Sandra tried to remove her hands from the foot board of the bed but they refused to move as she held her ass out and up kneeling on the mattress.

She looked down at the chain hanging between her brests as it touched the foot board and was casually draped through one of the three rings that adored it.

It wasn’t locked on, it wasn’t tied down, it should have been so easy to simply remove it from the loop and free herself.

But it might as well have been welded to the ring, her body refusing to move it from where he had placed it nearly half an hour ago.

She could still hear the shower running, a slip of steam coming in to the bedroom from around the bathroom door as she tried once more to move her body, to call out or do anything to extricate herself from her predicament.

Suddenly the sound of falling water came to a stop and a shiver ran through her body, he would soon step in the bedroom.  She closed her eyes and focused her entire being on moving the her hands to the ring and removing the chain from it.

She could almost feel them move every so slightly, the pressure of her palms against the wood seemingly relenting, only to be replaced by the sharp pain as he grabbed her hard nipples and twisted them.

Her eyes burst open as she gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her eyes meeting his and then in shame and humiliation her head sank down.

“Are you still trying to fight it?” he said, sounding mildly amused as he placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head back upright.

“Y… y… yes.” she managed to get out before his lips met hers and his tongue invated her mouth.

“That’s so adorable… what was your name again?”

“S… Sandra.” he stammered as his fingers lowered and took hold of the chain near the collar it was attached to.

“Ah yes, that’s right Sandra.” he replied and pulled the chain lower and lower until she was forced to move backwards and lay down on the bed, her chin almost touching the foot board her hands had only recently vacated.

She stared straight ahead at his dick, freshly cleaned in the shower, it still glistened slightly from the warm water.

“Well Sandra, you just keep right on fighting.  I don’t mind at all, it’s so much more interesting watching your mind become overwhelmed with the pleasure when you do.”

She felt his dick press up against her lips and waves of pleasure coursed through her, she’d never felt anything like it and as he pushed deeper in to her it only became more and more intense.

Her mind tried to push it out but her body kept assaulting her, forcing her to recognize the pleasure with each thrust he took.

As she tasted his cum flow in to her mouth, her orgasm flowed through her body as well and her body finally overwhelmed her mind, the pleasure crashing in to her brain like a wrecking ball, demolishing the last of her defenses.

She managed to tilt her head up, after he had removed his dick, and look in to his eyes, a broad smile across her face.  She knew she’d do anything he asked now, not that she could have denied him before, the difference now was that she would never fight him again.