Cindy swiped through the photos on her phone with one hand as she held the bottle of Gin with the other, pausing briefly at the selfie in her kitchen.  She’d taken it just before Jim had arrived for the first time at her place and a smile crossed her lips as she looked over at the bottle in her other hand, raised it to her lips and took another swig.

She winced as the burn of the gin ran down her throat and she shook her head and made a face, god why did she do this to herself every time?

Admittedly, it usually wasn’t this bad, but maybe this time she’d learn her lesson.

She looked back to her phone and her smile crept back on to her lips… well it hadn’t been that bad really, she’d only dated Jim for a few months and it had been quite a bit of fun at times.

She’d just broken up with her last boyfriend, Tony, and decided that she needed to make a change.  Find someone completely different to date and get her out of her rut, and Jim had been different, that was for sure.

Her usual type was the jock, a natural athlete with a body to match, it had been since high school.  The problem had been that while they could certainly satisfy her in bed, they couldn’t satisfy her intellectually.  At least if she wanted to talk about something other than sports, cars and sports.

And so after a few months, she’d dump them and move on to the next one that caught her eye and repeat.

After dumping Tony she’d vowed to ignore the jocks and fine someone that could engage with her more than just in the bedroom.  And that’s when Jim had come to mind.

They both worked at a mid sized IT firm, she was in sales, he was one of the techies, and it had been obvious since the first day they had met that he had a huge crush on her.  But then again, half the staff did, and the other half were women who were jealous.

It had only taken a few minutes of flirting with him before he’d asked her out and they’d had several dates in quick succession.  Each one better than the last as Jim was able to talk about any subject she wanted to; politics, science, religion, pop culture and many others.

And so, as was her tradition, she invited him over to her place for dinner and asked him to bring a bottle of spirits with him.  It wasn’t for them to drink, at least not that night, but instead she always put it aside and would only drink it in one of two circumstances; they got married or they broke up.

He hadn’t disappointed her when he’d arrived, keeping with being different than her other boyfriends, who had brought bottles of wine, he’d brought a bottle of Gin.

She took another swig from the bottle, she hated Gin, but a tradition was a tradition and she’d broken up with Jim last night.

She looked at the label once more, another smile forming across her lips, “Da Gin” was all that was printed across it in a plain black font on the white paper.  She’d asked him about it and he’d said that he’d made it himself, one of his many geeky hobbies.

She was going to miss that about him, all the little personal touches he did on anything he was doing.  Home made Gin, hand crafted miniatures for the tabletop games he played, the hand written calligraphy for the poem’s he wrote to her.

But if she was honest with herself, she knew it wouldn’t last after that first dinner.  It was another tradition she had, after dinner she guided Jim back in to her bedroom and they had made love for the first time.  And it was making love, not just sex, he was gentle and attentive, eager and shy at the same time and he’d even brought her to orgasm once before the night was through.

But in the back of her mind throughout the entire session, all she could think about was the last pounding that Tony had given her pussy and how many times he’d brought her to orgasm with his massive shaft.

But, just like all her previous boyfriends, she’d pushed Jim’s limitations to the side and convinced herself that his other qualities would make up for them.

It hadn’t lasted of course, the sex didn’t improve, maybe it was partly her fault as she just couldn’t bring herself to say anything about it, but she was sure it was mostly his.  Until finally, last night, she just couldn’t go through with it and she’d broken it off.

To her surprise, he didn’t seem phased by the breakup at all, smiling and giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek, he actually thanked her and wanted to remain friends.  He’d left shortly after they’d talked a little more and she’d gone to bed, alone once more.

Cindy looked down at the Gin and swirled around the last little bit in the bottom of the bottle and sighed with relief that it was almost finished.  It hadn’t been a large bottle by any means but it had still taken her most of the day to get it all down.

She held the bottle up in front of her in a mock toast to Jim, “Here’s to hoping the next bottle is wine!”, she said to the empty room and then her lips wrapped around the stem for the last time and swallowed the last few drops of Gin.

She once more held the bottle up in front of her, now empty, she reached to the coffee table to put the cap back on, but suddenly she felt the stem of the bottle start to vibrate.  She looked down at the bottle and a slight pink glow had formed around it, the vibration increasing in intensity she opened her fingers to let it drop to the ground, but found her hand unwilling to let go of the bottle.

She watched the pink glow wrap around her hand and the start to flow up her arm and she stood up to rush to the kitchen, but made it only a few steps before it had engulfed her entire body and then a flash of light blinded her for an instant.

Suddenly she was falling through the air as bright light filled her entire vision until she hit the ground with a thud.

“What the hell!” she cried out, the sound of her voice sounding tinny.  She put her hand on the slick, shiny floor and managed to get herself to her feet to look around.  Everything looked distorted, as if she was looking through thick glass.

She reached out and touched a wall of the same material the floor was made of but wasn’t transparent, but white with some black splotches on it.  She gasp at the realization of what the black splotches were, letters in reverse, “Da Gin”.

“That’s impossible!” she cried out and beat her fingers against the wall, somehow she was inside the Gin bottle.  After finding her attack on the wall of the bottle to be pointless, she looked up to see the cap once more on the top of the bottle and she collapsed on to the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest and shaking her head at the absurdity of her situation.

Cindy didn’t know how long she had been there, in the Gin bottle, but she’d watched the sun go down and darkness fall.  She’d been worried at first that she’d run out of air, but that didn’t seem to be a problem.  She’d heard her phone, which had fallen out of her hand and near the bottle, ring a few times and chime for several messages received, but had found no way out.

Then, she heard a knock at her door, it was muffled from the glass of the bottle but she could still make out Jim’s voice.  She called out at the top of her lungs for help but couldn’t image how her voice would carry through the bottle and the door.

The knocking stopped and she heard the click of her door open and Jim’s voice echo through the apartment as he closed it once more, “Cindy… are you here?”

She banged on the glass, shouting as loud as she could and then stopped mid strike… she’d never given Jim a key to her place… how had he gotten in.  The answer was obvious, he’d made one without her permission and was now at her place because he knew what had happened to her.

She sat as quietly as she could, hoping he wouldn’t notice the bottle on the floor, but after several minutes of searching, she watched him come in to view, reach down and pick up the bottle that contained her.

“There you are Cindy!” he said as he took her over to the kitchen table and set the bottle upright on to it.

“Bastard!  Let me out!” she cried out at the top of her lungs.

“Oh don’t worry Cindy, I’m going to let you out soon enough.  But don’t you want to know what’s going to happen when I do?”

Cindy arched an eyebrow as the question registered with her, he’d somehow trapped her in a bottle, what else could he do to her?

“It’s too bad you had to break up with me, but really, I knew I was only a rebound guy from the start.  I’m mean, come on, you’re famous around the office for the studs you date, I was never going to be able to compete with them right?  But your little tradition of drinking away your breakup is just as famous so I decided to add a little ‘breakup’ insurance to our relationship.”

A chill ran down Cindy’s spine at the revelation that he’d been planning this from the start.

“You see one of my hobbies is doing scroll work for several warlocks, they like my calligraphy style, and yes I thought they were just role playing at first as well, but after a quick demonstration of their powers, I knew they were the real thing.”

Cindy’s mouth hung open, warlocks?  Really?  He couldn’t be serious could he?  But then she leaned against the glass wall and knew he was speaking the truth.

“Anyway, long story short, they were more than happy to trade some scroll work for a djinn spell.  I had them cast it on one of my bottles of home made Gin… it seemed fitting somehow… and viola, here we are!” he said with a flourish of his hands.

Cindy shook her head from side to side, “No, no, no, no… this can’t be happening!” she cried out.

“Oh it’s happening Cindy.  And all I have to do is twist off this top,” he said, placing his fingers on the screw top of the Gin bottle, “and I’ll have my own personal Genie.”

Cindy heard the scraping of the metal top against the glass bottle as she looked up and placed her hands on her ears to block it out.  Then, a sliver of light breached the space between the metal and glass as Jim pulled the cap away.

A wave of pleasure coursed over Cindy and she let out a moan and she felt her body dissolve in to smoke and pour out of the bottle top and reform in to her kitchen.

When her vision returned, Jim filled it and a crushing sense of submission pushed her to her knees, “Master, thank you for releasing me, how may I serve you?”

The words sent ripples of pleasure down her body and in to her pussy as she bowed her head waiting for him to respond.

“Tell me, will you grant me 3 wishes?”

“Master, I shall grant you as many wishes as you like, I am yours to command from now to the end of eternity.  Make your wish and I shall fulfill it to the best of my ability.”

Jim smiled and reached down to Cindy’s head and titled it up so she was looking up in to his eyes, “Then I wish my cock brought you more please than any other.”

“As you wish master!” she cried out and her fingers reached over to his pants and unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor.  She wrapped her lips around him and felt waves of pleasure coming from her lips as she reached the base of it and a small orgasm crested.

She moaned and orgasmed time and time again as she moved up and down the length of him, the pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced before until he finally pulled her off and up and on to the table.  She cried out in pure bliss as his cock slide into her pussy and waves of orgasms crashed over her as he moved gently in and out of her.

Finally, when she felt him cum inside of her, her world exploded in pleasure as her back arched and her body spasmed like it had never done before.

Jim watched Cindy’s body jerk from the orgasm and he leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips, then on the neck and down her to her belly button.  A small moan escaping her lips with each touch of his.

He picked up the Gin bottle and put the cap back on as he walked over to the cupboard and put it safely away.

He found a clean cloth and wiped a few last dribbles of cum from his dick and smiled, it was the same as it had always been of course, but Cindy had reacted like it was 12″ long, just as he’d wished she had.

Of course the djinn spell didn’t actually grant wishes, it never had as the warlocks had explained, it was all about creating a sexual servant that would do whatever the Master “wished”.  The story of the spell had simply become corrupted over the generations of story tellers that had heard of it, growing until it had become what the popular myth had made it out to be.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Jim wouldn’t be making some more wishes, or that Cindy wouldn’t eagerly fulfil them with every part of her body she could.