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Doris felt the weight of the chains and the pressure of the corset intently as she tottered around the court yard on the ballet heels that were connected to the hobble chain.  She’d been at Dr. Mezmo’s “secret” lair for at least a week, thought it was hard to tell for sure since she had spent quite a bit of time in his “Mezmo Chair” as he liked to call it.

This was the first day she had been outside since she’d arrived and really, the chains were not necessary.  The blocks he’d put on her mind were far more effective than any physical restraints could be.

After all, she was outside, in the open, she could hear the city beyond the low wall, if she could simply part her lips and call out for SolarMan, she knew he would be there in an instant.

But her lips remained still, her body continued to walk along the path that was laid out before her as she wiggled her hips from side to side and remained silent.

It was maddening how well Mezmo’s machine worked, she’d tried to fight it at first.  Struggled both physically and mentally against it with all her strength, but eventually it had worn her down and crept inside of her mind.  Once there, it had simply started to insert new ideas in to her mind.

The first was the idea that she enjoyed her time in the machine.  It was an insidious idea that had taken root deep inside of her, to the point that now, each day when she woke, she looked forward to her time in the chair.

The second was the idea that she enjoyed the ideas the machine gave her.  After that, the machines job had become far easier and each new idea had settled quickly in to her mind.

“Dodo, come over here.” Dr. Mezmo’s voice came from by the pool as he reclined in a sun cot.

“Yes Sir.” Doris’ voice responded as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine but she screamed out in defiance inside of her own mind.

She took each small step with purpose and determination as she approached him until she was finally standing beside the cot.

“Tell me Dodo, what is your purpose?” he asked.

Her lips moved on their own, “My purpose is to please my owner Sir.”

“And how do you please your owner?”

“I obey their command Sir.”

“Good.  You may return to the chair now.”

“Thank you Sir!” her voice said with honest excitment as she turned and took each small step towards the machine.