Stephanie looked down at the tear drop shaped pendant as she held the ends of the chain away from her body, but not far enough away to raise it from her flesh.  Her face twisted a bit as her fingers shook and her stomach twisted as she tried to remove it once more, but failed as her fingers draped the chain around her neck once more.

Her shoulders slumped and she let out a sigh of relief as the cool metal sent a shiver of pleasure through her body and her lips formed a smile, for just an instant.  Then, a frown formed on them as she considered what she was going to do about the necklace.

It had been an office Christmas party “Secret Santa” gift, she still didn’t know from who, and it wasn’t expensive or anything.  She’d tossed it, in it’s box on her dresser when she’d gotten home and hadn’t even thought twice about it since then, until last week, almost 8 months since Christmas.

She’d been heading out and looking for something to wear to offset a low cut dress and it had popped in to her head.  She’d rummaged around her dresser and found it, still in the box, pulled it out and placed it around her neck.

The cool metal felt good against her skin and a smiled had crossed her face as she double checked it in the mirror.  She’d headed out for another Friday night on the town, after all what else did a 22 year old do on a Friday night, but for some reason it had gone better than the last dozen or so.

Not that there was anything different about it, the same group of girls, the same clubs, the same boring guys, the same loud music, but the smile had stayed on her face all night long and she’d just felt… happier.  She’d gotten home late, flopped out on the bed and gone right to sleep, still in her outfit.

The next morning she’d gotten up, taken off her clothing for a shower and removed the necklace as well.  The smile left her lips almost immediately and a small frown replaced it.  The shower hadn’t helped, a fresh set of clothes hadn’t helped, a morning coffee hadn’t helped, nothing seemed to.  That is until she headed out to do some gocercy shopping and had taken a moment to put on a few pieces of jewelry.

There, on her dressing table was the necklace.  Her fingers reached out and touched it, the smile crossing her face once more as she lifted it up and placed it around her neck.

The rest of the day just flew by after that, though she tossed and turned almost all night long when she’d taken it off to go to bed.

After the second night of terrible sleep, she’d just left the necklace on and there it had remained.  It was only this morning, when she saw her reflection in the mirror after her shower, the necklace the only thing she was wearing, that she realized something was off.

She’d tried several times today to remove it, each time failing until finally here she was, getting ready for bed and still struggling with the necklace.

She steadied herself once more, her fingers reaching around behind her neck as she undid the clasp once more.  All she had to do was let get, the necklace would slip from around her neck and on to the floor.  She could do it.  She would do it.  She felt her fingers open and the ends of the chain slip from between them, the pendant sliding down between her breasts as the chain trailed behind it.

Then, for the first time in days, her skin was no longer in contact with the necklace and she immediately knew she had made a mistake.  Panic welled up within her, everything seemed to move in slow motion as she watched the necklace fall towards the floor.

Before it had reached the tile floor of the bathroom she had already started to move down to intercept, but her reaction was not fast enough and the necklace clattered against the hard tile, echoing throughout the bathroom.

The sound sent daggers of fear in to her, would it go under the counter?  Would she be able to get it back?  Might she somehow loose it?

She dove for the floor, letting gravity do most of the work, as she reached out towards the necklace.  Her fingers made contact with it first, sending a chill of pleasure up her arms until she was splayed out on the floor, pressing her body against the necklace and letting out a moan.

She laid there for a moment or two before getting up the courage to get upright and place the necklace around her neck once more.  The smile on her face was wide as she walked out of the bathroom and slid between the waiting sheets of her bed.

Stephanie walked in to the office Monday morning in a just barely acceptable top, it’s single defining feature was the low cut neckline that made the necklace visible.  She had heard several hushed discussion behind her back during the morning, but she had simply been unable to cover up the necklace when she was choosing a top to go to work in.

Strangely though, her smile had never left her lips and had even widened as she walked through the office, knowing full well that everyone was looking at her and her necklace.

Finally, by mid morning, her manager dropped by her desk.  David had twenty years on her and she’d caught him leering at her several times since she’d started working in his department, but he’d never crossed the line.  

But as he stood there, something deep inside of her stirred and for the first time, she found herself wanting David to leer at her.

“Stephanie, can I see you in my office please?”

“Sure David.” she responded as she stood up and they both walked to his office.  He closed the door behind them and to her surprise, instead of sitting behind his desk, reached out and touched the tear drop pendant.

A sudden wave of pleasure washed over her as she let out a soft moan.  If felt like his finger was right on her clit, stroking it softly, then it intensified as he took the pendant between his thumb and finger and rubbed it gently.

“Do you like my secret Santa gift Stephanie?” he asked as he knees almost gave out from under her.

“Yes David, I love it!” she gasped out as he continued to rub the pendant.

“Yes, I thought you would… at least once you finally put it on.  I was beginning to think you might never wear it.  When did you put it on?”

“Two… two Friday’s ago… oh god David… that… that feels amazing!”

“Yes, yes it does, doesn’t it.  Come over her Stephanie.” he said and pulled her forward by the necklace until she was right at the edge of his desk, then he pulled the necklace down so she was forced to bend over the desk.  Her head extended past the other side and the necklace hung freely down as he walked around and pulled up skirt around her hips.

“Oh Stephanie, panties?  Really?  Such a bad girl.”

“I… I’m sorry David… it won’t happen again… please…” she said as he pulled the panties down around her ankles and slide his finger between he waiting lips.

The pleausre coursed through her, seemingly amplified a hundred fold as his fingers pulled away only to be replaced with his hard shaft.

“Oh god David!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” she cried out as he slide deep inside of her, the pleasure redoubling with each inch his shaft that penetrated her.

He stroked in and out, causing the pendant to sway back and forth, hitting her chin and then her chest, the pleasure coming from it and from her pussy driving her to heights she never knew existed.

“Now Stephanie, your going to be a good girl from now on aren’t you?” Daivd said as more of a statement than a question.

“Oh god David!  Yes, Stephanie will be a good girl!”

“Not just a good girl thought right?  You’re going to be my good girl aren’t you Stephanie.”

“Yes David!  Yes!  Stephanie is your good girl!  Stephanie is your goooooooodddddddd  gggggggiiiiiiiirrrrllllllllll!” she cried out as she felt David’s cum splash inside of her and an orgasm crash over her.

Stephanie walked in to David’s office for her weekly one on one meeting and closed the door behind her.  She turned towards him and with deft fingers quickly undressed until she was naked in front of him.  Well naked except for the necklace hanging around her neck.

She smiled and dropped to her knees, crawled under his desk and wrapped her lips around his waiting shaft, like the good girl she was.