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Dodo stood in the room, her black latex outfit feeling so good against her skin as in hugged her tightly.  Dodo loved latex, it was something she knew deep down inside of her.  Sure she could remember a time when she hadn’t worn it, but now, now it was all she wanted to wear.

Dr. Mezmo walked in to the room and Dodo nearly lost her breath as another man was with him.

“As you can see Dex, Dodo is all ready for deliver.”

“Yes, well, I’ll be the judge of that.” Dex replied with a scowl in his voice.

“Doris, can you hear me?” Dex asked, but Dodo didn’t know who he was talking to.

Dex walked over to her and stood in front of her, looking right in to her eyes and her knees nearly gave out.  He took her chin in his hand annd tilted her head from side to side, save gave no resistance as waves of pleasure coursed through her from his touch.

He reached down and grabbed a hold of her leash and she suppressed a gasp as he tugged her forward.  She stepped forward and allowed him to lead her around the room until he finally tugged down on her leash and she dropped to all fours.

The pleasure of being on all fours coursed through her as he once more lead her around the room.  He stopped and reached down, rubbing just behind the cat ears on her head.  She purred in response.

“Yes, she seems acceptable.” Dex said as he looked over to to Dr. Mezmo.

“And all of my requests are included?”

“Oh yes, they took a little longer than I expected, there were so many of them after all, but they’re all there.”

“Good.  Anything else I need to know?”

“No.  Just one last item to take care of.” Dr. Mezmo said and walked over to Dodo crouching on the floor.

He took her chin in his hand and looked directly at her, “Dodo, Dex is your new owner.  I have sold you to him.”

Dodo’s eyes rolled back in her head as an orgasm washed over her.  As it passed she crawled over to Dex’s legs and rubbed up against them, letting out several meows as she did so.

“She’s all yours Dex.  Enjoy.”

Dex looked at Dr. Mezmo and gave a small huff as he turned and walked from the room, Dodo trailing behind him as he lead her from Dr. Mezmo’s lair on her leash.