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Laurel and Loraine walked confidently arm in arm as the approached the mansion, the twin sister’s power radiating from around them even if it was unseen by the mere human that held the door open for them.

“Welcome my ladies, Lord Dunthy welcomes you to his home.” the elderly man said but neither of the sisters answered.

Instead they walked by him, through the door and right to the study where they could sense his power.  They both had speculated on why he had requested their presence, he was a powerful warlock just as they were powerful witches and such beings seldom interacted with each other.

“Dunthy…” Laurel said and her sister finished the sentence, “…what do you want?”

Lord Dunthy looked up from the book he was reading and smiled.

“Ah, Laurel, Loraine, thank you for coming.  My apologies for being cryptic in my message, but some things are best left to be spoken of in person.”

The hair on the pack of Loraine’s neck stood up, “I don’t like it Laurel, something seems off.” she said before looking at him and squinting, “And no tricks from you Dunthy, the two of us are far stronger than you.”

The two sisters were unique in the realm of magic, even if they were identical in physical appearence.  Their power could be combined, making them far stronger than they were alone.

“Of course, of course.  I am well aware of your powers.” he replied before reaching down to the desk and taking two objects from it, one in each hand.

“Tell me… what do you make of these?” he said and gently tossed them over to them.

The sisters each grabbed one of the metal rings in their gloved hands and held it up in front of them.

“A simple enchantment of some kind…” Laurel said, “…though, strange in some way…” Loraine finished as they both focused in on the rings.

They both started to probe the magic of the rings with their own power until suddenly the rings both burst to life with a blinding flash of white light.

Each of the sisters blinked as the rings jumped from their fingers and wrapped around their necks, expanding, tightening until neither could breath and darkness consumed them.