Lea snapped the selfie as she held the hair and sent it along with a message, “Is this light enough?”

As she waited for the response her hand slipped underneath her lingerie and found her hard nipple to play with.

When the response came it she giggled with delight, “Getting there slut.”

She pouted as she sent the response, “Ok, I’ll do better next time, I promise!”

She headed out to her bedroom and laid down on the bed as she activated the web cam for her next show.

It had been a wild few months, having met her boyfriend Kevin, moved in with him, quit her job, gotten breast implants and moved out again.

Oh, he was still her boyfriend, well kind of at least.  It was complicated, at least for her simple mind.

When she’d first met him, she’d fallen head over heals so quickly that her friends had been concerned.  But it wasn’t long before Kevin had explained how jealous they were and she didn’t need them anyway.

He’d explained so many things to her, like how she didn’t really need to think about anything but clothes and makeup, or how under sexed she was.  It had taken a bit more explaining for her to understand how small her breasts were and a lot more explaining about how being a cam model was so much better than her job in the IT department.

But he’d been patient with her and helped her through it each time.  Until he’d finally explained that she need to move out of his place for a while so she could focus on being the perfect girlfriend for him.

Of course he’d explained exactly what that meant as well, how she had to be a platinum blonde bimbo fuck doll before she’d be ready to move back in with him.

And so that’s what she was working on, she’d lightened her hair yet again this week and she had an appointment with her plastic surgeon next week and she was using her gym membership all the time.

She hoped that in another few months she’d be ready, but in the mean time she loved doing the cam shows and Kevin always made sure to send her enough money from them to buy the cutest outfits.