Renee stepped off the last stair and looked over at the front door for a moment before scrunching her forehead in thought.

Hadn’t she been rushing down the stairs for a reason?  Wasn’t she supposed to be leaving the house?  Didn’t she need to get away?

The thoughts seemed odd for some reason, she could clearly remember thinking them a few minutes ago and could still feel the urgency of them at the time, but now it was like they were the silliest thoughts she’d ever had.

Why would she want to leave the house?  She had everything she needed here.  An exercise room, a closet full of sexy clothing and all the makeup she could want!

Get away from what?  There was no one else in the house, there was no fire or emergency and Master would be home soon!

He’d be so disappointed if she wasn’t there when he arrived!

But something was still nagging at her and so she took a step back and sat on the stairs to think about it.  It wasn’t long before the front door opened and Master entered the house.

“Master!  Master!” she cried out and jumped up from the steps, trotting over to him, the sound of her stiletto heels on the stone tile echoing throughout the house, as she kissed him passionately.

“Well hello Ren-Ren, this is quite a surprise, is there something wrong?” he asked, a look of concern on his face.

“Ren-Ren had bad thoughts again!” she said pouting and lowering her head.

“What kind of bad thoughts?”

“The kind where Ren-Ren wants to leave.” she admited, ashamed of the thoughts that had come to her.

“Well don’t worry about it Ren-Ren, I can fix that right up.” he said, taking her chin in between his thumb and finger and tilting her face upward.

“Thank you Master!  Thank you!” she cried out as he took her hand and guided her in to the basement to the large work area that had electronics and computers strewn all over it.

“Now just sit right here…” he said as he took her over to a recliner and let her lean back in to it before placing a VR helmet over her eyes.

Moments later the pretty lights and soft sounds filled her mind as the words floated in front of her vision and through her ears.

“Ren-Ren is a happy slave.  Ren-Ren loves her Master.  Ren-Ren has everything she could want in the house.  Ren-Ren never wants to leave the house.  Ren-Ren loves looking pretty for her Master.  Ren-Ren is a silly little fuck toy.  Ren-Ren knows nothing else but her life as a silly little fuck toy slave.”

Ren-Ren felt the waves of pleasure growing stronger and stronger as the words permeated her mind until finally her orgasm crashed over her and wiped away everything else once more.