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Laurel and Loraine slowly came to, but their vision was still filled with blackness as they could felt themselves tightly restrained.

They could feel each of their aura’s beside each other and so they reached out with their power to escape whatever trap Dunthy had sprung on them, but instead of their bonds evaporating the power seemed to swirl around their necks for a moment before being drawn away from above them.

A sudden wave of nausea and confusion washed over them, “Ah, I see you have come around.” Dunthy said as the sisters tried to focus on from which direction it came.

“My apologies once more, I’m afraid I have had to take some liberties as I am sure you would not have agreed to help me with my plan.”

“Mmmmmpphhhmmm!” they both tried to cry out through whatever was wedged between their teeth.

“Ah, yes, well my plan is quite simple really.  I intend to create a philosophers stone.”

A sudden chill ran down their spines, the philosophers stone granted the bearer immortality, but they were nearly impossible to create and the cost to those that tried was the ability to wield magic.

It took an exceptionally strong mage or witch to even attempt it and few accepted the cost.

“I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, the cost is too great.  That’s why you’re here.  I’ve found a way use your unique gifts to channel my magic through you and create one with no risk to myself.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about yourselves.” he said and suddenly the sisters felt his magic reach out and enter them.

Without wanting to their own magic came to life and once more the nausea and confusion returned as all three magic’s rose up through them to whatever was above.

Soon the nausea waned but the confusion remained as they could feel their magic slowly ebbing but at the same time Dunthy’s increasing.

As they felt their powers leaving them a strange sensation seemed to fill the void that it left as their bodies started to tingle.