Erin snapped the selfie as she brushed her hair back gently, her tits straining against the thin pink fabric of her bra, “so horny, can’t wait to get your cock between these titties!” she typed out and sent the message before putting her phone back in her pocket and closing her top just enough to cover up her bra.

She wiggled her tits from side to side a few times to make sure they wouldn’t pop out and let out a giggle, followed by a slight frown.

These last few months had been so strange, she’d taken a new job as a manager at a startup almost a year ago.  They had been working on new advertising “enhancements” that would revolutionize the industry, if they could get it working of course.

She was heading up a small team but she pushed them hard as she wanted to make a good impression on the executives, then about six months ago things had started to change.  More and more of the managers and executives seemed to no longer care about making the company successful.  Performance goals had all been cancelled and even the investors seemed to no longer care if the company was making a profit.

With more free time, she’d found herself focusing on herself a little more, going to the gym, the tanning salon, the beauty parlour and even taking time during the work day to go shopping at the mall!

But each time she did one of those things, she felt weird… as if she was on strings and someone else was pulling them.  Oh she knew what she was doing, knew that she wanted to do it, but her mind was just a bit sluggish and her limbs seemed to move of their own accord.

She couldn’t really complain though, she was looking better than she had in years, and feeling better too!

Her whole attitude had changed, no longer bound by the demands of deadlines and the executives, she loosen up and started actaully talking to her staff, and if she was honest, flirting with them as well.  But none more so than Jerry.

Jerry was the senior tech on her team and was leading the charge, or at least had been, on the enhancements and she had found herself flirting more and more with him as the weeks went on.  So much so that one day they had been in her office, the door closed for his weekly review meeting, when she’d felt the “strings” give a little tug on her and she stood up, walked around to the front of her desk, taking the seat beside him, as her fingers moved across and pulled down the zipper to his pants.

Her fingers slide inside , stroked his dick as she told his how much she appreciated all his “hard” work at the office.  How she couldn’t imagine having to cope without him.  How he was the most important staff member she had.

She felt his hot cum spray on to her hand as she finished the handjob and she slipped her fingers from his pants, raising them up to her lips and licking the cum from them as she let out a soft moan.

After he’d left she’d been so embarrassed, but also so turned on, that she’d closed her door and masturbated until her next meeting and avoid seeing Jerry for the rest of the day.

She had no choice but to see him eventually thought and she found Jerry in a very different mood when she finally did.  He had always been the quiet one, the one to hold open a door or give up a seat, never initiating something though he would always see it through to the end.  That day though he’d walked right in to her office and closed the door behind him.

He’d come right around her desk, grabbed her by the waist and stood her upright.  Then pushed her down on to her knees and sat in her chair after unzipping his pants and letting them fall to the floor.

She’d looked on in confusion for just a moment before she felt the strings tug once again and her lips  lowered down on to his stiffening shaft.  She felt the strings pulling her up and down, up and down until she tasted his cum and she swallowed every drop of it as an orgasm came over her.

Each day the strings would pull at her, she halfheartedly tried to fight them, but the pleasure they brought was just too much.

When they pulled her over her desk so Jerry could fuck her, she orgasmed.

When they pulled her down to his car so she could spend the night at his place, she orgasmed.

When they pulled her to the plastic surgeon’s office to get her new tits, she orgasmed.

When they pulled her fingers to the pen to sign her resignation, she orgasmed.

When they pulled her from her apartment for the last time to move in with Jerry, she orgasmed.

Suddenly Erin’s phone played the catchy pop tune that she’d assigned to Jerry’s number and the strings tugged on her once more, but she didn’t fight them, instead eager to go along as she sang the lyrics Jerry had given her;

I just can’t help myself, master’s calling!
I’ve got to shake my tits and ass caus’ he’s made me his horny fuck doll!
I just gotta cum for Master as it’s all I’m good for!

The little orgasm that followed told her she’d done well and she let out a giggle as she unlocked her phone to see Jerry’s message, “Just finishing up with the investors, be home soon.  Wear those pink heels and dump the denim.”

Her body shivered in excitement as her fingers flew to unbutton her denim dress and let it fall to the ground, revealing her matching pink thong.  She rushed upstairs to her closet and quickly found the shoes she knew he loved and slipped them on.  They were almost the exact same colour as her lingerie and had a six inch heel that pushed her ass out in a way that Jerry said “made men weep and women stand against walls.”

She headed down the stairs once more and stood at the front door, her head bowed, her hands clasped behind her back.  Master would be home soon and his fuck doll was ready for use.