Kelsey sat at the table and sipped her tea, her dark suit, short black hair and glasses presenting the model of the fast rising corporate star that she was.  After all it wasn’t the fact that she’d inhereted controlling interest in the company that was the propellant of her rise through the ranks, it was her sheer determination.

She turned toward the entrance to see if her lunch meeting had arrived, but when she turned back a man was sitting across from her, “Excuse me, that seats taken.” she said gruffly.

“Yes, I know, I’m sitting in it.” the strange man replied and she raised an eyebrow.

“That’s not what I meant.  I’m expecting someone, now please leave.”

“Yes, I know, Tom’s not coming.  He sent me instead.”

Her eyebrow raised slightly higher, it wasn’t like Tom to send a subordinate or for that matter to keep her in the loop.

“Well tell Tom he can reschedule this meeting, now why don’t you be on your way.” she said as she started to set the tea cup down.

“I’m afraid you miss understand…” he replied and a slight glow surrounded him as suddenly she felt herself freeze in position.

“Tom’s tired of chasing after your company, he’s asked me to make sure you’re in no position to turn down the next offer.”

A sudden wave of dizziness washed over her as she felt a a pressure start to push outward on her blouse.

Unable to move her head she managed to catch a reflection of herself in the mirror behind the table and she watched her reflection start to shift and change.

It was subtle to start, she could see the material of her blouse strech under the strain of her growing breasts, her hair starting to length and lighten, her clothing shifting colour and style.  Then the changes sped up, her suit jacket faded as her blouse both shurnk at the top and lengthen in the bottom until it had become a dress.  Her pants, like the jacket, simply faded away.

Her hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back, ligthening to a dirty blonde.  Even her glasses changed, still the simple black rims but she could see there was no lens in them even though she could still see perfectly.

The laptop bag on the floor disappeared, replaced with the matching pink purse that adorned the table.

“Well that’s better now.” the man said and she wanted to hurl the cup at him, but she still couldn’t move.

“Now let’s take care of that pretty little head of yours.” he said and Kelsey felt a sharp stab enter her mind.

She tried to fight it off, but she felt it reach deep in to her past, all the way back to her primary school days where she had shown such great promise that would be fulfilled throughout her academic career.

Suddenly that memory was gone, replace with her sitting in the corner, facing the wall, day after day with the dunce cap on her pretty little blonde head.

She tried to fight it off, she wasn’t a dunce, she’d been class president in hight school hadn’t she?  No.. no.. that had been someone else.. someone smart… she’d been the home coming queen, a cheerleader in high school.  She’d flaunted her body and giggled her way through high school, barely graduating, only getting a passing grade because she’d found some geeks to do her homework for her.  And all she had to do was give them a blowjob!

Kelsey giggled at the memory, at how good their cum had tasted, at how warm it felt splattered across her tits and face.

Kelsey set the tea cup down and looked across at the empty seat and frowned, where was Tom?

She opened her cute pink purse and pulled out her phone in the sparkly pink case and checked her messages to no avail.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up in to Tom’s eyes.

“Oh my god Tom!” she squealed as she stood up and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her tits against his chest and plunged her tongue in to his mouth.  She only broke the embrace after Tom had reached around and squeezed her ass, then gave it a little slap.

They both sat down and Tom pulled out several large reams of paperwork, “Here, sign these.” he said and extended a pen as he set the paperwork down on the table.

“*giggle* Like sure Tom!” she replied and started signing them where he indicated without reading them.

Finally, after signing several large reams of paper there was only two, single page document left, “Like, what are these one Tom?  They’re like so tiny!”

Tom smiled wolfishly, “The first one is your resignation and the second is your new contract as my personal assistant.”

“Oh my god, I like get to be your personal assistant?!?” she gushed as she leaned in to to sign the two documents, her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated.

“That’s right Kelsey, my very own, very personal, assistant.”

Kelsey’s nipples hardened instantly and her pussy moistened at the though of getting her dream job working for Tom.

“Like, when do I start?” she asked as she finished signing the papers.

“Right now.” he replied and stood up putting the paperwork in to his satchle before extending his hand to her.

She quickly grabbed her purse and followed along slightly behind him as the exited the front of the restaurant to his waiting limo.

The drive held the door and they crawled in to the back, Kelsey snuggled up against Tom as the driver closed the door.

“Oh Kelsey, what do you think your doing sitting there?  That’s not where you belong is it?” he asked and she scrunched her forehead for just a second before letting out a giggle and sliding down on to her knees and crawling betwen his legs.

Her fingers unzipped his pants and pulled them down before her lips wrapped around his shaft and she took him all the way in to her mouth as her hands pulled her dress to the sides and let her tits pop free.

She bobbed up and down, Tom’s shaft pushed up agiainst the back of her throat as she gagged slightly but pushed it even farther in none the less.

When she tasted the first drops of cum she pulled off of him, wraping her hands around his shaft and finishing him off as his cum sprayed across her face and tits, “OH my god Tom, plaster me with your cum!  I love your cum on meeeeeee!!!!!!!!” she cried out as her orgasm crested as the last drop of cum flew from Tom’s dick.

She collapsed in to his lap and her lips naturally found his softening shaft and once more too him to in to her, suckling the last drop of cum from him.

As she did so, all she could think of was how lucky she’d been to land her dream job.  Sucking and fucking Tom whenever he wanted was going to be the best career she could ever have hoped for.