“Like, congra… congrat… congratulations Mommy!” Lizzy said and held her glass of champaign up to her step-mother’s glass and the clinked before they both leaned in and kissed, their tongues probing each others mouths until they both opened their eyes and looked over at Ron.

Lizzy giggled and Stephi did too as they both blushed as their pussies moistened.

“So, like Daddy, are you gonna knock up Mommy tonight?” Lizzy asked, she knew it was traditional for newlyweds to consummate their vows on their wedding night and she couldn’t help but be jealous.

It had been such a weird few months, her step-mother had married her father when she was very young, only 5 years old, when her biological mother had died in a car accident.  Then, just last year, her father had passed away.  He’d married her mother when she was in her early twenties, but he’d been almost 60!

He’d remarried shortly afterwards to Stephanie, who had again been much younger than him, but they had raised her well.  Showering her with everything she could want and sending her to the best schools.  After all her father could afford it, he came from old money.

But then Ron appeared in their lives.  At first Lizzy really didn’t like him, her step-mother seemed to act so strangely around him.  Always hanging on to his arm, giggling and acting like some air headed teenager in love.  And then one day, out of the blue, she announce they were getting married.

Lizzy had been furious!  She’d stomped her foot, pouted and ran to her room where she sulked for 2 entire days.

It had only hit her how strange that was on the third day when she realized that she was a grown woman, a lawyer none the less, and her step-mother had every right to marry Ron if that’s what she wanted.

Lizzy had thrown herself in to the wedding planning, spending every waking moment with her step-mother, making sure everything was just perfect.

At the same time, Ron had moved in to the house as well and Lizzy had found it harder and harder not to stare longingly at him.  Oh sure, she had thought he was a disgusting pig at first, but the more time he was around, the more she found herself being jealous of her step-mother.

It was just two weeks ago that her step-mother had finally confronted Lizzy about it.  Lizzy had broken down and confessed everything, how wet Ron made her pussy, how she dreamed of him each night, how she masturbated to the thought of him fucking her or her step-mother or both of them at once.

Stephi had just giggled and placed a firm kiss on Lizzy’s lips and before she knew it she was on her knees lapping at her step-mother’s pussy.  Stephi’s orgasm had trigger Lizzy’s own and the two women had snuggled together naked in the after glow until Ron had walked in on them.

Lizzy had almost had a second orgasm right then and there, the mixture of humiliation, lust and shame was just too much.

Ron had wasted no time though and before she knew it, he’d grabbed Stephi’s legs, pulled her half way down the bed and flipped her over so her ass was in the air and her face was buried between Lizzy’s legs.

It wasn’t long until Lizzy’s first orgasm crested as Ron pounded away on her step-mother’s pussy, and then another and another and another followed.

After that the three of them slept together each night as Ron fucked her step-mother and Lizzy did everything she could to make sure all three of them came at the same time.

Lizzy let out a giggle as Ron smiled from across the limo, “Well Lizzy, now that you mention it, your mother and I wanted to talk to you about that…”, he said.

“Like, Daddy, I already totally know about the birds and the bees… duh!” she said, rolling her eyes as her step-mother’s hand slipped under Lizzy’s skirt, her fingers finding her moist lips eagerly awaiting them.

“No, no Lizzy, that’s not it at all.  No, we were talking the other night and we think Stephi might be a little old to have children.  You know pregnancies in older women can be dangerous, so we thought you might be able to help out…”

Lizzy moaned as her step-mother’s fingers carressed her lips, “Like… like, how could I help Daddy?” Lizzy replied, her mind trying to focus through the pleasure that was coming from between her legs.

“Well, Stephi though you might be a surrogate for her, you know, carry a child to term for her.”

“Oh god Mommy, yes, right there!” Lizzy cried out as her step-mother’s finges slide between the wet folds of her pussy.

“You can do that for Mommy can’t you Lizzy?  Carry a baby for me?” Stephi asked as she leaned in and kissed her again.

Lizzy broke the kiss and gasped, “Yes Mommy, Daddy, I’ll do it!  I’ll do it!”

“Oh that’s so sweet of you honey… I can’t wait for Ron to pound a baby in to this tight little cunny of yours!” her step-mother said as she slide her fingers in and out of Lizzy’s pussy.

“Like… Daddy’s gonna… fuck me?” Lizzy said, her brow scrunched as something in the back of her mind tried to claw it’s way to the front.

“That’s right Lizzy, Daddy’s going to fuck a baby right into you.  Isn’t that what you told Mommy you wanted?  For Daddy’s big fat cock to pound your tight little pussy?  Isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming of?” Ron asked.

Lizzy’s head swam from her step-mother’s finges, the memories of all of her dreams flooding back in to her mind, the scent of sex filling the limo until her face relaxed and yet another orgasm washed over her.

“Yes Daddy!  Yes!  Lizzy totally wants Daddy to put a baby in her!” she cried out as she slide down the slippery seat of the limo and spasmed on the floor at Ron’s feet.

Ron looked down at Elizabeth and his smile, already impossibly wide, grew even wider.  He’d been hired to “take care” of a business problem his employer had been having with Stephanie.  A simple matter of needing her to vote at an upcoming board meeting of one of the companies she, or more correctly, her former husband had held considerable stocks in.

Stephanie had been resistant to his employers usual methods of persuasion and had reached out to him through a mutual friend.

He would have normally taken Stephanie for a weekend of intensive drug therapy and brainwashing, but after doing the requisite research, he’d found she was immune to his usual cocktail of drugs.

Fortunately, he had alternatives.  And while they took longer and required a more… direct… involvement, they were none the less, effective.

And honestly, he was growing tired of the life, sure it paid well, but it wasn’t money he could flaunt as there would be too many questions.  And so he had decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Finish one last job and get a nice cushy retirement plan at the same time.

He hadn’t counted on Elizabeth, she’d been suspicious of him right from the get-go and after a while he’d had to bring her in to the plan as well.

Though that seemed to have worked out better than he’d expected, so who was he to complain?