Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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“Look I don’t care what airline policy is, just give me another bag of peanuts!” the woman yelled and Debra just smiled as best she could, she hated her job sometimes but never more than when a bitchy, entitled passenger got pushy with her.

“I’m sorry ma’am, please keep your voice down or you’ll disturb the other passengers.”

“What other passengers you dumbass, I’m the only one on this flight!”

Debra tried to keep her composure, the woman was almost right, there was one other passenger in first class but she had been trying to avoid thinking about him, there was something that just gave her the chills when she did.

“We have a guest in first class as well, so please calm down.”

“What!  I bet you’d give him extra peanuts!” she burst out and then suddenly froze mid outburst as her mouth hung open to release the next barrage.

“Are you ok ma’am?” she asked, or would have if her body had done what she wanted it to, instead she saw her own panic reflected in the passengers eyes.

Then the woman in front of her started to shift and change, if she had had to guess she would have siad the woman was in her early fifties, but that quickly changed as her skin smoothed out, her short blonde hair lengthened and lightened and her dark blue business suit started to pull up her arms as her pants started to fade.

She only realized something similar was happening to herself when her hair, that she normally kept tucked up under her cap, exploded from under it and cascaded down her back in waves of dark black strands, the streaks of grey completely gone from it.

It wasn’t long before she felt her uniform shift just like the woman’s business suit and she felt the cool air of the cabin wash over her now exposed chest.

Then, just as the other woman’s face twisted slightly, she felt something enter her mind.

Debi looked down at the passenger that had been giving her so much trouble, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up from her seat and turned them both towards the first class cabin where a man was standing in the aisle, his glowing red eyes firmly fixed on the two of them.

“Let me see your ticket!” Debi said to the woman and she quickly went to pull it from the seatback in front of her before handing it over.

“Dani.  Well Dani I think you’ve caused more than enough of a commotion in this flight, I think you’re going to have to apologizes properly to the other passenger.”

“Like, I’m sorry mister…” Dani said, bowing her head slightly and holding her hands in front of her as the man simply turned and walked back in to the first class cabin.

“That was pathetic Dani, come with me.” Debi said and grabbed Dani’s hand, nearly dragging her towards the first class area.

When the arrived the man was seated once more and Debi trotted Dani right over to him, “Now give him a proper appology.”

“Like, I did!” Dani said pouting and stomping a foot on the floor.

“Stupid slut, can’t even figure out how to apologise…” Debi said as she placed her hands on Dani’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Dani giggled and her fingers reached out to the man’s pants and undid them, freeing his dick.

Dani leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of him and slowly around it.

“God, you must have given a blowjob before!” Debi said and grabbed Dani’s hair and pushed her down on to his shaft.

Dani gurgled as her hands flew out to the side as Debi worked her up and down his shaft.  After several stroked Dani’s tits flew free of the skimpy confins and bounced freely in time with the pace that Debi set.

“That’s better slut.  I bet you feel right at home down on your knees, your tits fly free and a cock in your mouth.  After all it’s not useful for anything else but sucking the cum from every man you see is it?”

Dani couldn’t answer but Debi knew it was true as Dani offered no resistance at all to Debi’s hand guiding her head up and down.

“Now make sure to swallow every drop of cum, you don’t want your apology to be half assed do you?  That’s right, a good little slut always apologizes by swallowing every last drop.

Debi felt something push at her mind for just a second and she held Dani’s head all the way down, knowing somehow it was time, and the man unloaded in to her throat and Dani’s orgasm crested.

Debi reclined in the seat across from the man with the glowing red eyes and the blissed out blonde between them.

His eyes no longer sent a chill through her, but instead a buzzing in to her pussy and her hands had hiked up her skirt to expose her bare pussy as her fingers gently rubbed it.

A few momemnts later, Dani crawled up between her legs and buried her face in to Debi’s waiting snatch.  Debi grabbed hold of Dani’s head once more and held her tightly against herself.

“Mmmmm… God Dani, I was wrong, that mouth of yours is good for something else than sucking the cum out of men!” she said as she bucked her hips against Dani’s face.

Debi moaned as Dani did her best to bring her to orgasm and just before she did, Debi pulled her away, wiped her sopping wet pussy with her finger and slide it between Dani’s lips.

She smiled and looked over at the man across from her.

After all, there was still another 3 hours left on their flight, no point in cumming too soon and ruining the show.