Lori stood still, her hands behind her back, her head titled slightly upwards with her eyes closed as the two men spoke.

“Good hips I’ll give you but a little small up top.” one of them said.

“Agreed, but that’s easily solved, a couple of rounds of implants and she’ll be as big as you want.  More importantly though, look at that face!”

“Yeah, yeah, she’s a real cutie, that’s for sure.  Hard to find those innocent looking ones before the big companies scoop them up these days.”


She was being treated like a piece of meat hanging on a hook and she was fuming inside, but her outside remained placidly serene.

“Is she a virgin?” the first man asked.

“Of course not.  Don’t be silly.  If she was I’d be asking for a lot more!”

“Yeah, ok, it was too much to hope for.  Look I can’t give you $100k, I’ve got to make some money on her as well you know.”

“Come on, you’re going to sell her off to some rich foreign buyer that’s going use her for whatever depraved games he enjoys with his wife or whatever.  I know your clientele, don’t plead poor with me.  It’s not like they can go to the large producers and get what they want, they have rules and all.”

“Yeah, yeah, ok.  I’ll do the $100k.  But I want a break on the next one.”

“Phft, break on the next one.  Get real, I’ll be probably be charging you more next time, the supply is getting smaller and smaller all the time.”

Lori suddenly felt a small tickle in the back of her neck as her head leaned forward and she opened her eyes.

“Hello Master, this unit recognizes it’s new owner.” she said as she saw the two men passing a tablet between them.

“Alright, she’s all yours.” the man she had until a moment ago recognized as her owner said.

“Good.  Hey, one more thing, you’ve got to tell me where you found her.”

“What so you can go and poach my spots?  Well I guess it can’t hurt, it’s not like another one will pop up there.  I found her at the museum of all places!  On some kind of art trip between semesters.”

“Museum!  What the hell were you doing in a museum?!?”

“Hey, I like culture too you know.  Don’t sound so surprised.  Anyway, I guess she was out of contact with her parents for a while because they’d been pinched for tax fraud and all their assets were confiscated, including her liberty payment.  So she was rip for the picking.”

“Lucky bastard, I bet if a pigeon shit on you it would turn out to have actually been laying a golden egg!”

“Yeah, whatever, just get her out of here.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going.  Hey, you haven’t even wiped her clean yet!”

“I was getting to that, you just showed up earlier than I expected.”

Lori wanted to panic, to scream out at the men, but instead her body simply stood there, smiling at them.

“Aright, let’s see here… name, Tiny Tits.  Profile, basic sex drone.  Backup existing profile?  Na, no need.  And… execute.”

Lori felt her implant spring to life, burning away her memories, her personality and replacing them as it went.  She fought against it as much as she could but knew it was pointless.

Tiny Tits looked at it’s owner and awaited his command.

“Ok Tiny, put this on and let’s go.”

“Yes Master, Tiny Tits hears and obeys.” she replied, taking the simple dress he tossed at her and slipping it on over her head as the two of them walked out of the apartment.