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Lilly walked in to the office for her first day as a co-op student and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor.  The office was filled with women that towered over her and had the bodies of porn stars.

She nearly curled up inside of herself as she pulled her sweater tightly around her and lowered her head as she took several hesitant steps to the reception desk.

“Hi.’. I’m… Lilly…” she said shyly as she adjusted her thick black framed glasses.

“Hi Lilly!  You must be the new intern!” the bubbly blonde said as she jumped up from her chair, sending her oversize tits jiggling, and came around the desk and gave Lilly a big hug, burying Lilly’s face in her cleavage.

Lilly tried to breath, but between the flesh and the strong perfume the receiptionist was wearing, Lilly’s head spun until the woman finally released her.

“Like, come with me!” the receptionist said and grabbed Lilly’s hand, almost dragging her through the office until she located an empty cubical, “This is totally yours!  Isn’t it awesome!”

Lilly’s head was still spinning, the office seemed to be permeated with the same perfume the receptionist was wearing, but even so the small cubical seemed far from ‘awesome’.

“It’s… it’s fine.” she managed to get out as she sat in the small chair before she collapsed.

“*giggle* Great!  Like, there’s a whole lot of stuff for you to read on the computer…” the receptionist said and bent over, once more pushing her tits right in to Lilly’s face as she typed with her impossibly long nails on the keyboard.  Finally she finished and stood back up, the display on the compter had a browser window open with a document entitied “New Employee Orientation” open in it.

“Like, just read this to start and there’s totally more links at the end for you!” the receptionist said and then spun on her heels and headed back to the front of the office without saying anything else.

Lilly started to scroll through the document, the scent in the office nearly overwhelming her and making it hard to concentrate, but she pushed through somehow.

“So, like, how’s it going Lilly?” the bubbly voice asked from beside her and she groggily turned her head to see the receptionist once more.

“Uh… fine… how.. how long…” Lilly responded.

“It’s almost lunch silly!  Like Miss Dover wants to see you.”

“O… Ok.”

The receptionist once more grabbed her hand and Lilly followed along behind her until they reached Miss Dover’s office, the sign on the door was labeled CEO.  The receptionist pushed her through the door and then pulled it closed behind her as Lilly stumbled in to the office where Miss Dover was seated behind her desk.  Lilly took several quick steps and then sat down before her knees gave out from under her.

“Well, you must be Lilly.  How has your morning been going?” Miss Dover asked.

“Uh… ok.” Lilly responded, her mind swimming in a fog of perfume, trying to recall any of the details of her first morning in the office while she tried not to stare at the amount of cleavage that Miss Dover was showing.

Miss Dover stood up from her chair and suddenly Lilly’s pussy started to buzz as her stomach did back flips as the sound of her heels echoed throughout the room with each step she took.

“You know we are very particular about the interns we accept here, we review each application very thoroughly, but it’s always a thrill to see the applicant for the first time.” Miss Dover said as she came to a stop just in front of Lilly.

The tight skirt, the fishnet stockings, her exposed cleavage, were sending shivers down her spine and she let out a little wimper as Miss Dover reached down and placd her finger under Lilly’s chin.

“Yes, yes, I think we’ve made a very good choice…” Miss Dover said as she gently lifted Lilly from her seat with just the two fingers under her chin.  Lilly looked up in to the eyes of Miss Dover that towered over her, holding her hands firmly against her plain grey skirt.

“Th… than… thank you Miss Dover.” Lilly replied, her knees wobbling as she could feel her panties getting wet as she took in yet another deep breath.

“Tell me Lilly, have you met with HR yet?”

“No… no ma’am.” she replied, a sense of failure washing over her at having to answer no to the CEO.

“Well that’s ok, why don’t you go there next.”

“Yes ma’am, of course ma’am!” Lilly replied and huried from the CEO’s office.