“Look, you can’t seriously think these chains are going to hold me can you?  I mean, they’re not even locked on to my wrists, I’m just hanging on to them!” Miss Amazonian said as she looked up at Dr Mezmo with a triumphant smile on her lips.

She’d been chasing Mezmo for weeks, finally tracking him down to his hide out and taking out his henchmen with ease.

Ok, sure there was a bit of missing time between when she remembered confronting him and where she was now, kneeling on the floor holding up the chains, but she had him righ where she wanted him.  She was sure of it.

“Well if that’s the case, then I’m in real trouble aren’t I?  Perhaps though you can answer me a question first before you defeat me and take me in?”

“Alright, what is it?” Miss Amazonian asked with contempt.

“Isn’t your costume usually made of leather?”

Miss Amazonian looked down at the tight fitting latex costume that seemed to push her tits up far higher than normal.

“Well… yes… but…” she scrunched her forehead trying to think of an answer.

“Perhaps it’s because you’ve spent the last serval days in my Mezmo Chair, being reprogrammed?”

Miss Amazonian shook her head, “No… no, that’s not right, I’m… I’m still me…”

“Well then, all you have to do is drop those chains and take me down…”

“That’s right… just have to… drop these chains…” she said, looking from side to side as her fingers refused to release the chains they held.

“I’m waiting Miss Amazonian… perhaps there’s something else you would like to do though?” he said, stepping forward and opening his robe and letting it fall to the floor.  

He stood naked before her, she wanted to divert her eyes, but they were fixated on his hard shaft that stood out from the rest of his body.

“Some… something else?” she managed to get out as it swayed back and forth as he took each step towards her.

“Yes, something your new programming compels you to do?”

She watched his shaft sway from side to side until it was right in front of her lips.

“N… no… I… I’m going… to defeat… mmhhphhh” she stuttered out until her lips wrapped around his shaft and slide down it.

The pleasure burst forth from her lips as she moaned deeply as she slid up and down him.

She sucked in hard, her powerful lungs pulling his shaft all the way down her throat and then titled her head back so she could look up in to his face.

He placed his hands on the back of her head and took the lead, pounding her face with each stroke as the chains rattled as they slackened and then she pushed then taught again.

He held her all the way down on to him as his shaft stiffened even more and his cum exploded in to her throat.  The chains rattled once more with the force of her orgasm as she swallowed each and every last drop.

He pulled out of her mouth and her body brought itself back in to position as he step away and her mind blanked once more.

“As you can see, she’s fully programmed and ready for use.”

“And if I want something other than a blowjob?” the second man said.

“Miss Amazonian, position two please.” Dr. Mezmo said as he turned back to the kneeling superheroine.

Miss Amazonian stood up from her knees, turned to face away from the two men, switched hands with the chains and bent over at her waist, pushing her ass out and spreading her legs.

“I see.” the second man said, “And you’re getting rid of her why?”

“We’ll I’ve had her for two years now, there’s only so many times you can use them before you get board.  Anyway, I have my eye on a new acquisition and need to make some room.”

“A nice problem to have I guess.  And the price, $50k, is that negotiable?”

“Everything is negotiable.  Come, let’s go to my office and we can discuss the details.”  Dr. Mezmo said as he clapped the second man’s back and walked them from the room.  Miss Amazonian stood perfectly still, waiting for the next villain to come in to the room so she could defeat them once more.