Jessi snapped the selfie and fumed inwardly even as her body tried to curl her over inflated lips in to an even broader smile.  

She hated the way she looked, well maybe hated was the wrong word, after all she’d been a little overweight her entire life and never turned a head due to her beauty or anything, but that was the point.  She “hated” the way she looked because it hadn’t been her choice.

After all what woman in her right mind would have chosen the massive fake breasts, the overstuffed lips, the bleached blonde hair or the protruding ass that she was now in possession of?

And it wasn’t like it had happened over night or anything, it had taken months in the gym, weeks in recovery and days at the salon to get to the look she now flaunted in the tiny green and yellow bikini.

The ping of her phone brought her attention back to the message from Sam, a simple thumbs up that sent a chill of pleasure through her body that she tried to fight with every ounce of her will, but it was no use and she could feel her pussy moistening.

Jessi shut off her phone, stored it in her tiny purse and closed the door as she left the bathroom and entered the living room where she found the other three “girls” she shared the house with.

She had never meet Candi, Kimmi and Danni before last month when she’d moved in with them, but like her their bodies were overstuffed sex dolls even if she could still see the same fight in their eyes that she knew they must see in her own.

The four of them walked silently from the living and out on to the patio around the pool, each finally taking a seat in the sun cots that bared their names at the foot of them.  It wasn’t long before she could hear voices coming from the house and then two men appeared in the patio door.  

She recognized Sam immediately and shot daggers at him with her eyes, which is all she could do as the rest of her face shone with a blissful radiance as she waved and giggled at the two men.

“So, as you can see, our product line is very diverse.” Sam said to the other man as he waved his hand in the four women’s general direction.

‘Diverse my ass!’ Jessi thought, all four of them were the epitome of a 14 year olds wet dream.  Though, as much as she hated to admit it, Sam did have a point to some degree.  

Candi was a tall redhead, with pale skin and a voice that oozed sex.  Kimmi was a tiny Asian that looked like she might topple over at any moment from the weight of her chest.  Danni was a Latin beauty who’s ass never seemed to stop jiggling.  So she had to conceded that they were diverse, even if she hated being called “product”.

“Yes… diversity is good.” the other man said, ogling the four women on display.

“Would you like to try one out?” Sam said.

“Yes, I think that’s only fair considering the price.”

“Of course, which would you like to try?”

The man’s gaze focused on Jessie and while her pussy moistened even more, she screamed internally at the top of her lungs for the man to go away and die.

“I think… Jessie will do nicely.” the man said and nodded in agreement.

Sam pulled out his phone and tapped on the display several times before putting it away once more, Jessie felt the tingle of the ring around her pinky finger run up her arm and right in to her head as a giggle escaped her lips and she stood up and walked over to the man.

She wanted nothing more than to kick him in the balls, but instead she looped her arm through his as the the commands from the ring, the technology that she herself had invented just six months ago, guided her in to the house.  The man squeezed her ass and she let out a moan, then a giggle and then continued to flirt with him as they made their way to her bedroom.

Once there, she pulled her tits from her bikini, dropped to the ground and fished the man’s cock from his pants, taking it between her puffed up lips and sucking it deep in to her mouth.

She fought against it, every minute of it right up until he’d bent her over the bed and had been pounding her dripping wet pussy for several minutes.  Then, as she felt his cum enter her, the ring tingled once more and her body spasmed with the force of her orgasm as she cried out in honest bliss.

A few minutes later she heard the man’s footsteps leaving her bedroom and she managed to roll over and get up, heading back to the bathroom to get cleaned up.  As she did, she cursed Sam, the bastard had not only seen the potential of her tech before she had, he’d stolen it and used it on her!

She wanted to strangle him with her bare hands, but she knew it wasn’t possible, and there was something else too.  A little voice deep inside of her that whispered thoughts that she tried as hard as she could to block out; only Sam could bring her the orgasms.

She shook her head as she finished cleaning up and putting her bikini back on, then she headed back out to the pool and retook her seat as Sam was finishing up with the other man.

“So I’ve added you to approved members list, you can use the website to check their schedules and book time with any one of them.  I suggest you book early though, they do tend to get backlogged pretty quickly.”

“I’ll remember that.  Thanks.” the man said as he shook Sam’s hand and left the pool area, exiting the backyard from the side entrance.

Sam looked down at Jessie and smiled, then checked his phone, “Too bad Jessie, you’ve got an appointment in 10, otherwise I’d have hung around for a bit.” he said and a mix of revulsion and lust coursed through her at the same time.

“Well, next time.  Ladies, have fun with your appointments today.” he said and waved to the four of them as he left.

Four hands waved back with broad smiles across each of their faces, but Jessie knew the underneath each one was seething.

The little voice grew just a bit louder as it hurled a thought on to Jessie’s mind; Seething yes, but just a little bit less than yesterday, and a little bit less than the day before that, and…

Jessie’s pussy shivered with pleasure for a moment until the sound of the remind for her next appointment sounded on her phone and she stood up to greet her next client at the front door.