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Loraine slid her fingers under the hem of Laurel’s dress and tugged it up slightly as she leaned in and kissed her sister full on the lips, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

A few minutes later they broke their kiss and turned their heads, pressing their cheeks together and opening their mouths in to almost perfect circles.

“Please Master, LoLa wishes to serve you.” they said in unison as Lord Dunthy’s gazed rose from the philosiphers stone that he held in his hand.

He smiled and motioned the pair over to him and they let out a giggle as they strutted across the room.

He’d been surprised, to say the least, when he’d removed them from the bindings that had allowed him to create the stone.  He had expected them to be spent, mere humans, which they were, but they had changed as well.

Their dull brown hair had been replaced with long blonde locks, their breasts had swollen, their lips plumped and more surprising than anything else, their minds had been reduced to little more than empty vessels waiting to be filled.

And so he had filled them, with thoughts of servitude and pleasure.

They had taken to it well.

Now, as they fell to their knees and wrapped their lips around his hardening shaft, he wondered if the philosophers stone or LoLa was the real treasure he had created that day.

Fortunately, he had no need to find out since he now possessed both.