“Like heya neighbor!” Jill giggled as she stroked her dark hair and thrust her pelvis out at Gary and looked down at the dull reflection of the overcast sky on her otherwise shiny dress.

“*giggle* Look at what I got Gary!” Jessica said and held up the bottle of champaign.

For his part, Gary looked up from the book he was reading on his sun cot by the pool and saw his two neighbors decked out in what he could only assume was their best club wear.  They had moved in to the house next door at the start of the school year, just another pair in a long line of students that had called the place home while they attended classes.

Gary raised an eye brow before replying, “And what are we celebrating girls?” he asked with a smile.

By this time the two women had reached the fence and were now draped half way over it, Jill’s arm wrapped around Jessica’s waist as the two of them beamed thousand watt smiles in his direction.

When they’d first moved in they hadn’t wanted anything to do with him, right up until they’d realized he had a large pool they could work on their tans by.  Once they had figured that out, they’d put up with his leering gaze even if he was twice their age.  

Not that they seemed to need to tan, they always wore conservative outfits and never showed off any skin that he could tell.  He’d asked them one day about it and they’d both told him they did it only for themselves, not for any man.

“*giggle* Like, we both totally finished that game you gave us!” Jill said and Jessica nodded along with a giggle as well.

“So we thought we’d come over and, like, celebrate!” Jessica said, holding the bottle up between the two of them and before she even finished the sentence, Jill had leaned in and placed her lips on the base of the bottle, moving up towards the cork.

Not to be out done, Jessica followed suit as Gary stood up and walked over to them.  He gripped one of their breasts in each of his hands and squeezed them firmly, eliciting a moan from each as they stopped caressing the bottle with their lips and started to turn towards him.

“Don’t stop girls, you’re doing great so far.” he said and they both returned their attention to the bottle.

It was Jessica who was the first to all the way to the top and wrap her lips around the cork and slowly lower herself on to it.

Jill pouted, knowing Jessica had out maneuvered her this time, but her eyes lit up after a moment, “Like, will you pop a cork for us Gary?” she said with her eyes as wide as she could manage in her most breathy voice as her chest rose and fell in an exaggerated fashion.

“Oh, I think I can do that for you, why don’t you come around here.” he replied and Jessica quickly pulled herself from the bottle as she tried to keep up with Jill as they headed to the gate.

“I think I have just what we need in the kitchen.” Gary said as he wrapped his arms around their waists and guided them in to the house.

Moments later his pants were down around his ankles, Jill’s mouth wrapped around his tip having learned her lesson and going straight for it.  Jessica had been left to suck on his balls, but as they both looked up at him, the gleam of joy from their faces left no doubt they were both enjoying themselves.

Gary reached down and stroked the sides of each of their heads and smiled, when they had moved in they had both been stuck up women’s studies majors, sure they would shatter the glass ceilings and change the world.

He’d keep them around to the end of the school year, when he was sure they would flunk out.  After that he was sure they’d make good strippers or escorts or trophy wives, depending upon what was in demand from his clients at that point.

Then, next year a new group of students would move in to the house and he’d have a whole new batch of product to sell to his clients.