“So you see Robert, there’s nothing left to discuss, my company is not for sale.” Helen said as she raised her wine class to her lips and took a sip.  If he’d been able to see her cold hard stare from behind her reflective glasses she was sure he wouldn’t have pursed the subject.

“Are you sure Helen, I mean your shareholders aren’t very happy with your performance over these last six months or so.”

She set her wine glass down and waved his off with a *pphft*, “They only care about the numbers, not how I spend my free time, and the company is in better financial shape then ever before.” she replied as she looked down to see a small drop of red wine tracing it’s way along the firm round shape of her breast that was exposed by her almost completely open top.

A smile crossed her lips thinking back, the shareholders and board had no business kicking up a stink just because she’d decided to spend some time working on her personal health, it wasn’t like the company had suffered because of it.

Sure they had been some odd looks from the staff when she’d come in to the office after her “vacation”, her new wardrobe accentuated her new curves and her new makeup enhanced her natural beauty.  But she was due the time off, it had after all been over three years since her last vacation and so if she decided to get some work done, what business was it of the staff or the shareholders?

And it wasn’t like her increased gym time was cutting in to her working hours, she was still at the office before everyone else and didn’t leave until she was the last one there.  Sure it made it harder to fit in two trips to the gym each day, but that just meant she had to get up earlier and go to bed right after her night visits.

“That’s true Helen, your numbers are better than ever, it’s why we’ve increased our offer yet again.”

Helen rolled her eyes behind her glasses as a slight breeze below in to her blouse and her nipples hardened instantly.

“You’ve been asking for over a year and I’ve been telling you the same thing every time; no, no, no.” she said with a huff.

“That’s true, but… hang on a sec…” Robert said as he pulled his phone from his pocket and a series of familiar chimes came from it.  Unlike previous times though, this time they sent a chill down Helen’s spine as she sat bolt upright and gasped as her eyes rolled back in her head and a small orgasm crashed over her.

“Status report.” Robert said.

“This unit is fully functional and ready to receive commands.” Helen’s voice said.

“Physical status?”

“This unit has been upgraded as per specifications; increased physical fitness, upgraded secondary sexual characteristics and overall increased sensitivity.”

“Very good.  Run compliance program and return to normal operations.”

“As you command.”

Helen blinked several times as her body relax and a strange feeling washed over her, “What… what were we talking about Robert?” she muttered as she squinted and tried to remember.

“You were telling me about how you wanted to sell your company to me.” he said in a confident voice.

“Yes.. yes of course, I’m more than ready to do so just as soon as you draw up the papers.” she said as she found her voice once more.

“I’m so glad to hear that.” he said reaching down in to his case and pulling out a large stack of papers and setting them in front of her.

“I’m sure your lawyers will want to review them, they’ll find everything in order.”

“I’m sure they will.  I just want to thank you once more Robert, this is a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I’m just no longer interested in running the company any more and this will give me time to pursue my real interests.”

“Of course Helen, I’m glad I could help.  If you don’t mind me asking, what will you be doing afterwards?”

Helen smiled broadly, “Well I’m sure you noticed some… improvements… in my appearance over the last few months.” she said while cupping her breasts and giving them a little lift.

Robert nodded and she continued, “I’ve come to realize that what I really want is to be a good trophy wife, an object to adorn his arm and an unadulterated sex kitten in his bed.” she said taking another sip of wine.

“A very respectable goal Helen.  And I can see you have taken it seriously, you seem well on your way.  By the way, did I mention I recently divorced my wife?”

Helen reached up and pulled her glasses from her face, leaning forward to rest her elbows on the table and push her breasts forward as a small smirk crossed her lips, “Why Robert, no you didn’t… naughty boy.  And here I thought you were just going to buy my company…”

Robert stood up and extended his hand, Helen placed hers in it and stood up as he placed his arm around her waist and she retrieved her bag with the papers in it.

“I just happen to have a room upstairs in the hotel, I think it would only be prudent to review the assets before I make an offer, don’t you Helen?”

“Why of course Robert, I’m sure you’ll find I have invested wisely and if there are any additional investments to be made I’m sure we can come to an agreement.”

“Yes, yes I’m sure we can.” Robert said and slipped his phone back in to his jacket pocket before sliding his other hand down and on to Helen’s firm ass and giving it a squeeze.