“Ummmm, like, are you sure we can close the umbrella Bri?” Cheri asked as the two friends walked down the cobble stone street.

“Don’t we, like need it to, like, protect us or something?” she asked, her forehead furrowed in concern about something she couldn’t quite grasp.

“Like, duh… it’s totally sunny out Cheri!” her friend replied in a bubbly voice as their heels clicked against the stone.

“You’re such a bimbo Cheri!” her friend said but Cheri wasn’t so sure as she looked at the reflective material coating the underside of the umbrella.

Cheri looked at her blond friend and frowned, was she always blonde?  And were her tits always so big?

Cheri looked up in to the sky and let the warm sunlight warm her face as her frown turned in to a smile and a giggle escaped her lips as the umbrella slipped from her hand and clattered to the street.

“Oh my god Bri, you’re so right!  I’m such a bimbo and so are you!” she cried out between giggles as Bri broke down in to fits of giggles as well.

The two of them leaned on each other for support as their tits rubbed up against each other only to find their lips following suit.

Neither paid attention to the air raid siren in the background of the loud speakers belching out the warnings all around them.

“All women must stay inside unless they have appropriate protection.  The energy coming from the alien satellites is having a profound effect on any unprotected women, which include reduced IQ, weight loss, secondary sexual organ enhancement, increased libido and reduced inhibitions along with many others.  If you think your being effected or know someone who is, please call the emergency hotline.  Do not try and proivde aid to effected individuals as there have been some reported cases of men being unable to control themselves when in the precense of the affected.”