Jenn pumped hard on the peddles of the stationary bike as she exhaled hard, god she loved this gym.

Especially so early in the morning when no one else was around.  She’d been coming her for the last couple of years, on and off, mostly because it was in the building next door.  These last few months since the new management had taken over had really changed her view of the place though.

Before it was full of jocks and meatheads that hit on any woman that dared come in to the place, after spending some time body shaming them of course.  It’s why she had such a bad track record of coming.  But the new owners had a zero tolerance policy on harassment and soon afterwards all the bad apples had left.

Then the new owners had upgraded all the equipment, even installing new 4k monitors throughout the gym which played loops of nature video’s and soothing music.

They’d even taken over more space and opened up a health food and workout clothing shop.

Of course to get to the really good stuff you had to be a VIP member of the gym like her, that’s where she’d gotten the best pair of workout pants she’d ever owned that she was wearing even now as her routine came to and end and she started to slow down her spinning.

Just as she was about to step off the cycle she felt Jim’s hands grab her ass and squeeze, she let out a moan as she threw her head back and turned to see him, “God Jim, really?  You have to inspect it after each workout?” she asked of her complimentary personal trainer.

“You know I take my job seriously Jenn, now take the position.”

“Fine!” she said with a huff and stepped off the peddles, spreading her legs, pushing her ass out and leaning forward until her breast bone rested on the handlebars of the bike.

Jim walked around her once, slightly correcting her pose here and there, pushing her chin up, her legs slighly wider apart, her back a little lower, until her returned his hands to her ass.

His hand came down hard on one side and then the other and she almost orgasmed right then and there but instead words flowed from between her lips, “Thank you!  The gym is my life!  I server the gym!  I owe my body to the gym!”

Then the orgasm crashed over her as Jim landed both hands on her ass at once and the sound echoed through the gym.

Jenn felt Jim’s fingers under her chin as he tilted her hed upwards and she gazed in to his eyes, a broad smile across her face as the pleasure still permeated her every fiber.

“Yep, your finally ready now Jenn.  There will be a group of guys coming in shortly, make sure to let each and every one of them use that ass of yours for as long as they like, alirght?  After all it’s just another piece of equipment in the gym, isn’t it?”

“Yes Jim, my ass is another piece of gym equipment, the customers may use it any way they like.” she replied in a dreamy sing song voice as her eyes rolled back in her head and Jim let it fall forwards again.

Jim smiled and gave her ass another slap as he walked by towards his office.  This was the third peice of new equipment he’d been able to acquire this week, his investment in the gym was finally starting to pay off.