“Like, the gods totally walk amongst us!  Totally run for your life!” the buxom blonde on the bicycle screamed as she peddled hard down the boardwalk.

Cassidy raised an eyebrow over her thin stylish sun glasses and swiveled her head to see the jiggling ass of the blonde receded in to the distance as, like herself, the few other people around simply ignored her.

Cassidy was in town on business, so while her pale skin and stylish dress stood out from most of the people on the beach, it wasn’t nearly as much as the screaming bimbo on a bicycle did.

She continued along the wooden walkway for a bit more until suddenly she noticed the people in front of her stopping dead in their tracks, their arms and heads locked in the position they were in just a moment before like someone had called a game of “freeze”

It was turning out to be a strange day, perhaps it was some kind of flash mob performance art?

She took a step forward and felt a wave of energy wash over her body as she froze in place like all the rest of the people she could see.

All of them but one, who she could just see in the distance, moving slowly down the boardwalk, stopping for just a moment at each frozen person as a little flash burst from them and they then started to move once more away from the crowd.

She tried to fight it, to move, to do anything, but she imagined, like the others she could see, nothing happened.  She tried to look at the others, there were four that were close enough for her to make out any details of.

The first was a young woman, clearly still in school with the half open pink backpack with books sticking out of it.  She was blonde and toned, an athlete of some kind if Cassidy had to guess.

The next two were an elderly couple, in their seventies at least, walking down the boardwalk holding hands and several shopping bags in their free ones.

The last person was a young man, a little older than the blonde, with a cap on backwards and a skateboard under his foot, he seemed to be the typical slacker out wasting time.

She watched the person slowly make their way towards her, and she could finally make him out when he approached the blonde and paused just in front of her.  He was tall, muscular, with blonde flowing hair that seemed like it was right off the cover of some cheesy romance novel.

He looked like some kind of… oh god, could it be?

Cassidy’s heart raced as the bimbo’s words came back to her, “The gods walk amongst us.”

Whoever he was leaned in and smiled as he touched the blondes forehead and a flash of light engulfed her.

Cassidy wanted to blink, but her eyes remained wide open, it took longer for them to clear from the bright light but when they did the blonde was gone.  Not that she had walked away, or moved behind one of the others, no the woman standing in her place was nothing like who she had been a moment ago.

The long blonde hair had been replaced with a short dark crop cut, the pink backpack replaced with a canvas satchel that hung her her shoulder.  Gone too were the bright white top and yellow skirt, replaced with longer black and grey ones that, while still showing off her athletic body, seemed to to drink in the sun light and not let it escape.

A wicked smile crossed the girls pale, now darkly painted, face as she hurried off the boardwalk and out of Cassidy’s sight.

Next the man approached the elderly couple and with both hands touched their foreheads and the flash once more appeared.

Cassidy saw the two of the when her vision cleared, they were young, maybe not even twenty and they immediately embraced each other in a passionate kiss.  Cassidy didn’t know what the woman looked like in her youth but she doubted she would hold a candle to her visage now.  The body of a supermodel, long legs, a tight midsection and sitting on her chest two gigantic round breasts that defied gravity.  Nothing covered them but a tiny bikini that looked to be losing the battle to hold them in.

For his part, the man had a matching physic, standing at least 10 inches taller than his wife, he had muscles on top of his muscles and a six pack that looked to be chiselled from stone.  He only wore a bathing suit and just as the… god?… moved on, it was falling to the boardwalk as his wife dropped to her knees and started to suck his massive cock.

Cassidy tried once more to heed the bimbo’s advice and run for her life, but her body still would not move as the being stepped in front of the last man she could see.

He looked to have an asian background, his olive skin glistening in the sun, but he was long and lean, the kind of body she imagine he got made fun of for in public school, being called bean pole and such.

The flash of light engulfed him and when her eyes cleared once more he had changed too.  He was smaller, but no longer a bean pole, his body was lean but muscular.  It looked like he had no body fat at all as he flexed his pecks and made two fists.  An image of Bruce Lee flashed in her mind from one of his old movies she’d seen.  Gone were the baggy clothes and cap, replaced with tight fitting spandex pants that had a clear bulge in them.  He smiled and turned around towards her as the being stepped away from him and towards her.

The god, or whatever he was, filled her vision and she felt his finger touch her forehead.

There was no flash, instead she found herself floating in pure white light as the god stood before her.

“Now my child, why are you so frightened?” he said.

“Please, don’t change me!” she screamed and realized she could speak and move once more.  She turned and ran as quickly as she could, unsure of how she was running at all in the blank white space she found herself, but she that she had to.

She ran and ran until a small dark spec appeared and grew larger as she ran until she realized it was him coming in to view once more.

She veered off to the side, turned around, backtracked, did everything she could, but he always was in front of her.

Eventually she dropped to her knees and sobbed, there was no escaping him.

She felt his fingers touch her chin and tilt her head upright, “Oh come now my child, there is nothing to cry about, this is a joyous day!”

“But… but… those other people… you changed them!?!”

“Yes, but I only gave them what will make them happy.  I am here to bring happiness to your world, nothing less that total bliss for all of humanity.”

“You… you are?  But… they were… so different…”

“Are there not things you would change about yourself?  Things you have even told others you would like to change perhaps?” he said as his fingers lifted her to her feet.

“I guess… maybe… yes I guess so.”

“And there are things you would like to change that you have never told anyone, not even, perhaps yourself?”

“M… Maybe…”

“You see, that is all I am doing, bringing out the changes that are buried so deep that you may not even realize them yourself.  Simply to make you as happy as you can be my child.” he said with a warm smile that filled Cassidy with a sudden sense of peace.

“Now, ask me to change you and receive your happiness my child.” he said and Cassidy’s mouth fell open as it tried to form the words.

“Please… please change me.” she managed to get out as her vision filled with light and then the blue sky and beach returned to her vision.

Cassi looked at the god before her and smiled, the sun warming her tanned body as she balanced on her skates.  She looked over at her boyfriend Danny and smiled, memories of his hard body pressed up against hers as they fucked in the back of his drift car brought a giggle to her lips.

She flicked back her long blonde hair, adjusted her tits in the pink bra with her pink gloved hands and skated over to him, wrapping her arms around him and burying his face in her cleavage.

“Danny, aren’t you done your workout yet?  Let’s go, I’m horny!” she cried as she pouted from behind her over sized sun glasses and rubbed her crotch up against his through her tattered jean shorts.

“Sure babe, head back to the car and I’ll grab my stuff.” he said and she unwrapped herself from around him and skated back to the parking lot, knowing full well he was watching her ass all the way.  It sent a shiver up her spine and made her pussy wet just thinking about it.

She got to the car and gently laid down on the hood of it, her long legs extending over the front bumper as she laid on her side for Danny to return.

It didn’t take long and he tossed his equipment through the open window before standing right in front of her.  Her fingers instinctively went for his pants and pulled them down, releasing his manhood so she could wrap her lips around it.  She bobbed up and down it until he pulled back, grabbed her one skate and pulled her legs over the fender so she was bent over it.

Then he simply ripped her tattered shorts asunder and rammed in to her waiting pussy.

“Oh god yes Danny!  Fuck me!  Fuck me with your big hard cock!”  The first orgasm washed over her and her eyes rolled back in her head for just a moment.

When she was able to refocus for a second, Danny was still pounding away at her pussy but she looked over the hood of the car to see dozen’s of other couples fucking in the parking lot, on the beach, along the side of the road.

They were all young and beautiful, and like Cassi, happier than they had ever been before.  As Danny dumped a load in her pussy, Cassi realised she was too.