“Ummm, like hi Tom! *giggle* Like, this is a totally great pool party!” Tracey enthused as Tom walked up to her.

“Thanks Tracey, I’m glad your enjoying yourself after all.” her replied and Tracey furrowed her brow as she tried to think of what he might mean… after all she loved pool parties didn’t she?

She looked down at her barely contained tits in the tight blue bikini top, her long pink hair flowing over them.  Wasn’t there something wrong with that?  Wasn’t her hair brown?  And shorter?

“Hey, want another drink?” Tom asked, holding up a pitcher of pink liquid like that which until recently had filled her cup.

“Oh my god yes!” she squealed and held out her now empty cup, “Like, that’s the best!  What’s in it?”

Tom smiled as he filed her cup once again and as soon as he finished Tracey brought the straw to her lips and sucked on it, the pink liquid flowing up the straw and in to her mouth.

“Oh, just a little something the boys and I in R&D discovered.  You know, after I told them to keep up their research after you shut it down, of course.”

Tracey paid him little attention as the pink liquid flowing in to her stomach sent shivers of pleasure up her spine and right in to her mind.

She moaned loudly, with the straw still firmly between her lips as they expanded.  She titled her head down and took the straw deeper in to her mouth as a slight tightness formed around her chest.  It didn’t last long as the material of the bikini stretch beyond it’s limit and her tits popped free from it.

“You know, as CEO, you’ve made some astoundingly bad decisions, but the one to come to my pool party will have to be your number one bad decision.  Though I’m sure you are as clueless about that as you are the rest of your bad decisions.” Tom said as he placed the pitcher down on the table beside Tracey and then placed his hands around her waist, lifting her up from the chair.

The feeling of his hands on her skin sent even more shivers of pleasure through her as she continued to suckle the straw, slurping up very last drop of the pink liquid.

Tom turned her around and took the seat where she had just been and then pulled her forward and down on to his lap just as the last of the drink flowed up the staw and down her throat.

“You don’t mind do you?” Tom asked as he took the cup from her hand and placed it down on the table.  Tracey’s eyes never left it as her now puffy lips formed a pout.

“Toooommmmyyyy… like Tracey wants some more pink drink! *giggle*” Tracey whined as she bounced up and down on Tom’s lap.

Suddenly her eyes widened as she felt his hardening shaft press up against her ass and she wiggled her hips from side to side to run up against it and then started to rotate her pelvis back and forth.

“Oh, I think you’ve had enough Tracey, but there’s something else I can give you…” her replied and leaned forward, taking one of her hard nipples between his finger and thumb and the other between his lips and sucked on it hard.

“Oh god Tommy… yes!  Totally suck Tracey big fat titties!” she squealed as she started to pick up the pace of her dry humping.

Tom pulled off her tit, reached around behind her head and pulled her face to his, their lips touched and Tracey’s tongue instantly probing his mouth.

He held the kiss for a minute and the pulled her back, guiding her down on to her knees as she grabbed his swim suit and pulled it down.  Her lips quickly wrapped around his hard shaft and slid it in to her mouth and then all the way down her throat.

“You know, I kinda have to thank you Tracey.  I mean all the work you’ve done over these last couple of years to replace all the male board members with hand picked women has really turned out to be a good thing.  I’m sure the R&D presentation the boys are making to them right now will be going just as well as you are.”

Tracey paid what he was saying no mind, her only focus on the glorious cock that was between her lips as she worked it in and out of her mouth, pleasure coursing through her lips with each stroke.

“You know what the best part is though?  It’s already made you a big titted bimbo slut, but when you taste cum, my cum, for the first time it’s going to lock you in to being *my* big titted bimbo slut from now on.”

The only word that Tom said that Tracey heard was cum and the only thought that crossed her mind when she heard it was how desperate she was to get his cum inside of her.  She spead up her strokes as her one hand started to play with her nipple and the other snaked it’s way down to her dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck Tracey you are desperate for it aren’t you?  Well then here it comes…” Tom said and Tracey felt his seed enter her throat and she rammed her face down in to his pelvis, shaking her head from side to side as he spurt his glorious seed in to her and her own orgasm exploded throughout her body.

Traci sat at her small desk in front of Tommy’s office in the R&D department and checked her makeup, satisfied that it was perfect, she clicked the compact mirror closed and looked out across the office.

She could see 5 of the board members there, two were seated much like her in front of other offices, though they seemed to be worse off than her.  

Tammi was naked, with two clamps on her nipples and every once in a while she shivered and moaned as the vibrator buried deep in her pussy was set off by her boss.

Carrie was dressed in a tight corset and had a bit between her teeth, and though she couldn’t see it, Traci knew there was a horses tail sticking out from her ass.

Traci could also just see the top of Betti’s head bobbing up and down behind the desk of one of the researchers.

Of course no one could miss Jenni and Suki standing on the empty desk, making out as the slowly stripped each other naked.

Finally though, she knew where Ginger was, the one time chairwoman of the board had entered Tommy’s office nearly half an hour ago and the sounds of flesh being slapped and the squeals of pleasure told Traci everything she needed to know.

Traci popped open the compact once more and checked her makeup for the tenth time snice Ginger had entered Tommy’s office, before closing it once more.

After all, if she was lucky, Tommy would call her in to take dictation for the meeting and she had to look like the perfect bimbo slut that she was if she was going to keep her job.