“Ok now, just pull your top up.” Kurt said and Tracy wasn’t sure if she should.

“But… but…” she started to say, her innocent face betrayed by the heavy makeup she wore.

“Look do you want the job or not?” he said and she wrinkled her forehead, did she want the job?

“It’s up to you of course, but your the one who said she needed it.”

She remembered saying it, her current job was a low paying sales clerk at the mall, but could she really work at a topless bar even if the money was a lot better?

“You could always just stay in your dead end job and live at home for the rest of your life…”

Tracy screwed up her confidence and pulled her top up over her breasts and over her head, finally tossing it on the couch behind him.

“There, was that so bad?” he asked.

Her nipples hardened as Kurt stared at her breasts, “Well… no… I guess not.” she replied.

Without a word he reached out and squeezed one of her breasts, “Hey!  What do you think your doing?” she asked but didn’t do anything to remove his hand from her breast.

“Well some of the customers are probably going to brush up against you, maybe even cop a little feel, you’d better be ready to handle them.”

“They will?  What.. what should I do?”

“Well first off your working for tips, so wipe that frown off your face, keep smiling and wait until they’re finished.  If it felt good, you might want to thank them.  Let’s try it.” Kurt said and removed his hand from her and then put it back on.

She smiled as best she could as pleasure pulsed from where he touched her and then when he removed his hand she looked him in the eye, “Thank you.”

He repeated the groping several times, each one feeling better and better, her thank you getting more and more passionate.

It wasn’t long before it wasn’t his hand on her breast, but his mouth on her nipple, his hand down her pants, his dick in her mouth and her pussy finally sliding down on to him as he leaned back on the couch.

She rode him hard, pleasure flowing through her body until she finally came hard and collapsed on top of him.

She snuggled down on to his chest and smiled, Kurt was such a good friend, helping her get a new job so she could afford to move out and be his room mate.

He’d even helped her with her phone a few weeks ago when it was giving her problems, installing a great new game.  She hadn’t been much of a gamer really, but she had to admit that this one was really addictive and she was soon playing any time she had a spare moment.

“You know Tracy, there’s an even better paying job than topless waitress if your interested?”

“There is?  What?”

“There’s a strip club right down the street, I know the manager and I’m sure I can get you on the schedule there if your interested?”

A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine and she moaned, “Really, you think so?” she asked as she slide her body down and between his legs.

“I’d be so grateful if you could…” she said, her eyes locked on to his as she slipped his soft dick between her lips and started to fellatio him.

“Oh I think you’re going to be a great stripper Tracy.  You’re going to be able to more than pay your share of the rent.”

‘God Kurt is such a nice guy, I bet he will even let me fuck him as often as I like once I move in!’ she thought as he started to stiffen in her mouth.

She couldn’t wait for him to take her to the strip club, maybe he’d let her give him a percentage of what she made, as a way to show him how grateful she really was.  

Would 20% be enough?  Maybe 30%?  Well she’d have to ask him later, she would be fine with whatever he decided.