Andrea picked a lock of hair from her head and held it between her fingers as she looked at the photo on her phone from 3 months ago.  In the photo her hair was so different; much shorter, almost black, oily and unkempt.

For that matter she could hardly recognize her face.  Oh sure, it was still hers, it wasn’t like she’d become someone else… exactly, but it was thinner.  The few extra pounds she seemed to always carry in her cheeks and evaporated and now she could clearly see her cheeks bones.

She scrunched her forehead trying to understand it when she heard a sound to her right.  She looked over to see Ben, her personal trainer, walking in to the room, “Hey Ben, come here and take a look at this would you?” she called over to him.

Ben looked up and smiled, “Sure Andrea.” he called back and headed her way in the otherwise empty room.

She held up her phone beside her, “What do you think?  I mean, is this even possible?”

Ben took a swig from the energy drink he had in one hand and then proffered her a new bottle of the gym’s exclusive energy drink he had in the other, “Here.” he said simply.

Without even considering it, she stuffed her phone between her breasts, took the bottle and twisted off the top in one smooth motion before putting it to her lips and taking a gulp.  Then another, and another, and another.

The sweat liquid flowed down her throat and hit her stomach, sending a chill throughout her body as she finally pulled the bottle from her lips and let out a refreshing sigh.

She smiled, letting the feeling wash over her for a moment and then frowned, “What… what was I saying?” she asked, confused a the feeling faded.

“I think you were telling me about how much you like coming to the gym.” he replied.

“Oh yea… I… oooooooo…” she started to say but the chill from the drink had been replaced by a sudden warmth throughout her body.  But it was most intense on her head, her breasts and her pussy.

She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and let her head tilt back as her lips parted and she let out a soft moan.  Her hands came down the sides of her head, over her shoulders and on to her breasts, giving them a squeeze before continuing on down under her pants to her waiting pussy.

“That’s right Andrea, that feels good doesn’t it?”

She could only moan in response as her fingers worked in and out of her pussy.

“You know Andrea is such a boring name, not a name a hot girl like you should have.  You should go by Anni.  Anni’s the name of a fun girl, a blonde girl, a hot girl.  Anni’s the name of a girl that loves showing off her hot body, flirting with everyone, being the center of attention.  Anni’s the name of a girl that loves having sex, being told what to do, following the lead of others.”

“Mmmmmmm… yes… Anni loves being a hot fun girl… loves showing off, flirting, being the center of attention… loves sex, told what to do, following…”

Anni’s fingers pushed in deep and hard one last time as an orgasm crested and she gasped out in pleasure and fell forward in to Ben’s arms.

A few moments later she blinked several times and looked up in to his face.

“You ok Anni?” he asked and she smiled from ear to ear.

“Yea Ben, thanks, just… ah… lost my balance for a moment.” she replied and got herself back on her feet.

She brushed her platinum blonde hair that almost reached her ass from in from of her face and then reached down and re-positioned the two large orbs that stretched her top to almost the breaking point before retrieving her phone from between them.

“So… uhm… Ben, what’s the workout plan for today?” she asked, a twinkle in her eyes, she loved it when Ben told her what to do, it sent a shiver right down her spine to her pussy each time.

“Well, why don’t we start on the mat today.” he said and she almost skipped over to it, then turned around to face him once more, clasping her hands behind her back, pushing her tits out and jiggling them from side to side.

“Alright, face away from me, get down on your knees and bend over until your face is on the mat and your ass is up in the air.” he commanded and she quickly complied, pushing her ass as high up in to the air as she could and giving it a wiggle for good measure.

She felt Ben’s hands grip her ass cheeks, “Oh god Ben, that feels good!”, pushing her ass back in to his hands harder.

She reached around, hooked her thumbs under her waist band and pulled her pants down, exposing her perfect ass.

A moment later she felt Ben’s hard dick push up against her waiting pussy lips, “Tell me you want me to fuck you Anni.” he said, not as a request, not as a lover might, but as a command.

“I want you to fuck me Ben!” she cried out, pleasure pulsing through her as she did.

“Beg me to fuck you tight little pussy Anni.”

“Oh god yes Ben… please… please fuck my pussy… fuck my tight little pussy… please Ben… fuck me!”

Ben pushed in to her and she cried out in pleasure, “Fuck yes Ben!  That’s it!  Fuck me!  Fuck me harder!”

She bucked back against him, “Tell me how good my cock feels inside of you Anni.”

“Yes Ben, your cock feels amazing in my pussy!  Pound my pussy with your big hard cock!  It feels like heaven!  I’ve never felt anything so amazing before!”

Ben pushed in hard one last time and she felt his seed flow in to her, “God yes Ben… fill my pussy with your cum!” she cried out just before her own orgasms crashed over her and her whole body spasmed.

A few minutes later she rolled over and looked up at Ben as he pulled his pants up, “Oh god, thanks Ben, I really needed that.” she said as she smiled up at him.

“I know you did, now get up and take that top off.” he commanded and she jumped up and did so.

Ben reached over and squeezed her tits and Anni let out another moan as he did so.

“Not bad, one more session should do it Anni.  Same time next week.” he said and walked out of the room leaving her standing there, her pants around her knees, her tits out and a broad smile across her face.

After all Ben thought she only needed one more session and that must have meant that she was almost done with her time at the gym.  Then… then she’d have the perfect body to show off and fuck all the guys she wanted to!