Defeating the amazonian princess had never really been part of the plan, just distract her enough to get the job done in the city and get out.

Of course with heroes you can never tell how things are going to go and it took several attempts before we saw any effect of the device our employer had provided to us.  He’d explained it in terms we could understand, after all we are just henchmen, a simple beam that would cause her to become “distracted” by something close by.  

The first time we’d used it she’d been distracted by a discarded weapon, she’d picked it up, turned it over a few times and then tossed it away, resuming her assault on us in mere seconds.

The second time it had been her own lasso, it had lasted long enough for us to avoid the fight almost entirely.

The third time it was the leather jacket of the henchman she had been holding in her fist.  That was when we noticed the powerful effect it had on her.  The henchman had slipped out of his jacket and run away, but I watched her stroke the jacket, fondle it, hold it to her cheek, for almost twenty minutes before she finally blinked several times and realize no one else was left.

The next time we all wore leather jackets and waited for the opportunity to fire the device.  It was even more effective this time with her recovery taking over 30 minutes.

Our employer was now sure that the device would provide us the distraction we needed and ordered us to hit the laboratory where the supplies he wanted were held.

Right on cue the princess showed up, taking one of us in her hands, but something was a little different.  As soon as her fingers touched his leather jacket her face seemed to soften and she hesitated to throw him across the room.

Wasting no time I fired the device and the rest of her demeanor shift as she gasped and her face flushed.  As the jacket kept her enthralled began to notice other changes, her uniform was different, gone was the strips of metal that made up her insignia, replaced with dyed leather straps.  In face, her entire outfit was now made of leather, not nearly as practical as her old one, but even as she held the henchman’s jacket I watched her free hand run up and down her own leather outfit.

I smiled wolfishly as the rest of the crew loaded up the chemicals, “Hey, give me a hand over here…” I called out to one of the crew.

“No way man, are you nuts, leave the hero and let’s go!” he called back, but the idea had already formed in my mind and I was finding it hard to let it go.

“Just get over here!” I shouted back but he just nodded his head and hopped up in to the truck.

“Hey, are you coming or what?” another member of the crew shouted from the drivers seat.

“Nah, get out of here, I’ve got something else to do.”

“Man, screwing with hero’s never turns out good, but it’s your funeral…” the driver called back and gunned the gas as he sped away.

I looked around the parking lot and found a mini-van, broke in to it and jimmyed the ignition, pulling it around to the distracted hero.

Opening the side door I guided the princess in to the van where she countinue to fondle the jacket and herself as I pulled out of the parking lot.

By the third time I’d fired the device, she was dry humping the jacket in her hands and we’d made it back to my safe house, a little spot just outside of the city that no one knew about.

It had only been a few hours under the influence of the device but I could see it in her eyes already, a need I’d seen may times before on the street, addiction.

Whether it had already been there and controlled by the iron will of the princess or the device had instilled it somehow I doubted I’d ever know, but the signs were unmistakable.

I had spent the next day or firing the device when needed, each time the effect taking longer and longer to wear off.

The final time had lasted almost 6 hours and near the end I’d strapped her in to a chair and let the effect wear off completely.

She’d struggled of course when they had, but like all amazonian’s, her super strength left her when bound.

“Let me go or by Hera I’ll…”

“You’ll what?  Continue to yell at me?”

She pulled at her bonds as her eyes smoldered at me.

“That’s what I thought.  I’m not going to let you go, but perhaps there’s something else I can give you that you want…” I replied and held out a strap of leather I’d cut from the jacket.

Her eyes widened and her cheaks flushed.

“Get.. get that.. get that away from me!” she almost cried out.

“I’ll tell you what, just tell me not to press this against you cheek and I’ll let you go.”

“I… I…. No… I…” she stuttered as her eyes darted to and from the strap as I approached and held it up just an inch or two from her face.

I watched her nostrials flare and her pupils dilated as the scent of the leather reached her.  Her head tilted forward as she brushed up against the strap.

“Oh goddess…” she swooned as I held it against her cheek as I stepped around behind her.  I pulled the strap between my fingers under they were at the ends and then wrapped it around her head, getting it between her teeth and using it as a gag.

I tied it firmly and then set off the device once more.  Her whole body had shaken and I think she might have even orgasmed, but a few hours later when I’d taken the strap from between her lips all she could do was beg me to put it back, the effects of the device still holding her strongly in it’s grip.

It had taken nearly a week to break her completely, a mixture of simple denial under the influence of the device and reward when she came out of it quickly broken down an resistance she had left.  After that it had been a simple task to rebuild her in to something more… useful.

“Didi?” I said.

“Yes Sir?” she replied, thrusting her chest out as her hands touched her leather skirt and I could see the sparkle in her eye from it.

“Would you please get our guest a coffee?”

“Of course Sir, right away Sir!” she replied and wiggled her way out of the meeting room and in to the kitchen.

The guest, a potential client, simply ignored Didi and scowled at me, “I don’t see why I should pay a simple henchman such exorbitant rates… when we last spoke your rates were a tenth of what your asking now…” he said.

“That’s true, but things are different now.  I can provide a significantly enhanced service.  Faster turn around times, no need to worry about hero’s getting in the way, a guarantee of success.”

The client raised an eye brow as Didi stepped back in to the room, her high heels clicking against the floor until she came to a stop beside him and handed him his coffee.

“And how would you do that?” the client asked.

I smiled and turned to Didi, “Didi, would you provide a little demonstration?”

“Of course Sir.” she smiled and reached down behind the chair the client was sitting in, a small moan escaping her lips as she brushed up against the leather back of it, to retreive a long peice of re-bar.

A smile on her face, she twisted it in to a pretzel and held it out for the client to inspect.

“Didi has recently joined my crew.  I’m sure you have seen her recent… disappearance… in the papers?”

The client took a longer look at Didi and his eyes nearly popped from his head when recognition set in.

“Oh, yes, now I see.” he managed to get himself composed before replying.

“So as you can imagine, my rates are quite reasonable given the… skills… I bring to the table.”

“Oh yes, yes, very reasonable.  I’ll provide you the details of the job shortly, I look forward to doing business with you.” the client said, standing up and extending his hand.

I shook it in return, “I as well.  You’ll understand though if I ask you to keep my new employee confidential of course?”

“Of course, yes, I completely understand.”

“Perfect, Didi, would you see our guest out?”

“Oh yes Sir.” she replied, threading an arm though his and walking him to the door.

I smiled at the thought of the payday soon to come in to my bank account, with a few more like it I could retire lavishly.

Of course I’d have to decide what to do with Didi, but that was a ways off and it really didn’t matter, I could keep her or sell her off to one of my old crew to continue making use of her, either way had it’s advantages.