Kira sat on the bed, unable to move as she hadn’t been able to since leaving the clinic, her eyes wide, her lips unable to close and her body stiff and locked in position.

Three months ago she had been on top of the world having moved to a new city, a new adventure and a whole new life ahead of her.  She’d made the decision when she’d had a bad breakup with her boyfriend.  They’d been living together for several years and she’d found him cheating on her in their own bed one night when she’d come home from a late night at work.

She’d left that very night, hopping in her car, driving to the bar that she worked at and handing in her resignation before leaving it all behind.

It wasn’t like she had many friends and her parents had died when she was very small in a car accident so there was nothing really tying her to the city.  She’d always been independent and had no problem setting up again, finding another job in a bar and getting a small apartment for herself.

Then one night she had come out of the bar to head home and suddenly there was something pulled over her head, she struggled, tried to fight them off, but they were too strong.  A slight prick in her ass followed and a few seconds later the little bit of light she could still see through whatever covered her head faded and the unnatural blackness consumed her.

She had no idea how long she had been out for, but the fuzziness in her head slowly cleared and she realized she was in a brightly lit room, she could feel the restraints around her ankles and wrists as well as her forehead.

“What… what’s going on?  Untie me!” she called out.

“Hey Doc, she’s coming around!” a male voice called out as he leaned over in to her view.  He was thin, with beady little eyes and thin lips that formed in to a wicked little grin.

“I’ll be right there.” she heard second male voice call out.

“Who are you?  What’s going on?”

“Full of questions aren’t we?” the man in her view said, “Don’t worry, the Doc’s going to take good care of you.”

She struggled, twisting from side to side to try and escape, but the restraints would not budge.  Eventually a second man leaned over her in to view, “Fiesty isn’t she?” he said and looked up to the thing man on the other side of her.

“Sure is Doc, lots of questions too.”

“Yes, well, no time for that now.  I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon enough.” the doctor said before picking up a needle from a try beside him and injecting it in to the IV that she hadn’t noticed before then.

“What is that?  Please, tell me wha… wha… whasssss…” she started to say but the effects of the injection hit her hard and dizziness overtook her.

She let out a little giggle as a smile formed from ear to ear and her mind floated away on a pink cloud of happiness as the doctor started to draw lines on her body.

Soon after she felt herself slip back in to the comfortable blackness of unconsciousness.

The next time she had woken up had been to a searing mixture of confusion and pain.  Her head was still spinning, filled with whatever drugs they had been pumping in to her for however long she had been out, but also her face and chest and virtually all of the rest of her body felt like needles were repeatedly jabbing at it.

She moaned and tried to turn her head, but it mostly just flopped to the side as she had virtually no control of her muscles.  She tried to form words, but her lips refused and all she could see was her body wrapped in white bandages.

Her moaning must have caught the attention of someone as after a few minutes she heard footsteps coming closer.

“Ah, finally awake.”  The doctors familiar voice filled the room.

She tried to respond but only a little moan came out.

“Don’t bother trying to speak, your lips are going to need some time to heal.”  He responded and stepped to the side of the bed, picking up the control for it and starting to raise her to an upright position.

She slowly came in to view of a large mirror on the wall at the foot of her bed and she would have gasped at what she saw if she had been able to.  She looked like a mummy from an old fashion movie, white bandages wrapping almost every inch of her body, only a small strip around her eyes and nose were unwrapped.

But beyond that, her body was no longer the same as it had been.  Her breasts were much larger, sticking out from the sides of her.  Her waist was narrower and flared out to a wide set of hips that she could see were not her own even with the bandages encasing them.

Panic should have filled her at what was happening, but whatever drugs were coursing through her veins kept her calm as she stared at her own reflection.

“Some of my best work, if I do say so myself.”  The doctor said and reached out to inspect the bandages and what was under them, poking and prodding until he was satisfied.

“Well… Kira… just relax for a bit, someone else will be along shortly.” he said as he flipped over a page on the clipboard at the end of her bed to find her name.

She wanted to scream out at the top of her lungs, to jump from the bed and run away, anything but relax, but the drugs kept her floating above those feelings and instead she let herself float away from everything that was happening.

She had no sense of time, but eventually a nurse came in and massaged her breasts and she moaned in pain once more until she stopped and the bliss of the drugs returned.  Some time later the thin man entered her view and just a little bit of concern sliced through her bliss as he took the same clipboard and read through it.

“I see the Doc has given you the all clear.  Good.” he said as he walked to the far side of her bed to a console that was there instead of a night stand.  he typed on the keyboard for a few minutes and then picked up a headset, carefully placing it on her head so it covered her eyes and ears.

She wanted to shake her head and throw it off, but she only managed to limply drop her head to the side and then felt the thin man reposition it, “Now don’t be like that Kira, just let the program work it’s magic and it will be so much better for you.”

She didn’t know what he meant, the drugs making it so hard to think, but when the lights in the visor and the sounds in the headphones came to life they seemed to enhance the effects of the drug and she floated away once more.

The next few days, or what she thought were days, seemed to repeat the same pattern.  The doctor would come in and check on her, a nurse would come in and massage her breasts and then the thin man would come in and hook up the headset.

She never remembered anyone removing it or going to sleep, or for that matter eating or using the bathroom, but she was never thirsty or hungry so she assumed she must have done so during the time the headset was on.

After a few days, the nurse came in and removed the bandages from her body, leaving her sitting up, naked on the bed.  She looked in the mirror and down at her own body and took in what had been done.

The most obvious was the two large spherical breasts that dominated her upper body.  A close second was the two plump pillows that adorned her face where her lips used to reside.

But there were less obvious things as well, like the fact that she had no hair on her body, well except for on her head.  But even that different, her naturally dirty blonde hair and jet black roots starting to show.

Something that took her a while to notice was the fact that she was no longer blinking.  With some effort she could force her eyes closed, but otherwise no matter how long she stared at herself in the mirror, her eyes remained wide and open.

There was also something about her feet, she couldn’t quite tell what, but they seemed to sit the wrong way somehow on the bed.

Eventually the thin man returned to her room and once more set the headset on her and her world floated away in to the pink fluffy clouds.

It continued for days, maybe a week or more, until one day both the doctor and the thin man entered her room at the same time.

“Well Doc, you were right, she is some of your best work, that’s for sure.”

“Thanks.  I guess I’m done here, she’s all yours unless there’s anything else you need done to her?”

“No Doc, she’s fine.  But I am curious about the hair…”

“Ah yes, that’s a little bit of genetic reprogramming.  She’ll have a full head of black hair as it grows out, no need for the client to worry about touching up roots.”

“Same with the body hair?”

“No, I’m afraid that’s a more traditional chemical solution.  It kills off the hair follicles at the root, quite permanent too though.”


“So how’s her programming coming along?”

“Fine, fine.  A few more days and the basics will be in place and then I can start on the advanced stuff.  Here, let me show you.” the thin man said and walked up beside Kira’s bed.

He grabbed her arm pulled it out from her seated body so it extended in to the air.  Then he let go of it and to Kira’s amazement it stayed there.

“Simply amazing.” the doctor said as Kira tried to process what was going on in her mind.

The a thought popped in to her head, of course her arm stayed in place, a doll couldn’t move, only be moved.

The thought sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine to her pussy and the bliss engulfed her once more.

The next day when the thin man returned Kira managed to fight through the cloud of bliss and realize what the thin man was doing to her.  She managed to form words for the first time since the doctor had done his work, “P… ple… please… I… I… don’t… don’t want… to… to be… a… doll.”

His thin lips formed a smile as he stroked the side of her face and she held perfectly still, “Oh Kira, you already are a doll.  I just have to get rid of that last little bit of the old you and you’ll be perfect.”

She wanted to protest more, but the pleasure from his touch coursed through her body and he place the headset over her eyes and her mind floated away once more.

If time had had little meaning before, it had even less as now the only people that visited her were the nurse and the thin man.  She had lost track of how many days or weeks it had been, the routine of each day remaining the same until it was finally broken one day by the nurse.

Instead of coming into her room and massaging her tits, a word she would never have thought of using before but at some point had replaced the other word that she could no longer even think of, the nurse pulled Kira’s legs to the side of the bed, placed a set of high heels shoes on her feet and positioned her so that she could pull her upright, letting Kira stand for the first time.

She stood there, her eyes wide open, her mouth partly so, her tits standing out proudly from her body, her arms at her side, as the nurse walked out in to the hall and came back in with a wheel chair.

The nurse turned her around, pushed her down in to the chair, positioned each of her feet, still in the heels, in to the foot rests and wheeled her from her room.

A series of thoughts cross her mind as she was wheeled down the hallway; a doll does not move, a doll does not turn its head, a doll does not look to the side, a doll remains perfectly still.

Each thought sending a wave of pleasure through her until the chair came to a stop in front of another room, turned and entered it.  Inside was another woman, not a nurse and she had several bottles laid out on a table.  The room also had a wash basin like those found in a hair salon.

Soon Kira was re-positioned from the wheelchair, stood up, and placed in the chair in front of the wash basin.  The chair leaned back and the nurse left the room, leaving the wheelchair behind.

The new woman stared to wash Kira’s hair and soon was applying chemicals to it, rinsing it again and repeating the process.  All the while the thoughts in Kira’s head send little shivers of pleasure through her body.

Eventually the woman finished with Kira’s hair and pulled the chair upright before blow drying what Kira could now see were long strands of pure black hair.  Once she was finished tying them in to braids, she moved Kira’s arms from the arms of the chair to her lap and set a tray across the arms of the chairs.

Kira wanted desperately to see what was in it but her eyes remained straight ahead.  She didn’t have to wait long though as the woman started applying make up to Kira’s face, the sensation sending ripples of pleasure through her.

Finally, satisfied with her work, the woman stood Kira up, turned her around and pushed her back in to the wheelchair once more before wheeling her out of the room and back in to the hall way.

Instead of turning to return Kira to her room, she went the other way, farther down the hall until she was wheeled in to a large open room, with several couches and other furnishings in it.

There she was wheeled to the center of the room and pulled upright form the chair.  The woman wheeled the chair to the side of the room and, Kira assumed as she did not turn her gaze to watch her, returned the same way she had come in, leaving Kira standing in the middle of the room, naked.

A few minutes later the thin man entered from the other side, directly in line with Kira’s vision, beside him was another man that she didn’t recognise.

“So as you can see the Doc has worked his magic to meet your specifications.” the thin man said, waving his hand up and down towards Kira.

“He does do very fine work, my friends doll is quite amazing but I have to admit this one looks even better.” the new man said as he strode to Kira and inspected her body, walking around it like he might be buying a car.

She felt his first touch as he grabbed her ass cheek and gave it a squeeze, she wanted to cry out as the pleasure blossomed through her body, but her lips remained perfectly still as a thought crossed her mind, “A doll loves to be touched by it’s owner.”

He let go and returned to the front of her, once more in her vision, “That ass is amazing, but these… these… are magnificent!” he said as he reached out and grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them.

A small orgasm washed over her, though she was the only one that could tell it had happened as her face remained perfectly still along with the rest of her body as another thought cross her mind, “A doll exists only to bring pleasure to it’s owner.”

“Well, I’m glad you approve.  Customer satisfaction is key in my line of work after all… word of mouth is the only advertising I do.”

“Yes, I have a few friends I’m sure will be eager to acquire one of these.” the man said and raised his finger up to her lips, sliding it between them and stroking it in and out.

The pleasure coming from Kira’s mouth was unlike anything she had experienced before, setting off a chain of orgasms that she was sure would buckle her knees, but she remained upright and unmoving as yet another thought cross her mind, “A doll is happiest when it’s owner uses one of it’s holes.”

“Great, let’s get her delivered then.” the thin man said as the finger was pulled from between her lips and she desperately wanted to follow it forward, but she didn’t move a muscle.

The thin man wheeled the chair back over to her, she was placed in it and a sheet thrown over her as she was taken out to a van with a lift in it.  From there she was driven out of the city to a large house, the same house that she now sat in, kneeling on the bed.

Suddenly Kira’s mind went blank, thoughts flittering away until there was nothing left and she rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom.  There her body performed several required tasks for basic maintenance before returning to the bedroom and retaking the same position she had been in a few minutes before.

Kira heard the front door close and footsteps come up the staircase as the thought she always anticipated cross her mind, “A doll is always ready for use by it’s owner.”

Her pussy buzzed with pleasure as the footstep grew closer and closer until her owner finally came in to view, his thumb resting on her chin and tilting her head upright slightly before sliding between her lips.  She relished the orgasms that followed and desperately wanted more when he finally removed his thumb.

But his pants hit the floor and he took her head in both hands, pulling her forward slightly and downward until she was aligned with his hardening shaft.  His thumb entered her mouth once more, opening it slightly and then pulling out, only to be replaced with his dick.

He slide deep in to her mouth, holding her head in place with both hands and then pulled out.  Then in once more and out again.  Kira’s orgasms exploded from her lips as her mind repeated a thought over and over again, “A doll is happiest when its owner uses one of it’s holes.”

He finally pulled out, pulling her head back until it was titled almost upright to the ceiling, and she felt his cum spray on to her face and tits.  Each stream sent another orgasm through her until he pulled her head back up and let it slide down her face and on to her tits.

Her mind was filled with a single thought as she came down from her orgasmic high, “A doll has no greater purpose than to receive its owners cum.”

If she had been able to, Kira would have smiled and thanked her owner for using her, but instead, like the good doll that she was, she remained perfectly still, hoping her owner would use her again soon.