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Lilly knocked on the door which read “Miss Domina, Human Resources” as she held on to the door knob for dear life.

“Come in.” she heard Miss Domina call from behind the door and Lilly twisted the knob and stepped in to the office, her head hung low as she closed the door behind her.

“Ah, you must be Lilly.” the strong voice said and Lilly popped her head up and gasped.

Miss Domina was wearing a see through negligee as she sat on the large couch that dominated her office, in fact Lilly couldn’t see a desk anywhere in it.

“Please, come over and have a seat.” the stern looking blonde said as she tapped the couch cushion right beside her.

Lilly hesitantly made her way over and sad down beside her and folded her hands in her lap and let her head hang low once more.

“Now then, have you had a chance to read the new employee orientation manual Lilly?” Miss Domina asked, reaching over and brushing a stray strand of Lilly’s hair from her face.

The touch sent a shiver through Lilly, “Yes… yes ma’am.” she replied, not lying exactly as she must have read some of it even though the morning was still just a haze.

“Good… good.  Now, tell me what you should do if someone does this…” Miss Domina said as her hand brushed the side of Lilly’s face before reaching under her sweater and gently squeezing her small breast.

“Oooooo… I… I should… I should thank my superior for rewarding my good behaviour!” Lilly responded, not knowing exactly where the words had come from but taking in yet another deep breath of the perfume that was everywhere in the office.

“And… this?” Miss Domina asked as her hand slide from Lilly’s breast, down her stomach and under her skirt.  Miss Domina’s fingers rubbing gently up against her wet panties sending electric jolts through her outer pussy lips and right up her spine.

“Oh god ma’am… Thank you!” Lilly cried out as she pushed her pelvis up and in to Miss Domina’s hand, a small orgasm crashing over her.

Miss Domina pulled her fingers from under Lilly’s skirt and gently licked her own fingers, “Mmmmmm… very good Lilly.” she said as she placed her slick fingers on to Lilly’s lips and Lilly took them in to her mouth, tasting her own sweat juices mixed with the smell of the ever present perfume.

“Now then Lilly, stand up and get undressed.” Miss Domina said and Lilly complied, stripping down her her underwear as Miss Domina stood up from the couch.

Miss Domina lifted her long muscular leg up and held it in mid air, then looked at Lilly, then to her foot with a nod.

Suddenly an image flashed in Lilly’s mind from the orientation manual and Lilly dropped to her knees, folded her legs under her and held Miss Domina’s shoe in her hands and looked up at her.

“Very good Lilly, you’re doing well.  I’m sure you’re going to fit right in here.” Miss Domina said and Lilly smiled.

“Thank you ma’am.” Lilly replied, then tilted her head forward and kissed Miss Domina’s toes, not once, not twice, but five times, before Miss Domina lowered her foot.  Lilly followed it all the way down to the floor and continued kissing.

Miss Domina sat down on the couch once more and spread her legs, her lingerie doing little to hide her pussy, “Now Lilly, show me how you lodge a complaint with the HR department.”

Lilly stopped kissing Miss Domina’s feet and raised her head slightly before crawling forward between her legs, pushing her face deep between the valley  formed between them until her outstretch tongue found the thin fabric covering Miss Domina’s pussy.

Lilly’s tongue tried to push through it, but in the end her fingers had to finally move it to the side letting her push deep in to Miss Domina’s pussy.

“Oh yes Lilly, that’s the way you do it, lodge that complain hard with me!” she cried out as Lilly continued to work Miss Domina’s pussy.  Lilly’s fingers had found her own pussy and soon the two women were reaching orgasm together.

Miss Domina’s fingers brushed through Lilly’s hair as she nuzzled between her legs in the afterglow, “I think you’ve really taken the new employee orientation manual to heart Lilly.  Why don’t you get dressed and go see if Candy is ready to take you to lunch.”

Lilly looked up in to Miss Domina’s eyes, a confused look on her face, “Candy?” she asked.

“Yes, oh, didn’t she introduce herself?  She really is a bimbo these days.  Candy is the receptionist.”

“Oh!  Yes ma’am.” Lilly said and pulled herself from between Miss Domina’s legs to get dress and headed out to the Candy’s desk.