Kelly grabbed her shoe and stretch her calf as she re-seated her headphone in her ear, over the last few months her early morning runs had become a welcome respite from her hectic days.

It was so strange too, she’d never thought of her days as hectic in the past, sure she was busy, but she had always been in control, determined, focused on what was needed to be done.  But that had slowly changed after she’d been introduced to Tom.

As a rising star at the company, she was in line to become the youngest VP in company history, but she’d found one stumbling block that she’d never anticipated.  As much as the old boys club tried to keep her out, even the other women in the company frowned when she routinely showed up at company social functions solo.

It didn’t help that at such functions she tended to have to beat off the men with a stick.  She had to admit that she’d let herself go a little bit, focused on her career as she was, but even so she was head and shoulders above the other options the old boys club had on offer.

And so, just as she had with her rise to the top, she set her mind on finding someone to take with her.  Someone who was beneath her status, someone to look good and smile nice… arm candy for her.

She’d gone through a few of them, finding only boys that wanted to dominate, so when one of her underlings suggest a blind date she’d agreed more out of resignation than anything else.

Tom turned out to be different than the others, a little older, a little wiser, a little more round around the middle… in fact he wasn’t at all what she had been looking for.  But he did speak well and had been a hit at the first function she’d taken him to, so she’d thought he might do for the time being.

On their second date they’d gone to a fancy restaurant and a clumsy waiter had spilled her wine all over her phone, the screen had flickered once or twice before going dark and she’d nearly taken the waiter’s head off as she screamed at him.

Tom had been a gentleman though and tried to calm her down, he’d just been out to the phone store before he arrived and had a brand new phone still in the box.

Kelly had smiled and gratefully accepted the gift as she’d swapped out her SIM card and gotten connected once more to the company e-mail system.

If she was honest, she hadn’t been very good company that night as she had pretty much ignored Tom and focused on setting up her new phone.  But he took it in stride and she had to admit it was a quality she liked in him.

It was only maybe a week later that her headaches had started, mid day, deep in concentration on work, a sharp pain would shoot through her temples.  She’d have to stop and take a break, wasting perfectly good working hours doing nothing until the pain receded.  She’d mentioned it to Tom one night, she had seen him a few more times since the incident with the phone and each time her smile seemed to grow wider when she saw him.

Tom had nodded seriously and suggested that maybe she needed to get some physical exercise, he’d heard that it often helped with concentration.  Something seemed… off.. about the suggestion to her, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  Instead she’d nodded and said she’d think about it.

A few days later she had gotten up earlier than normal and put on a new pair of running shoes and went for a short jog.  She had heard about a runners high, but as she listened to music from her phone, the feeling was so much better than she had ever thought possible.

Unfortunately it didn’t seemed to help with her concentration at work, as the headaches became more frequent and painful.

In fact with her work deteriorating along with other in the company continually trying to stab her in the back, her life had quickly become miserable as her professional reputation spiraled out of control.

There were only two things that she looked forward to, her morning jog and her evening time with Tom.  And her evenings with Tom seemed to have become more and more enjoyable each time as something tingled in the back of her mind and ran down her spine right to her pussy.

By the third week of dating Tom, it had surprised her when she had first thought of herself “dating” him, she hadn’t been able to keep her hands off of him and she’d given him a blow job while they were watching TV.

She had always hated giving blowjobs, the taste being the worst part, but when his cum flowed in to her mouth she found herself instinctively swallowing it and an orgasm blossomed throughout her body.

The next times they got together had gone pretty much the same way, until Tom had suggested that it might be easier for her to get down on her knees to give him the blowjob instead of leaning over his lap.

Before she really realized what was happening, she found herself going over to Tom’s place each night, kneeling down between his legs and sucking him off as he watched the news or sports of whatever else he wanted to.

He had taken to placing his hands on her head, guiding her pace, extending it out longer and longer until she spent hours between his legs, desperate to get her own reward.  Eventually he released in to her mouth and her orgasm shook her body.  Afterwards she’d stay there between his legs, his softening shaft laying across her face as her vacant smile crossed her lips.

By that point she had been spending her nights at Tom’s place, after all by the time she finished it was late and there was no point going all the way back to her place.  And besides, sleeping in Tom’s bed meant that she got to give him a good morning blowjob too!

Then came the day that she had known was inevitable, her work was a mess, she’d bombed the last three presentations to the CEO that she’d tried to give and she had finally been fired.

She’d rushed right over to Tom’s place in tears, sobbing about how she didn’t know what she was going to do, but Tom seemed to not be listening as he guided her in to the living room.  He positioned her right in front of the couch, pushed down gently on her shoulders as she dropped to her knees and then sat in front of her, a smile across his face.

“T… T… Tom… I… I…” she stuttered as something in the back of her mind told her she should get up and leave.

But before she could act on it, Tom fished his dick from his pants, grabbed her hair and pulled her forward.  Without a thought she wrapped her lips around his shaft and let him guide her up and down.

“That’s right Kelly, not a thought in that pretty little head of yours.  So much easier to just get on your knees and suck, isn’t that right?”

Her empty eyes looked up at Tom as her head nodded every so slightly as she bobbed up and down.

Finally he burst forth in to her mouth and Kelly’s orgasm consumed her as she swallowed every last drop.

The ringing of Kelly’s phone interrupted her jog as she slowed down and answered it, “Hello?”

“Hi Kelly, this is Dr. Kendal’s office returning your call.  You left a message that your interested in breast augmentation?”

“Oh yes ma’am!  Very interested!”

“Alright, we’ll I can fit you in early next week for a consult if that works for you?”

“Oh yes ma’am, that would be perfect!”

“Great, I’ll e-mail you the details.  And have a great day Kelly.”

“Thank you, you too!”

Kelly let out a deep breath as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine, she couldn’t wait to get her tits done for Tom!

After all he’d just accepted the VP position at her old company and she had to be the perfect arm candy for him at all those social functions he was expected to go to.