  That night she’d brought the handcuffs herself and slipped them on her own wrists.

“Stop playing with your dame toy and let’s go!” Jessie snapped and broke my trip down memory lane.

“Alright, alright… geez your eager tonight.” I said as I set the device down on the hall table and walked over to her, pulling her in tight and kissing her newly plump lips.

“Mmmm… you know I am, I mean my first visit to the club… I can’t wait to get more than one cock in me!”

I smiled and walked down the stair with her on my arm, “Just remember, you’re my slutty wife, I get first dibs on which hole I get.”

“Ugh!  Of course you do, don’t worry, you know you can fuck any hole you like!”

I moved my hand down her her ass and gave it a squeeze, “Damn right I can!”

I smiled as we walked out the front door, Jessi’s shiny latex outfit reflecting the street lights hard rays until she made it in to the car.

I’d found the club online, even gone to it a few times before getting the device, just to watch of course, but now it was going to be so much better that Jessi would be there and we were a happily married couple after all.